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KDE 4.5.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.5.2

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix regression with extracting zip files (e.g. plasmoid packages). Fixes bug 251192. See SVN commit 1171340.
  • Fix crash in KSharedDataCache when using it after calling ::clear(). See SVN commit 1173903.
  • Wait up to 10 seconds for KSharedDataCache to lock the cache instead of failing immediately if the lock can't be taken. See SVN commit 1176224.
  • Fix possible corruption of a KSharedDataCache's index table if the very last page of the cache was in use during defragmentation. This could eventually lead to a crash or slowdown if KSharedDataCache noticed the corruption and regenerated. Possibly fixes bug 243573. See SVN commit 1180816.
  • Use a more reliable check for a cache-in-use with an incompatible version. See SVN commit 1180816.


  • Minimize I/O in KIconLoader by caching pixmaps from more sources. See SVN commit 1175076.
  • Fix crash when an application requests icons without group and size (e.g. KVpnc). Fixes bugs 246016 and 248116. See SVN commit 1180089.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix issue that an old preview might be shown in a tooltip. Fixes bug 250000. See SVN commit 1171568.
  • Fix issue that tooltip-labels might get clipped. Fixes bug 241608. See SVN commit 1180692.
  • Update the tab title when closing the second view in split view mode. See SVN commit 1177954.
  • Fix the problem that parts of a file name are replaced by "..." although there is enough space available. Fixes bug 251121. See SVN commit 1179569.


  • Fix behaviour of systemmonitor dataengine when it was connected to before it had populated the list of sources. Fixes bug 251459. See SVN commit 1177290.


  • Make the lanczos shader use a fixed number of iterations in the loop. See SVN commit 1175024.
  • Disable Lanczos filter while moving windows in Present Windows effect. See SVN commit 1176111.
  • Don't set gl_TexCoord[0] in the vertex shader when the fragment shader doesn't use it. See SVN commit 1178357.
  • Add sanity check to Desktop Grid Effect in case of pager layout and only one desktop. See SVN commit 1169040.
  • Desktops cannot be dragged into empty areas in Desktop Grid effect. Fixes bug 248817. See SVN commit 1169042.
  • Block keyboard input during animations in Desktop Grid effect. Fixes bug 244813. See SVN commit 1169047.
  • Update text shadow information whenever Tabs are added/removed in Aurorae theme engine. Fixes bug 248754. See SVN commit 1169086.
  • Drop keyboard events while moving windows in Desktop Grid effect. Fixes bug 249325. See SVN commit 1169145.
  • Exclude all transformed windows from Blur effect, fixes rendering issues with e.g. Magic Lamp effect. Fixes bug 243693. See SVN commit 1169158.
  • Allow moving of "unmovable" windows to another desktio if Present Windows mode is used in Desktop Grid effect. Fixes bug 249337. See SVN commit 1169323.
  • Fix window movment regression (e.g. Pack Windows functionality) in 4.5. Fixes bug 241049. See SVN commit 1169432.
  • Add sanity checks for OpenGL limitations to Blur effect. See SVN commit 1179269.
  • Fix non functional electric borders in Present Windows effect after closing a window. Fixes bug 200235. See SVN commit 1179522.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when zooming in too far on large images. Fixes bug 237936. See SVN commit 1169574.


  • Do not crash the print preview mode when the user tries to select an area. Fixes bug 249436. See SVN commit 1170081.
  • Restore the sidebar visibility correctly after a file reload. Fixes bug 249345. See SVN commit 1171493.
  • Workaround potential crash on some XPS files with some locales. See SVN commit 1173927.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix compilation with Sun Studio. Fixes bug 249552. See SVN commit 1170166.


  • Fix crash when an unsupported encoding is selected in editor. Fixes bug 249260. See SVN commit 1169546.
  • Key generation would create DSA/ElGamal key even if RSA was requested for languages where RSA is not translated as "RSA". See SVN commit 1173534.
  • Properly handle subkeys with multiple usages (usually RSA subkeys). See SVN commit 1173545.


  • Update the font used if the global font with fixed width is changed in System Settings - Fonts. See SVN commit 1171462.
  • Fix wrong calculation of needed width of offset column. See SVN commit 1171575.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix coordinate parsing of waypoints in .gpx files. Fixes bug 249632. See SVN commit 1170370.
  • Hide now invalid route summary after clearing a route. Prevent am/pm from turning up in estimated travel duration. Fixes bug 250338. See SVN commit 1172219.
  • Do not query gazetteer.openstreetmap.org anymore for searches. It will be offline or redirect to nominatim.openstreetmap.org soon and nominatim is included by Marble already. See SVN commit 1172281.
  • Write xml that validates against http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1/gpx.xsd (gpx export). Fixes bug 251676. See SVN commit 1179820.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Caches mimetypes of files being downloaded, makes the view more responsiv. See SVN commit 1170130.
  • Adds and removes multiple transfers at once, speeding up the process. See SVN commits 1170590, 1173956, 1173957 and 1173963.
  • Adds multiple transfers to the SQLHistory, drastically reducing the io operations. See SVN commit 1173959.
  • Speeds up starting/stopping multiple transfers by not constantly rescheduling. See SVN commit 1179182.
  • Do not show the "new transfer added" notification during startup process, since those aren't new transfers. See SVN commit 1173960.
  • Only creates the target folder if a download is started. Fixes bug 251441. See SVN commit 1177576.

kdeartwork [ all SVN changes ]

KDE Asciiquarium

  • Fix "Nessie" to not clear out the wave underneath her when traveling from left to right. Noted and fixed by Ryan Meldrum. See SVN commit 1181097.

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