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KDE 4.4.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.4.1

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash on removing multiple key bindings. Fixes bug 183069. See SVN commit 1095365.
  • Fix issue where history lines had extra spaces at end. Fixes bug 188528. See SVN commit 1094735.
  • Don't copy an empty string to the clipboard. Fixes bug 188725. See SVN commit 1095367.
  • Add a quit() after a --list-profiles to correctly exit. Fixes bug 192241. See SVN commit 1096331.
  • Recreate hotspots on resize to fix crashing. Fixes bug 199161. See SVN commit 1095087.
  • Disconnect terminal timers to avoid crashes. Fixes bug 208199. See SVN commit 1095369.


  • Fix crash when closing a window (via javascript, i.e. self-destruct) that has a JSError statusbar label. Fixes bug 228255. See SVN commit 1096006.


  • Fix crash when switching to Plasma Netbook shell. Fixes bug 221868. See SVN commit 1096414.
  • Fix crash in walk through desktops. Fixes bug 223432. See SVN commit 1096424.

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • "Enter" in search line closed the dialog and search filter did not work in some cases. Fixes bug 227150. See SVN commits 1090976 and 1090977.


  • The HTTP kioslave now has much better support for Content-Disposition headers. See SVN commit 1094741.
  • Fix KDirWatch crash when modifying files while the "file changed" dialog is shown. Fixes bugs 220153, 224229, 208486, 226674 and 222547. See SVN commits 1088537 and 1090729.
  • Fix KDirWatch crash when saving over a watched file, notably in digikam. Fixes bug 222974. See SVN commit 1091941.
  • Fix KDirWatch detection of a watched file being deleted and recreated immediately, the existing code was non-working and crashing when unmounting a device. Fixes bugs 222204 and 228092. See SVN commit 1093006.
  • Add missing connection which made the "change link target" feature non-working unless something else in the dialog was changed too. Fixes bug 228325. See SVN commit 1096316.


  • Painting optimizations for CSS Text-shadow. See SVN commits 1087713 and 1087753.
  • Avoid doing any unneeded work in scrollToOffset when the offset ends up being unchanged. See SVN commit 1094493.
  • Critical performance fix - avoid repainting fully the page when scrolling due to a change of behaviour of Qt 4.6. See SVN commit 1089160.
  • Don't allow any synchronous update of scrollbars during layout as that could potentially lead to crashes in the engine. See SVN commit 1088982.
  • Fix printing ending up incomplete and/or with gaps in the text on some pages. Fixes bugs 191999, 214352 and 197402. See SVN commit 1095342.
  • Fix crashes due to wrong behaviour when releasing allocated inline boxes. Fixes bugs 206832 and 193717. See SVN commit 1094495.
  • Avoid table rendering failure due to overflow of a short integer. Fixes bug 219920. See SVN commit 1094490.
  • Only enable the HTML 4.01 meaning of colspan/rowspan zero in standard/almost-standard mode matching Gecko engines. Fixes bug 227109. See SVN commit 1094488.
  • rowspan="" should map to rowspan=1, not rowspan=0 avoids a crash on xmpp.org pages. Fixes bug 204297. See SVN commit 1094488.
  • Avoid hitting an assert when drawing a dashed or dotted border arc with a radius that's smaller than or equal to the border width. Fixes bug 227765. See SVN commit 1094032.
  • Fix scrolling while access keys are displayed producing artifacts. Fixes bug 172870. See SVN commit 1093042.
  • Fix access keys being displayed only for the visible part of the page. Fixes bug 219306. See SVN commit 1093042.
  • Don't let a form widget keep a blinking cursor when the focus is changed to an external widget (e.g. the location bar.) Fixes bug 155941. See SVN commit 1093041.
  • Fix access keys not being de-activable when a form element has input focus. Fixes bug 210029. See SVN commit 1093040.
  • Mitigate textarea selection extension problem Fixes bug 156574. See SVN commit 1093039.
  • Fix arrow down keypress skipping entries in google's main search page. Fixes bug 192135. See SVN commit 1093038.
  • Do not force vertical scrollbar on textarea when not necessary. Fixes bug 221830. See SVN commit 1090000.
  • Fix innerHTML value of script element (affects JIRA dashboard.) Fixes bug 187403. See SVN commit 1032495.
  • Fix occasional crash when laying out inline flow children. Fixes bug 220360. See SVN commit 1089162.
  • Fix cursor not blinking in LineEdit form widget with Qt 4.6.1+. See SVN commit 1089161.


  • Fix extremely inefficient regular expressions causing javascript failures or slowness (affects slashdot.org). Fixes bug 191736. See SVN commits 1089179 and 1094496.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]

analog-clock applet

  • Time was at 12 at start, settings were not kept, painting problem at start. Fixes bug 226969. See SVN commit 1092156.

luna applet

  • Remove luna background. Fixes bug 203413. See SVN commit 1087881.

picture-frame applet

  • Crash in slideshow mode when the dir had no pictures. Fixes bug 226898. See SVN commit 1091033.

unit-converter applet


virus wallpaper

  • Make "Apply" button be active after selecting a wallpaper. Fixes bug 227140. See SVN commit 1090870.

converter runner

  • Display most common units in results. Fixes bug 204292. See SVN commit 1091644.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix typo in Guyana map. See SVN commit 1092358.


  • Shortcuts to zoom in Main toolbar are now working. Fixes bug 226159. See SVN commit 1090668.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Close annotation windows on document change/reload. Fixes bug 224191. See SVN commit 1093333.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Sometimes decryption of files never gave a result. See SVN commit 1094090.
  • Deleting keys might have left some stale references that would cause problems on next try. See SVN commit 1094449.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix regression that caused long delays when sending mails. Fixes bug 219687. See SVN commits 1092906, 1092907, 1094467 and 1092911.
  • Don't send STARTTLS when not advertised by the server, when connecting to Sieve. Fixes bug 212951. See SVN commit 1092921.
  • Disable Nepomuk error dialogs at startup, which sometimes were shown by mistake. Fixes bugs 218206 and 217111. See SVN commit 1093976.
  • Fix speed regression in the filter editor dialog, switching filters there was slow. Fixes bug 224037. See SVN commit 1094501.


  • Disable calendars containing only the wrong alarm types for the calendar type. See SVN commits 1093838 and 1093903.

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