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KDE 4.7.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.7.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix konqueror freeze when rendering some tables with zero colspan/rowspan. Fixes bug 205348. See Git commit 037937a.
  • Fix tab-out regression on input text completion box. Fixes bug 277457. See Git commit 2a90109.
  • Fix input text background not clipped at borders in case of border radius. Fixes bug 204826. See Git commit 5bd5c1f.


  • Fix null/empty confusion in KUrl::htmlRef()/setRef() and its unittests. Fixes bug 276204. See Git commit 7977f1a.


  • Fix crash while using character selector widget. Fixes bug 235020. See Git commit 0e4754a.
  • Fix a khtml regression where forms are immediately submitted when pressing enter key on completion box item. Fixes bug 277943. See Git commit 0f90042.


  • Improve support for HTTP Authentication Headers. See Git commits 0e08586 and 93fd96d.
  • Fix crash when using a slow DNS server. See Git commit a487105.
  • Do not complain in the command line that usershares are currently disabled. See Git commit 75d7cc4.
  • Remove KGlobal::locale warning for pure Qt applications. See Git commit 6f71068.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Restore codec to profile setting or previous codec upon reset. Fixes bugs 123866 and 273959. See Git commit 4c4b686.
  • Accept drag and drop event from non-KDE Filemanagers. Fixes bug 219023. See Git commit 7ad880a.
  • Fix $COLUMNS/$LINES after resizing. Fixes bug 245746. See Git commit eb9691d.
  • When loading profile, do not initially set default profile as parent. Fixes bug 279863. See Git commit 5f3fd09.
  • Only enable the tab popup menu 'Detach Tab' for > 1 tabs. See Git commit 1b2ba0a.
  • Fix a hidden bug which makes ProcessInfo argument list grow longer forever. See Git commit 27d6558.


  • Make translations work in the nepomuk systray applet. See Git commit 8c72d58.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix printing to files without extension. Fixes bug 277801. See Git commit e7bb1e3.
  • Fix crash in the comicbook backend when reading some directories. See Git commit aa8d593.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't prevent interaction with alarm windows when a prompt or warning message window is displayed. See Git commit 4411f7d.
  • Fix crash when last recurrence of late-cancel alarm triggers too late. See Git commit 4659a2d.
  • Fix crash when Wake From Suspend dialog is shown with no alarm selected. See Git commit 8bae3c4.
  • Fix new alarm not being scheduled after editing alarm from alarm window. Fixes bug 280933. See Git commit f570792.
  • Fix KAlarm not quitting when no visible windows or system tray icon remain. See Git commit b84b8ac.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes to Wake From Suspend. See Git commit d42f402.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • No file name was suggested when a directory was selected for compression. Fixes bug 279862. See Git commit c25ff39.
  • Some directories in zip archives are considered regular files. Fixes bug 280354. See Git commit 6324382.


  • Make "kgpg -s" work with binary encoded files. See Git commit c1c93a2.
  • Fix setting "Allow encryption with untrusted keys" not always being honored. Fixes bug 278238. See Git commit 29e422c.

kdeworkspace [ all SVN changes ]


  • Collect XRandR events when a screen gets disconnected to ensure that the internal state is updated only once. See Git commit 6a07efd.
  • Prevent heap fragmentation with graphicssystem raster. See Git commit 66b2cc4.
  • Implement and fix scaled XRender shadows See Git commit 5fa1a06.
  • Prevent initializing of OpenGL compositing with Software Rasterizer. See Git commit cf2f572.
  • Prevent windows from overlapping with Quick Tiling on Screen Edge. Fixes bug 279774. See Git commit 561dac0.
  • Fix window to appear on wrong screen if screen was changed for a fullscreen window. Fixes bug 261704. See Git commit d35ec6d.
  • Fix movable maximized behaviour, allow maximizing clients with limited max size. Fixes bug 279529. See Git commit 3700951.
  • Ignore driver checks for OpenGL Shading Language intended for OpenGL when using OpenGL ES 2.0. See Git commit 2432be1.
  • Check workspace position after screen change of any maximized window. Fixes bug 279051. See Git commit ea91e9d.

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