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KDE 4.5.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.5.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Possibly fix crash in KSharedDataCache when put under heavy load. Fixes bug 243573. See SVN commit 1167621.
  • Fix crash in KSharedDataCache when the cache is created with room for only 1 page. See SVN commit 1167621.
  • Fix crash in KArchive when extracting large files, eg USNO KStars database. Fixes bug 237124. See SVN commit 1167508.


  • I/O performance increases in KIconLoader. See SVN commit 1164755.


  • Fix tooltip rendering glitches in eg Dolphin. Fixes bug 245491. See SVN commit 1160677.


  • Set the reverse link in the ChildFrame tree earlier, fixing a crash resizing child iframes early in their lifetime. Fixes bug 245691. See SVN commit 1164025.
  • Fix crash due to special child object lists getting out of sync. Fixes bug 170165. See SVN commit 1164054.
  • Fix crashes involving :first-letter and dynamic content. Fixes bug 161989. See SVN commit 1164385.


  • Fix crash when choosing from an Install button with a drop down menu. Fixes bug 240898. See SVN commit 1159909.


  • Allow resize/move Tux Eyes plasmoid. Fixes bug 244958. See SVN commit 1161819.
  • Usability: Show mnemonics on pushbuttons. See SVN commit 1164886.
  • Fix crash when clearing all notifications while subset displayed. Fixes bug 248976. See SVN commit 1168060.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a crash that can happen when switching from Columns View to another view mode. Fixes bug 247618. See SVN commit 1165533.
  • Fix wrong behavior (or triggering of an assertion in the debug mode), if "Go Up" is used in the Columns View. Fixes bug 248405. See SVN commit 1165552.
  • Initialize the zoom slider correctly on startup. See SVN commit 1165573.

network:/ kio-slave

  • Wait for auto-starting of Cagibi per D-Bus, so finally UPnP devices/services are also listed. See SVN commit 1168035.


  • Do not switch virtual desktop when using minimize to desktop in alt+tab. Fixes bug 247532. See SVN commit 1162775.
  • Synchronise on all desktops states between transient and its main window. See SVN commit 1165453.
  • Ensure that windows don't go outside the workarea. See SVN commit 1165454.
  • Fix regression which caused desktop effects not working with some drivers. Fixes bug 243991. See SVN commit 1167908.

Plasma workspaces

  • KRunner: display file search results by tag correctly. Fixes bug 246689. See SVN commit 1159432.
  • Make it harder to accidentally drag plasmoids out of the panel and onto the desktop. See SVN commit 1159603.
  • More ergonomic panel applet positioning; use the mouse position to determin new position. Allows reordering of long panel applets even to the first position. See SVN commit 1159643.
  • Fix Newspaper activity scroll by scrollbar. Fixes bug 245230. See SVN commit 1159829.
  • Fix wetter.com weather data engine web service. See SVN commit 1163541.
  • Fix Plasma crash when changing layout of panels. Fixes bug 249020. See SVN commit 1168062.
  • Fix RSS dataengine not updating on network reconnect. Fixes bug 245639. See SVN commit 1170005.
  • Fix Weather applets not updating on network reconnection. See SVN commit 1170006.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Support archive delimiters from different 7z versions. Fixes bug 247628. See SVN commit 1164369.
  • Valid subfolder values are checked only if extraction into subfolder is enabled. Fixes bug 248638. See SVN commit 1166479.
  • Make sure the auxiliary extraction process is terminated in case of errors. Fixes bug 248336. See SVN commit 1166790.


  • Fix hang when changing owner trust to ultimate. Fixes bug 244288. See SVN commit 1160302.
  • Fix decrypting files in editor. Fixes bug 248161. See SVN commit 1164871.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]

Comic Applet

  • Comic is shown on the correct monitor when using the fullview feature. Fixes bug 245503. See SVN commit 1161709.
  • Removes empty area at the top of the comic applet. Fixes bug 248810. See SVN commit 1167272.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not delete the putjob if it deleted itself. Fixes bug 245589. See SVN commit 1161727.
  • Respect the maximum size limit of VFAT. Fixes bug 245623. See SVN commit 1161757.
  • Fixes crash in KGet runner caused by DBus. Fixes bug 221751. See SVN commit 1163240.
  • KGetPieChart does not crash when a download is added to an empty download list. Fixes bug 246668. See SVN commit 1163288.


  • Don't show joins nor quits in the chatwindow, if user has selected not to show events. Fixes bug 109822. See SVN commit 1165283.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Comicbook backend: do not crash when closing while opening a CBR document. Fixes bug 245499. See SVN commit 1160615.
  • Fax backend: do not crash when loading G3 faxes produced by Ghostscript. Fixes bug 247300. See SVN commit 1161850.
  • When archiving, if the document is a symbolic link then resolve it. Fixes bug 245243. See SVN commit 1161860.
  • Fix jumpy behaviour of Middle Mouse Button zooming. Fixes bug 247797. See SVN commit 1163539.
  • KDE Security Advisory 2010-08-25-1 - CVE-2010-2575. See SVN commit 1167827.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not load incompatible plugins and crash. Fixes bug 239831. See SVN commit 1168342.
  • Add support for alpha blending (useful e.g. for a hillshading layer in maps). See SVN commit 1167901.
  • Fix progress animation not being shown on Windows and Maemo. See SVN commit 1167631.
  • Adjust downloadable maps for the new blending feature. See SVN commit 1167522.
  • Fix cut off text on Windows. See SVN commit 1166805.
  • Instead of reporting an xls:lang error when OpenRouteService cannot handle a specific language code, fall back to english (which is known to work). Fixes bug 247339. See SVN commit 1163352.


  • Update the Malawi of flag. See SVN commit 1164838.
  • Fix typo in Great Britain Countries map. See SVN commit 1167489.

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