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KDE 4.6.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.6.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Containing block and absolutely positioned element in @media print page triggers an application crash when attempting to print. Fixes bug 264985. See Git commit 0126c4b.


  • Update the search of a KListWidgetSearchLine if items are added or modified. Fixes a problem in the "Edit Toolbars" dialog: after an action was dragged an dropped from one side to the other, the filter was reset. Fixes bug 265709. See Git commit abc9c4c.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix issue where the context menu popup no longer appeared after closing a tab. A couple of close methods have been disabled until they can be fixed. Fixes bug 185466. See Git commit 18dd5bd.
  • After a 'clear and reset' make sure the prompt reappears. Fixes bug 242110. See Git commit 82778e8.


  • Don't show the pointing-hand cursor when double-click is enabled. Fixes bug 264796. See Git commit 09d30e3.
  • Show the pointing-hand cursor when the selection-toggle is disabled. Fixes bug 264791. See Git commit 8c1cb5b.
  • The filter-panel should be disabled if the current folder is not indexed at all. Also when triggering a "Find" the filter-panel should stay invisible per default when the current folder is not indexed. Fixes bug 264969. See Git commit d54313e.
  • Fix regression that creating a sub-folder is not possible when using the context-menu above a folder. Fixes bug 265714. See Git commit 6bb8f5b.
  • If only one file is selected, pressing RETURN should behave similar like triggering the item with the mouse. Fixes bug 250475. See Git commit ec05ba2.
  • Open folder in a new tab when a middle-click is done in the column-view. Fixes bug 265859. See Git commit 5791fc0.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix "last seen" property when an account goes offline. Fixes bug 266580. See SVN commit 1221356.
  • Fix sending and receiving Yahoo! webcams. Fixes bug 244135. See SVN commit 1217895.
  • Do not receive duplicate messages after login fails in the Yahoo! protocol. Fixes bug 206159. See SVN commit 1217959.
  • Force all accounts to go online when Status -> Online menu is clicked. Fixes bug 234000. See SVN commit 1219502.
  • Enable contact-gone-offline custom notification. Fixes bug 260892. See SVN commit 1219499.
  • Hide InfoEventIconLabel when server messages count reaches zero. Fixes bug 263181. See SVN commit 1219497.
  • Use user-offline.png as overlay icon to make it more visible when user is offline. Fixes bug 256667. See SVN commit 1219492.
  • Make Oscar/Icq use Kopete's events instead of systems' for error notification. Fixes bug 265811. See SVN commit 1219462.
  • Sorts accounts before adding them to the status bar. See SVN commit 1218860.
  • Show contact tooltips even when main window has no focus. Fixes bug 266559. See SVN commit 1221522.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Properly encode the document URL in the properties dialog. Fixes bug 263778. See SVN commit 1216334.
  • Accept slight pixel movements for detecting mouse clicks (it should help e.g. with tablets). Fixes bug 263314. See SVN commit 1216391.
  • Make --page work with the --unique instance already running. Fixes bug 254917. See SVN commit 1218022.
  • Fix glitches in page outline drap shadow rendering. See SVN commit 1219653.
  • Do not crash when any TOC item points to a page which does not exist. Fixes bug 266133. See SVN commits 1220023 and 1220027.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Extract renamed files in tar archives. Fixes bug 266159. See SVN commit 1220439.


  • Make sure the decrypted text in the editor always ends with a line break. See SVN commit 1222284.
  • Fix the width of the key count status bar item in translated environments. See SVN commit 1222285.
  • Fix crash when reading signatures gives no result. Fixes bug 265339. See SVN commit 1222286.
  • Fix hang in key generation. Fixes bug 263805. See SVN commit 1222431.

kdeworkspace [ all SVN changes ]

Plasma workspaces

  • Enable UPS battery monitoring in battery plasmoid. Fixes bug 231195. See Git commits c572151 and 09492b4.


  • Fix problem with increase brightness key not working sometimes. Fixes bug 264534. See Git commit 57a927f.

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