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KDE Frameworks 5.246.0-5.247.0 Full Log Page

  • Port away from deprecated QDateTime API. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Fix QML unit tests. Commit.
  • Fix '"__BYTE_ORDER" is not defined, evaluates to 0' warning. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated implicit lambda captures. Commit.
  • Fix path for file publishing. Commit.
  • Setup job to build and publish webfonts to Commit.
  • Remove Telegram from the readme. Commit.
  • Update Telegram's app & status icons to better match upstream iconography. Commit.
  • Revert "Breeze icons sysguardicon". Commit.
  • Revert "Revert "fix for qtsvg"". Commit.
  • Revert "fix for qtsvg". Commit.
  • Breeze icons sysguardicon. Commit.
  • Replace ViewText with Text and ButtonFocus with Highlight. Commit. Fixes bug #477289
  • Remove warning when using KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings multiple times. Commit.
  • Bump version for megarelease beta 2. Commit.
  • QCH: Use light theme for generated doxygen docs. Commit.
  • Interlingua is now supported by Android. Commit.
  • ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory: support kdebugsettings files w/ . in basename. Commit.
  • Frameworks 6 beta 1. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Bump version number for megarelease beta 2. Commit.
  • Update frozen PyYAML version. Commit.
  • Fix typo in customdoxygen.css. Commit.
  • KBzip2Filter: improve error message in uncompress. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QHash API. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Improve style of KPluginWidget. Commit.
  • SharedQmlEngine: Use built-in operator<< for printing QQmlError. Commit.
  • SharedQmlEngine: Improve errors reporting. Commit.
  • SharedQmlEngine: Get rid of unnecessary incubator. Commit.
  • SettingHighlighterPrivate: Declare QQmlParserStatus interface. Commit.
  • Get rid of custom incubator, make initialProperties map truly initial. Commit.
  • ScrollViewKCM: Clip Flickable content whenever there is a header and/or a footer. Commit. See bug #478170
  • AbstractKCM: remove footer line for unframed KCMs w/o extra footer padding. Commit. Fixes bug #477967
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Also adapt to the system color scheme on Android. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Use range-for with KEntryMap. Commit.
  • Fix unnecessary capture warning. Commit.
  • Fix method can be made const warning. Commit.
  • Fix unnecessary include clangd warnings. Commit.
  • Port KEntryMap to std::map. Commit.
  • Add missing Qt6Qml link interface dependency. Commit.
  • Remove unused dependency on Qt::Xml. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Make commandbar a normal widget instead of a window. Commit. Fixes bug #468433
  • Kcommandbar: match by full row including category name. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Fix KProcessInfoList unixProcessListPS on OpenBSD. Commit.
  • KUrlMimeData: don't use xdg-portal when copy&paste in the same process. Commit. Fixes bug #470147
  • KUrlMimeData: change DecodeOptions to QFlags. Commit.
  • Ktexttohtml: Silence clazy warning instead of wrong fix. Commit.
  • Kcoreaddons_target_static_plugins: Silence false positive non-pod-global-static warnings. Commit.
  • Fix clazy warnings about static regex. Commit.
  • Add missing include header. Commit.
  • Fix installing of version header. Commit.
  • Format CMake files with neocmakelsp. Commit.
  • Use non deprecated variant of QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Metadata: add documentation about the argv counting system. Commit.
  • Metadata: add documentation about the argv counting system. Commit.
  • Metadata: make writes blocking. Commit.
  • Detect active exceptions and put them in the metadata. Commit. See bug #287458
  • Metadatainiwriter: move to metadata file naming v2. Commit.
  • Drop redundant initializer. Commit.
  • Don't use Q_GLOBAL_STATIC. Commit.
  • Remove the automatic kcrash init. Commit. Fixes bug #477842
  • Metadata: detect glrenderer. Commit.
  • Reduce default verbosity. Commit.
  • Only close sockets when starting drkonqi. Commit.
  • Auto size. Commit.
  • Use chrono literals. Commit.
  • Disable copy & move operations on our Args helper. Commit.
  • Use not-deprecated c compat headers. Commit.
  • Remove klauncher code copies. Commit.
  • Default to coredumping instead of just in time debugging. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QDomDocument API. Commit.
  • Only retry requests when there is a chance of succeeding. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Src/customization/xsl/eo.xml : fix code for small letter u with breve (ŭ). Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with latest TagLib git master. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Implement color scheme watching using Qt 6.5 API. Commit.
  • Introduce holidays observed in Kenya. Commit.
  • Register enum gadget types correctly with QML. Commit.
  • Add/respect KF_SKIP_PO_PROCESSING cmake option. Commit.
  • Suppress warning about unused private field. Commit.
  • Fix 'ignoring return value of QMutexLocker' warning. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Code is qt6 only now. Remove unused check. Commit.
  • Avif: new quality settings. Commit.
  • HEIF plug-in extended to support HEJ2 format. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Kpropertiesdialog: remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Fix launching service file action. Commit.
  • Fix build break due to KUrlMimeData::DecodeOptions change. Commit.
  • Kpropertiesdialog: don't copy in loop. Commit.
  • Kpropertiesdialog: don't trip over malformed Exec. Commit. Fixes bug #465290
  • Trash: assert with context. Commit.
  • Fix i18n regression. Commit.
  • Fix loading desktopfile-based service actions. Commit. Fixes bug #477315
  • Fix service name for kpasswdserver. Commit.
  • Fix kpasswdserver D-Bus service name. Commit.
  • Fix crash if window is closed when undoing. Commit. Fixes bug #469586
  • [kfilefilter] Restore behavior for entering plain filter string. Commit.
  • Redesign rename/overwrite dialog. Commit.
  • Reintroduce isExecutableFile. Commit.
  • WidgetsAskUserActionHandler: Use QPointer to check the validity of parent widgets. Commit. Fixes bug #448532
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Don't show the footer toolbar if there's a context drawer. Commit.
  • Remove one last reference to Qt5Compat. Commit.
  • Port ScrollablePage progress indicator away from Qt5Compat. Commit.
  • Add the option of horizontally scrolling pages. Commit. Fixes bug #478060
  • GlobalDrawerActionItem: improve accessible properties. Commit.
  • Update bundled icon list to include all icons used in Kirigami. Commit.
  • Implement EdgeShadow without Qt5Compat.GraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Don't let ListSectionHeader text overflow. Commit. Fixes bug #477843
  • Fix URLButton. Commit.
  • Port Dialog away from Qt5Compat.GraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Complete list of entries in qmldir for templates/private. Commit.
  • [units] Make sure property name is fully qualified. Commit.
  • Add missing QtQuick dependency declaration to qml plugins. Commit.
  • Add missing entry in private qmldir file. Commit.
  • Port Material style InlineMessage away from Qt5Compat.GraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Test Kirigami.ImageColors can extract colors from items. Commit.
  • Remove unused CornerShadow element. Commit.
  • Add an optional dependency on the QQC2 Breeze style on Android. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • KUiServerV2JobTracker: prevent potenial use-after-free. Commit. See bug #471531
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Consistently disable implicit string casts for tests as well. Commit.
  • Use Q_ENUM instead of deprecated Q_ENUMS. Commit.
  • Make methods virtual instead of QMetaObject workarounds. Commit.
  • Transaction.cpp: Add missing emit keyword. Commit.
  • Fully qualify types in signals/slots. Commit.
  • Avoid detaching of containers in for loop. Commit.
  • Installation_p.h: Fix getters being marked as slot. Commit.
  • Fix/silence small clazy/clang warnings. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • ConvertCompatMetaDataDesktopFile: Add default arg. Commit.
  • PackageJobThread: Read metadata from KPackage rather than metadata.json file. Commit. See bug #472925
  • Packagestructure_compat_p.h: Wrap json keys in QLatin1String. Commit.
  • Improve docs and fix use of basename for folder. Commit.
  • Add compatibility header for minimal desktop to json conversion. Commit.
  • PackageLoader: Create better names overload for reading package metadata. Commit.
  • PackageLoader: Create separate method for listing packages instead of metadata. Commit.
  • Explicitly specify that we only want to handle metadata.json metadata files internally. Commit.
  • Do not override metadata set in packagestructure. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix validity check always returning false when reading filePath in packagestructure code. Commit.
  • Ensure Package is valid before succeeding installation. Commit.
  • Don't require metadata.json for installing package. Commit. Fixes bug #472925
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Templates/runner6python: Use default value for object path. Commit.
  • DBusRunner: Use /runner as default for X-Plasma-DBusRunner-Path property. Commit.
  • RunnerManager: Silence false positive clang-tidy warning. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Fix dangling pointer access when the QWindow was deleted. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Remove shortcut that clashes with font size change. Commit. Fixes bug #476696
  • Katemessagewidget: Use KMessageBox::Position. Commit.
  • Remember scroll position in session. Commit. Fixes bug #468109
  • Allow co-installability of the KAuth files with KF5. Commit.
  • Better x11 check in the tests. Commit.
  • Avoid use of KF6::WindowSystem. Commit.
  • Try to avoid pure virtual function call. Commit.
  • View/kateview.cpp (KTextEditor::ViewPrivate::setupActions) : Fix small typo in setWhatsThis text. Commit.
  • Same code for wayland. Commit.
  • Screenshot: Fix row number alignment. Commit. Fixes bug #477497
  • Hide completion widget on creation. Commit. Fixes bug #477746
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Fix unused-result warning in lastIndexOf() call. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QLocale API. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Add missing QDebug include. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • State that kwalletd6 is starting, not kwalletd5. Commit.
  • Update maintainer information. Commit.
  • KPageView: Add runtime introspection for page header & footer. Commit.
  • Remove mention of obsolete api in KFontChooser apidoc. Commit.
  • Use toULongLong for converting to WId. Commit.
  • Add support for XDG Foreign. Commit.
  • Dont't crash if a null QWindow is passed to requestToken. Commit.
  • Use surfaceForWindow function to obtain a surface. Commit.
  • Use public API to obtain last serial and seat. Commit.
  • Fix kwindowinfox11test. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Rename icons which clash with purpose in kf5 and drop unused youtube ones. Commit.
  • Adapt to KAccounts API change. Commit.
  • Fix opening KAccounts KCM. Commit.
  • Reenable and fix KAccounts integration. Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Menu: Don't overlap menu items with scrollbar. Commit. Fixes bug #438996
  • Use medium spacing for DialogButtonBox. Commit.
  • ItemDelegate: improve accessible properties. Commit.
  • HeaderView: Paint end item in free space at the end. Commit. Fixes bug #478124
  • SwitchIndicator: make active background follow current position. Commit.
  • Don't set a background color for normal unhovered list items. Commit. Fixes bug #477792
  • Allow right-clicks on text fields/areas with a touchpad. Commit.
  • Slider: Fix slider scrolling direction. Commit. Fixes bug #459624
  • TreeViewDelegate: Use correct palette for painting item branches. Commit.
  • TreeViewDelegate: Fix colorSet for the default background. Commit.
  • TreeViewDelegate: Forward selected state to styles. Commit.
  • Remove workarounds for QTBUG-95873. Commit.
  • Add background for modal dialog. Commit.
  • Kirigami-plasmadesktop-integration: test animation speed modifier. Commit. See bug #476450
  • ScrollView: Port internal method to new optional chaining syntax. Commit.
  • ScrollView: Stop clipping by default. Commit.
  • Backend/upower: Support HeadphoneBattery, HeadsetBattery, TouchpadBattery in BatteryType enum. Commit.
  • Predicate: match iterable elements when possible. Commit. Fixes bug #478285
  • Imobile: work around some bugs. Commit.
  • Use the cmake variables rather than if(TARGET). Commit.
  • Update version for new release. Commit.
  • Add *.md.html. Commit. Fixes bug #450724
  • Sync test results with new state. Commit.
  • Systemd unit: fix update to systemd v255. Commit.
  • Systemd unit: update to systemd v255. Commit.
  • Less clang-tidy warnings about used nullptrs. Commit.
  • Init all members. Commit.
  • Update known options for kdesrc-buildrc. Commit.
  • Cmake.xml: add CMake 3.28 features. Commit.
  • Add support for viper language. Commit.