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KDE 4.3.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.3.2

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make external browser work even when kfmclient is not installed. Fixes bug 206581. See SVN commit 1020884.
  • Fix KConfig so that existing settings are not lost in case the disk is full. Fixes bugs 169132 and 206596. See SVN commit 1023830.
  • Fix crash during concurrent access to KLocale's catalogs from multiple threads. Fixes bug 208178. See SVN commit 1029879.


  • Fix possible crash when copying files during previews are shown. Fixes bug 200125. See SVN commit 1022120.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash in CoverSwitch Effect when a window is closed. Fixes bug 184602. See SVN commit 1021316.
  • Fix crash in BoxSwitch Effect when a window is closed. Fixes bug 179865. See SVN commit 1021318.
  • Fix broken icons for Special Application/Window Settings menu. Fixes bug 207136. See SVN commit 1023072.
  • Slideback effect works correctly with multiple modal windows. See SVN commit 1023325.
  • Windows get rearranged when a window gets closed in Present Windows effect. Fixes bug 200084. See SVN commit 1024317.
  • Fix crash in CoverSwitch Effect during end animation when last window is closed. Fixes bug 207554. See SVN commit 1027306.
  • Remove screen flicker when (un)loading effects. Fixes bug 183107. See SVN commit 1027313.


  • Fix crash in tasks applet when the grouping strategy is set to "only when full". Fixes bug 199325. See SVN commit 1027747.
  • Make the applicationjobs data engine load translations properly. See SVN commit 1023553.


  • Don't crash when notified that something changed in the current directory. Fixes bug 193466. See SVN commit 1029209.
  • Fix redirection handling so that copying files into sftp://host works. Fixes bug 186947. See SVN commit 1025419.


  • Fix wrong trash status (marked as empty even when it's not anymore). Fixes bug 167388. See SVN commit 1023690.


  • Fix crash when closing tab (or any other view) and the mouse is over a link. Fixes bugs 200181 and 184604. See SVN commit 1021168.
  • Fix redirection handling so that going up from an archive (tar/zip/...) works. Fixes bug 79302. See SVN commit 1026290.


  • Fix crash during DnD of bookmarks. Fixes bug 160679. See SVN commit 1030003.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix tooltips for bookmarks ignoring the offset produced by the scrolling of the view See SVN commit 1023559.


  • Improved behaviour if systray icon is not shown. See SVN commits 1020575 and 1020953.
  • Work around crash when opening of encrypted file is cancelled. Fixes bug 208162. See SVN commit 1027307.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make tooltip a global setting instead of a per-word one. See SVN commit 1027708.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix saving files over themselves. See SVN commit 1023087.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix unexpected deletion of mails when renaming a disconnected IMAP folder, under certain conditions. See SVN commits 1022963 and 1022964.
  • Fix a crash when autocompleting a LDAP address. Fixes bug 206024. See SVN commits 1019119 and 1019358.
  • Potentially fix several crashes, for example when deleting IMAP messages. Fixes bugs 163071 and 200137. See SVN commit 1024448.
  • Fix potential crash when using precommands. Fixes bug 196053. See SVN commit 1020261.
  • Fix a crash upon importing certain MBOX files. See SVN commit 1020526.
  • Fix a memory leak that could occur with disconnected IMAP after deleting messages. See SVN commit 1021563.
  • Make KMail a bit more responsive when using search folders. Fixes bug 205448. See SVN commit 1017920.
  • Use the correct localized date format in group headers. Fixes bug 196108. See SVN commit 1019113.
  • Don't truncate attachment names with a slash in them when saving. Fixes bug 191455. See SVN commit 1019990.
  • Don't remove parts of the filename when saving attachments. Fixes bug 185167. See SVN commit 1020593.
  • Don't scroll too much when scrolling with the page up/down key. Fixes bug 160990. See SVN commit 1020455.
  • Show a clear button in regular expression input fields. Fixes bug 204532. See SVN commit 1020460.
  • Don't waste space with tree decorations when not using threading and grouping. Fixes bug 181794. See SVN commit 1020461.
  • Fix the icon column sizes in the POP filter confirmation dialog. Fixes bug 205018. See SVN commit 1020464.
  • Try harder to find the executable of annoyance-filter. Fixes bug 140353. See SVN commit 1020465.
  • Fix the problem that the forward menu was missing entries. Fixes bug 206377. See SVN commit 1020525.
  • Show the attachment icon also for attachment-only mails. Fixes bug 143237. See SVN commit 1020587.
  • Fix display of the unread count in the folder view with RTL languages. Fixes bug 207028. See SVN commit 1022456.
  • Be more tolerant against invalid encodings in header fields. Fixes bug 206417. See SVN commit 1021325.
  • Improved URL discovery in plain text mails. Fixes bug 202445. See SVN commit 1015198.
  • Also recognize local folders as groupware folders when configured so. See SVN commit 1021565.
  • Ensure that recent addresses don't get double-double-quoted. See SVN commit 1021567.
  • Fix reading an incorrect config value for the POP filter confirmation dialog. See SVN commit 1023466.
  • Fix display problem after renaming a disconnected IMAP folder. See SVN commit 1027233.
  • Don't overwrite custom IMAP folder type annotations. See SVN commit 1027236.
  • Fix regression that the shared seen flag setting could not be set for the inbox. See SVN commit 1027237.


  • Don't make all-day events disappear until the next restart after editing them. Fixes bug 204998. See SVN commit 1023576.


  • Fix oversized progress bar when fetching feeds. See SVN commit 1027230.
  • Don't crash on exit when having nested todos. See SVN commit 1026793.


  • Provide 'any time' option when deferring date-only alarms. Fixes bug 208521. See SVN commit 1028929.
  • Use KDE system settings to determine default working days in the week. See SVN commit 1017649.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix antialiasing-related rendering issues for the curves connecting 2 diff hunks. See SVN commits 1028716 and 1028717.
  • Fix expansion of tabs to spaces. See SVN commit 1028718.
  • Fix parsing of diffs for files with lines starting with -- (e.g. MySQL dumps, Haskell sources etc.). Fixes bug 208688. See SVN commits 1028719 and 1028720.

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