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KDE 4.4.5 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.4.5

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not allow duplicate paths in the icon search directories. See SVN commit 1134707.
  • Workaround hang in plugin/script selector (System Settings, Amarok, ...). Fixes bug 213068. See SVN commit 1138391.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Refresh the screen after the user manually drag-n-drops a tab. Fixes bug 164099. See SVN commit 1133014.
  • Fix issue where the tab bar reappears after a split-view. Fixes bug 176260. See SVN commit 1133020.
  • Fix issue where the menu status for View menubar is not correct. Fixes bug 181345. See SVN commit 1133024.
  • Save character encoding to session management. Fixes bug 221450. See SVN commit 1134494.
  • Remove the shortcut to send all output to current windows. Fixes bug 238373. See SVN commit 1133027.


  • Fix crash in window tabbing. Fixes bug 240464. See SVN commit 1134074.
  • Fix crash when trying to group a window without decoration. Fixes bug 222816. See SVN commit 1134110.
  • Fix impossible activation of Present Windows effect when using the effect for Alt+Tab and no window is on current desktop. Fixes bug 240730. See SVN commit 1136822.
  • Use correct icon sizes in Alt+Tab for big icon modes. Fixes bug 241384. See SVN commit 1137263.
  • Fix crash when a new window is added to a shaded window group. Fixes bug 242206. See SVN commit 1140341.

kdeaccessibility [ all SVN changes ]


  • Send correct mouse buttons in left handed mode. Fixes bug 225382. See SVN commit 1135653.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix corrupted SVG background in Desert theme. Fixes bug 230380. See SVN commit 1132310.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix "Undo" crash after changing selection mode. Fixes bug 211481. See SVN commit 1137955.


  • Fix crash due when opening some PDF files due to bad thread interaction. Fixes bug 240549. See SVN commit 1134263.
  • Fix crash due when opening some PDF files due to uninitialized memory. Fixes bug 202213. See SVN commit 1138343.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix a bug causing the full filename to not show up as a tooltip in the tag editor. See SVN commit 1136893.
  • Fix a long-standing bug causing the History playlist to not work. Fixes bug 168998. See SVN commit 1136894.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Groupicons are correctly painted when scrolling the view. Fixes bug 191523. See SVN commit 1133355.
  • KGet save dialog gets focus when started from Konqueror. Fixes bug 228477. See SVN commit 1137864.
  • Do not remove finished files downloaded with metalink if some of the files in the metalink weren't downloaded. Fixes bug 241924. See SVN commit 1139112.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]

Comic applet

  • Hide the configuration button if there is a connection again and the comic was downloaded. Fixes bug 241040. See SVN commit 1137818.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix deferral of non-recurring alarms not working. Fixes bug 237288. See SVN commit 1132307.
  • Fix occasional crash when selecting a different calendar type in the Calendar selector. See SVN commit 1132536.
  • Fix loss of time zone specification for date only alarms when converting a KAlarm pre-2.3.2 calendar, if start-of-day time in calendar is not midnight. See SVN commit 1133919.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Treat single-file archives as single-folder archives again, so that "Extract into subfolder" is not automatically suggested. Fixes bug 225426. See SVN commit 1137716.
  • Do not call QThread methods if the object has not been created yet. Fixes bug 221551. See SVN commit 1140181.
  • Clean up the RAR plugin and make it not crash when a RAR archive has sub headers. Fixes bug 242071. See SVN commit 1140180.
  • Ignore archive entries names only "/". Fixes bug 241967. See SVN commit 1140185.


  • Fix crash after completing operation. Fixes bug 187966. See SVN commit 1135706.

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