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KDE 4.2.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.2.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Repair klauncher support for unique-applications like konsole. Fixes bug 162729. See SVN commit 918564.
  • Fix complex crash which could happen for instance when installing OSX widgets in plasma. Fixes bug 182138. See SVN commit 918117.
  • Make sure klauncher doesn't hang when kdeinit4 dies. See SVN commit 918403.
  • Fix parsing of dates when using a two-digits year format. See SVN commit 928370.


  • Fix Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E and Ctrl+U in lineedits (and Ctrl+A in textedits) so they have priority over application actions (e.g. in konqueror). Fixes bug 181180. See SVN commit 917997.
  • Fix handling of <Tab> in completion popup (especially in konqueror). Fixes bug 167135. See SVN commit 920747.


  • Properly update the directory view when aborting a move operation (e.g. disk full), otherwise confusion and data loss could happen. Fixes bug 118593. See SVN commit 917170.
  • Fix assert failure when smb.conf contains "path=" (empty value). Fixes bug 184144. See SVN commit 928071.
  • Show "l" rather than "d" in the permission string for symlinks. Fixes bug 162544. See SVN commit 927932.
  • Fix error message when starting a command with a full path. See SVN commit 926945.
  • Fix problems with accentuated paths in kioslaves (e.g. when trashing a file), with Qt-4.5-rc1. Fixes bug 184496. See SVN commit 928331.


  • Various authentication code improvements. See SVN commits 929627 and 914548.
  • Handle invalid \n separation of headers and payload; fixes freezes on some websites using some amazon.com services. See SVN commit 929627.
  • Don't do an extra blocking read when the reply is ultra-small. Fixes freezes on abclinuxu.cz. Fixes bug 180631. See SVN commit 926999.


  • Fix debugger core crashes on syntax errors. Fixes bug 175578. See SVN commit 926127.
  • Fix a crash with sparse arrays without a dense vector component. Fixes bug 180605. See SVN commit 922902.


  • border-radius support extended to dashed and dotted lines. See SVN commit 906876.
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+U for "View Frame Source". See SVN commit 918042.
  • Take advantage of better composition mode support in recent Qt versions to avoid roundtrips in background pre-tiling. See SVN commit 923396.
  • Fix problems with various shortcuts in frames. See SVN commits 907379, 907394 and 918042.
  • Make sure the view receives focus properly so it can be scrolled immediately in Konqueror. See SVN commit 908982.
  • Don't paint background for <input type="image">. Fixes the amazon.com button. Fixes bug 179795. See SVN commit 909004.
  • Make sure DOM objects' constructor property does not point to the default Object constructor. Fixes hangs on google maps. Fixes bugs 176730 and 183251. See SVN commit 922888.
  • Don't crash if someone tries to set the body to a non-Node. Fixes bug 183457. See SVN commit 922913.
  • Make sure (lazily) the stylesheets collection is up-to-date when accessed. Fixes www.webtoolkit.eu/wt. Fixes bug 182230. See SVN commits 922955 and 926278.
  • Handle the mode parameter for insertAdjacentHTML case-insensitively; fixes some operations in yui non-DOM mode; affected older reviewboard versions. See SVN commit 917490.
  • Remove workaround for emergency frame creation, it can cause crashes when restoring frames going back. Fixes bug 170185. See SVN commit 926130.
  • Fix contentDocument on hidden <object> elements. See SVN commit 922874.
  • make <frameset onload=...> properly should set a window event listener, not a DOM one. Fixes bug 183455. See SVN commits 924023 and 926101.
  • Make createContextualFragment work when called on a range starting with a document; shows up in tinyMCE. See SVN commit 926156.
  • Remove excessive paranoia in file upload controls; fixes rapidshare.com uploads. Fixes bug 184679. See SVN commit 929635.
  • Fix encoding of surrogate pairs in form submissions. Fixes bug 154142. See SVN commit 929608.
  • Fix a GC bug in TreeWalker. Fixes bug 172268. See SVN commit 926292.
  • Make window.sidebar writeable (and DontEnum). Fixes bug 183993. See SVN commit 926141.
  • Improve the debugger UI's handling of syntax errors. See SVN commit 926127.
  • Fix Ctrl+U and Ctrl+I being ambiguous in pages with frames. See SVN commit 918042.


  • Fix regression: the directories with desktop files were not watched anymore, so users had to run kbuildsycoca4 by hand after installing new desktop files. Fixes bug 182472. See SVN commit 918838.
  • Fix duplicated applications in the K menu and in keditfiletype, because kded was creating kservices with absolute paths and not letting local ones override global ones. Fixes bugs 179946, 179462, 182060 and 184716. See SVN commit 921138.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fixed regression that a double click is required for the Folders Panel to show the content. See SVN commit 919653.
  • Display correct folder names in tabs, if they contain a '&' character. Fixes bug 181765. See SVN commit 919023.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes the 'Create New' menu was disabled although creating files was allowed. Fixes bug 183812. See SVN commit 924120.
  • Hide the tooltip when a context menu is opened in the column view. Fixes bug 184053. See SVN commit 924891.
  • Don't show a rubberband selection when trying to move the selection toggle. Fixes bug 184178. See SVN commit 927488.
  • Fixed issue that invoking Dolphin with a specified path is ignored when another Dolphin window is already open. Fixes bug 169016. See SVN commit 927549.


  • Fix drag-n-drop regression: couldn't drop URLs onto the HTML part anymore. Fixes bug 177925. See SVN commit 930537.


  • Fixes for running Python applets similtaneously with Python data engines. See SVN commit 917410.



kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix bug in South Africa map. See SVN commit 924430.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix bug where game is playable in pause mode. See SVN commit 917457.
  • Fix bug where cheat mode is not reset on game restart. See SVN commit 919948.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add a 'Find Previous' entry. Fixes bug 184230. See SVN commit 926107.
  • DjVu backend: fix hanging on malformed document loading. Fixes bug 182971. See SVN commit 920672.
  • CHM backend: avoid crashing during loading because of user events. Fixes bug 178539. See SVN commit 920833.
  • CHM backend: do not hang when a HTML page does not load correctly. See SVN commit 922591.
  • CHM backend: do not crash on TOC entries with no associated URLs. Fixes bug 183363. See SVN commit 922604.
  • Do not scroll the thumbnail list when resizing the navigation panel. Fixes bug 183475. See SVN commit 922824.
  • (Windows only) Do not crash because of miscalculated system memory. See SVN commit 923029.
  • Fix start from current screen for presentation mode. Fixes bug 185013. See SVN commit 928890.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't ask for the wallet password on exit. Fixes bug 163413. See SVN commit 918208.
  • Make mailto links with body and subject work again. Fixes bugs 108974 and 117293. See SVN commit 918210.
  • Fix incorrect attachment file encoding if the filename contains a percent sign. Fixes bug 173503. See SVN commit 918212.
  • Fix the completion order for LDAP not being remembered. See SVN commit 918214.
  • Improve display of SMIME attachments that don't follow the RFC and fail to specify the protocol in the header. See SVN commit 925418.
  • Use better icon for the "ignore thread" action. Fixes bug 183569. See SVN commit 925422.
  • Don't add POP3 and local accounts to the list in the manage sieve scripts dialog. See SVN commit 925423.
  • Make sure to not execute executables when clicking a URL in the message window. See SVN commit 927081.
  • When copying from the message window, remove the non-breaking space characters. See SVN commit 928212.
  • In the folder selection dialog, allow creating subfolders of the local folder root. Fixes bug 128796. See SVN commit 928215.
  • Use the correct folder icons in the folder selection dialog. See SVN commit 928216.
  • Fix the signature certificate text for SMIME signatures. See SVN commits 928270 and 925419.
  • Fix crash when deleting mails. Fixes bug 174839. See SVN commit 930647.
  • Fix the layout of the add snippet dialog. See SVN commit 931308.
  • Display "No Subject" again in the message list, if the subject is empty. Fixes bug 184854. See SVN commit 931310.
  • Fix mail address selection in the redirect dialog. See SVN commit 918215.


  • Make command alarms work in konsole windows when a KDE3 command line is stored in KAlarm's configuration file. Fixes bug 175623. See SVN commit 918286.

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]


  • Added some CPython GIL control to kpythonpluginfactory to stop crashes in situations where one Python plugin indirectly calls another. See SVN commit 917422.
  • Updated and fixed the generated API docs. Some namespaces in kdecore were missing. See SVN commit 926471.
  • Fixed a heap of memory and object ownership related bugs in the Plasma bindings. See SVN commit 917978.
  • Added method FlashingLabel.flash(QString,int,QTextOption) to the Plasma bindings. Fixes bug 184075. See SVN commit 928052.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Always use the right delete method for PlaylistItems. This should fix at least one cause of one of the most frequently duplicated crash bugs in JuK. Fixes bug 169125. See SVN commit 926737.
  • Don't crash on JuK shutdown. Fixes bug 175035. See SVN commit 918041.
  • Correctly handle Phonon states to avoid a race condition causing premature playback stopping. Fixes bug 176329. See SVN commit 915880.
  • Keep the history playlist correctly sorted after removing a track that had been in history from disk. See SVN commit 910699.
  • Don't crash if a music track in the history is no longer on disk. See SVN commit 910695.
  • Fix a stray "question mark" icon. See SVN commit 909551.
  • Fix a crash if the track announcement popup were to be deleted while the system tray was animating it. See SVN commit 909743.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix the indent contacts setting. Fixes bug 165252. See SVN commit 928782.
  • Fix bug where the invisible flag does not persist after a status change. Fixes bug 171733. See SVN commit 913702.
  • Fix display name not retrieved/saved in the WLM protocol. Fixes bug 182366. See SVN commit 928776.
  • Fix a big memory leak in the WLM protocol. Fixes bug 183930. See SVN commit 929115.
  • Fix downloading buddy icons in Yahoo protocol. Fixes bug 146118. See SVN commit 920984.
  • Fix a bug in Yahoo protocol where contacts where shown offline altough they were not. Fixes bug 150482. See SVN commit 921978.
  • Fix a bug where Yahoo disconnects immediately when connecting. Fixes bug 163307. See SVN commit 923817.
  • Fix a crash on Yahoo disconnect. Fixes bug 166553. See SVN commit 908162.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not try to show character changes if more than half of the line changed, as it will just match single characters arbitrarily. Fixes bug 75794. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix detection of inline differences not working at the start of the line. Fixes bug 89781. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix not exiting properly and getting restored in the next session. Fixes bug 102800. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix not exiting properly when File / Compare Files... used. Fixes bug 103651. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix infinite recursion when not having a common root folder in a multi-file diff. Fixes bug 107489. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Display correct line numbers after applying a change. Fixes bug 145956. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix crash when saving. Fixes bug 165421. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix Unapply Difference being enabled even when impossible and crashing. Fixes bug 169692. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix crash when closing the application. Fixes bug 174924. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix unreadable text with dark color schemes. Fixes bug 175251. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix crash when clicking Apply in the font dialog. Fixes bug 176797. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix both the W32 and KDE file dialogs being shown one after the other. Fixes bug 176804. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix crash with Qt 4.5 during the invocation of diff. Fixes bug 182792. See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix Previous Difference not working on the first difference of a file (now switches to the last difference in the previous file as expected). See SVN commit 928150.
  • Fix help button in the Preferences dialog not referring to the correct help page. Fixes bug 69081. See SVN commit 930695.
  • Fix saving a diff to a remote ioslave. Fixes bug 76904. See SVN commit 930700.
  • Fix saving files with applied changes to a remote ioslave. Fixes bug 81088. See SVN commit 930700.
  • Fix new directory being created instead of new file. Fixes bug 126870. See SVN commit 930700.
  • Fix wrong destination filename being displayed when reading unified diffs. Fixes bug 139212. See SVN commit 930701.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Remove GnuPG status message if encrypted text does not ent with \n. See SVN commit 924884.

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