KDE 4.3.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.3.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when editing toolbars. Fixes bug 200815. See SVN commit 1013099.


  • Fix "Copy file after rename uses old file name" bug. Fixes bug 195385. See SVN commit 1012564.
  • Renaming a remote file during a copy operation was broken. Fixes bug 204322. See SVN commit 1013228.
  • Fix KTar's handling of large files. Fixes bug 203414. See SVN commit 1013638.
  • Fix crash when typing a device name that is not in the list. See SVN commit 1016509.


  • Repair sending of bug reports by email for apps not on bugs.kde.org. Fixes bug 182384. See SVN commits 1016323 and 1016339.


  • Fix klauncher not using translated Name entries to replace %c when launching .desktop files. See SVN commit 1015210.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]

search plugins

  • Fix grec search url. See SVN commit 1014811.
  • Honor Charset key in web shortcuts. See SVN commit 1015945.

Oxygen style

  • Fix combo boxes drawing their labels twice. Fixes bug 202701. See SVN commit 1008050.


  • Make kio_fish work again (for most people). Fixes bug 189235. See SVN commit 1010416.


  • Don't append .desktop when creating a link to URL. Fixes bug 197840. See SVN commit 1016350.


  • Fix crash when doing "Close all other tabs". Fixes bug 183486. See SVN commit 1016318.


  • Ensure that wobbly windows animation finishes. Fixes bug 201244. See SVN commit 1004452.
  • Fix shadows in window decoration preview. See SVN commit 1005232.
  • Show window decoration during fade out. Fixes bug 201780. See SVN commit 1013297.
  • Repaint also the shadow when a window gets repainted. Fixes bug 201596. See SVN commit 1013298.
  • Fix broken window shading with OpenGL compositing. Fixes bug 195593. See SVN commit 1013299.
  • Fix incorrect drawing of decoration preview. Fixes bug 203842. See SVN commit 1015363.
  • Fix stretching of windows in wobbly effect. Fixes bug 198559. See SVN commit 1015539.
  • Make opacity rules actually do something. Fixes bug 167138. See SVN commit 1015801.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make custom font settings for the message list work again. Fixes bug 178402. See SVN commit 1011071.
  • Fix display of some HTML newsletters with images. Fixes bug 187989. See SVN commit 1005078.
  • Support all parts of a mailto URL from command line. See SVN commit 1005081.
  • Correctly decode dropped mailto URLs. Fixes bug 138725. See SVN commit 1007476.
  • Improve support for external editors. Fixes bug 169092. See SVN commits 1006445, 1006454, 1006460 and 1006762.
  • Correctly add the default domain to email addresses. Fixes bug 136407. See SVN commit 1006790.
  • Fix rendering problem with the HTML warning. Fixes bug 137643. See SVN commit 1007463.
  • When switching the identity in the composer, update the signing preference. Fixes bug 51410. See SVN commit 1007465.
  • Correctly escape the HTML in message tooltips. Fixes bug 52223. See SVN commit 1007467.
  • Don't show HTML code in the progress manager for some IMAP mails. Fixes bug 204765. See SVN commit 1014683.
  • Fix word wrap when using a custom quote sign. Fixes bug 55021. See SVN commit 1007468.
  • Set the focus to the correct composer fields when opening it. Fixes bug 87549. See SVN commits 1007470 and 1007472.
  • When pressing the up key in the first line of the editor in the composer, always jump to the subject field. Fixes bug 204780. See SVN commit 1014440.
  • Fix an infinite recursion when switching to a newly created folder. See SVN commits 1008994 and 1008995.
  • Make dropping images from KSnapshot work again. Fixes bug 202101. See SVN commit 1009398.
  • Make the copy action in the stand-alone reader window work again. Fixes bug 203220. See SVN commit 1010579.
  • Show all encodings in the composer again. Fixes bug 202294. See SVN commit 1010587.
  • Fix deleting of attachments in encapsulated messages. See SVN commits 1010874 and 1010879.
  • Display digest mails correctly. See SVN commit 1011083.
  • Display mailman messages correctly. Fixes bug 53668. See SVN commit 1011085.
  • Expand the full thread when expanding by shortcut. Fixes bug 182910. See SVN commit 1011919.
  • Ignore subject prefixes when sorting by subject. Fixes bug 203104. See SVN commit 1012121.
  • Show the icon in the header for icon-only columns in the message list. Fixes bug 183517. See SVN commit 1012125.
  • Make grouping by receiver work. Fixes bug 204193. See SVN commit 1012550.
  • Don't crash when editing a mail with two embedded images in the same line. Fixes bug 204214. See SVN commit 1013338.
  • Don't unhide all folders when dragging over a folder in the folder list. Fixes bug 204257. See SVN commit 1013402.
  • Correctly parse a date that contains uppercase october. Fixes bug 150620. See SVN commit 1014199.


  • Enable the edit alarm dialog OK button only when changes have been made. See SVN commit 1011612.
  • Shift-Delete now deletes alarms without showing confirmation prompt. See SVN commit 1004271.
  • Fix crash when restoring alarms on login. Fixes bug 203957. See SVN commits 1013042 and 1013437.
  • Make volume settings work for audio files. See SVN commits 1011655 and 1011677.
  • Fix bad email addresses when sending email alarms. Fixes bug 197496. See SVN commit 1008964.
  • Fix KMail dependent functions not being included in build. See SVN commit 1005723.
  • Improve command line option validation and remove unnecessary restrictions on combining options. See SVN commit 1004268.
  • When selecting a mail in the 'Find Messages' window, correctly update the selection in the message list. See SVN commit 1016458.
  • Fix inconsistent selection behavior in "Find Messages" window. See SVN commit 1016436.

kdeartwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make some strings translatable. See SVN commit 1008772.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]




  • Make some strings translatable. See SVN commit 1015171.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix opening images with an http url. See SVN commit 1010218.


  • Do not start a search again on F3 if we are already running it. See SVN commit 1009823.
  • Make Okular PS part have higher precedence than Karbon so that print preview works. Fixes bug 204925. See SVN commit 1015189.

kdeplasma-addons [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make the Comment line translatable. See SVN commit 1008840.


  • Correctly format the time string. See SVN commit 1009723.


  • Make sure that applets using the lib (unitconverter) have tranlated units. See SVN commit 1013503.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make strings in the symbol viewer translatable. See SVN commit 1009261.


  • Add some APIs required for KDevelop 4 to the Kompare libraries. See SVN commit 1016107.
  • Only enable OK in the URL dialog when a URL is entered. See SVN commit 1009995.
  • Fix the radiobuttons for diff format selection. See SVN commit 1009998.
  • Fix a crash due to incorrect use of iterators. Fixes bug 204880. See SVN commit 1016097.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Respect the short date format set by the user. Fixes bug 201180. See SVN commit 1002678.
  • Make network actions available when the network state is unknown. See SVN commit 1012454.
  • Improve some context menu descriptions to have proper singular/plural wording. Fixes bug 200713. See SVN commit 1013345.


  • Fix Handling of profile IDs in kcmlirc Fixes bug 204611. See SVN commit 1014739.