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KDE 4.2.3 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.2.3

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix crash when renaming a directory that is only in the cache and not held by any dirlister. Fixes bug 188807. See SVN commit 957310.
  • Fixes copying files from folderview to a filemanager running as root. Fixes bug 184403. See SVN commits 957388, 958312 and 958315.
  • Don't migrate the DCOP startup-type to DBUS when editing a kde3 .desktop file, this leads to a klauncher error when launching the app. See SVN commit 959681.


  • Fix a memory leak in the vi mode. See SVN commit 951666.
  • Fix assert when using Ctrl+Del. Fixes bug 190305. See SVN commit 957714.
  • Fix settings menu order. Fixes bug 179836. See SVN commit 958334.


Improvements: Optimizations:
  • Significantly improve performance of getElementsByClassName. See SVN commit 961205.
  • Rework replaced elements painting, improving outline painting, and making sure all phases handle visibility properly. Fixes bug 155599. See SVN commits 948350 and 961373.
  • Make sure that iframes created with javascript: URLs enter HTML mode when desired. Entering XHTML mode improperly broke tinyMCE badly. Fixes bugs 188445 and 141523. See SVN commit 948882.
  • Fix crashes with / search. Fixes bug 189201. See SVN commit 961362.
  • Rework form widgets padding for increased compatibility, fixing several bugs in the process. See SVN commit 961357.
  • Fix min/max width computations' handling of newlines in LF preserving modes (white-space: pre, pre-wrap, pre-line), fixing missing wrapping in many situations. Fixes bugs 154143 and 130181. See SVN commit 948757.
  • Remove restrictions on where innerHTML operates to match Mozilla, as this extended interpretation is now commonly used, e.g. on google.com frontpage's autocompletion. Fixes bugs 168479 and 137408. See SVN commit 959136.
  • Expand out combobox popups to widths of content. See SVN commit 959239.
  • KMultiPart: fix various bugs affecting server-push (e.g. webcams). Fixes bug 123614. See SVN commits 951041 and 951134.
  • Fix an infinite loop in bidiNext on some websites. Fixes bugs 188830 and 189161. See SVN commit 951343.
  • Fix a crash in some cases of a removed continuation. Fixes bugs 189121 and 187938. See SVN commit 951351.
  • Fix @charset handling. See SVN commit 961360.
  • Fix an uninitialized memory read in @charset CSS DOM construction. See SVN commit 961358.
  • Fix a CSS parser crash. Fixes bug 167318. See SVN commit 948352.
  • Fix framesets nested in iframe not being displayed. See SVN commit 948444.
  • Don't crash when attempting attribute value normalization during removeAttribute. Fixes bug 188061. See SVN commit 955821.
  • Fix wheel events in subframes not being forwarded to widgets when the root view has a scroll offset. See SVN commit 948351.
  • Don't transfer focus on a cancelled mousedown. Fixes bugs 190255 and 190142. See SVN commit 958236.
  • Fix a linebreaking bug. Fixes bug 49441. See SVN commit 948353.
  • Make sure popup delay of web tooltips is constant. See SVN commit 948348.
  • Recalculate dirty table grid if needed before using it in adjacent cell accessors. See SVN commit 948254.
  • Make sure to add doctypes from the XML parser to the DOM. See SVN commit 958920.
  • Fix missing mapping of 'Insert' key code. See SVN commit 141523.


  • Don't loop if we get no auth request (that we understand) together with a 401/407 status code. Fixes bug 187753. See SVN commit 950465.


  • Implement Array.prototype.reduce/reduceRight (part of ECMAScript3.1/5 draft). See SVN commit 959326.
  • Cache and coalesce StringImps for sufficiently short string literals. Cuts heap usage by about 48% on one memory-intensive demo; and is about a 1.11x speed up on string-unpack-code test from SunSpider. See SVN commits 959712 and 959713.
  • Don't walk object literals for declarations; they can't possibly be there, and we may run out of stack space doing this. Fixes bug 190609. See SVN commit 959204.
  • Fix strict aliasing rules violation in dtoa code that caused crashes with gcc-4.4. Fixes bug 189809. See SVN commit 960767.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Improved overall responsiveness
  • Fix a crash due to the context being unexpectedly reset. See SVN commit 946618.
  • Discard whitespaces surrounding the query. See SVN commit 948752.
  • Fix combo box drawing issues. See SVN commit 949359.
  • Fix a crash due to a race condition. See SVN commit 957813.


  • Fix some memory leaks. See SVN commit 951675.


  • Fix some memory leaks. See SVN commit 951691.


  • Fix issue with 3d screensavers using only a quarter of the screen. Fixes bug 66492. See SVN commit 948349.


  • Fix wrong default value for global cookie policy; simply opening the config dialog would set it to "Ask". See SVN commit 957717.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix loading of saved schemes. Fixes bug 175310. See SVN commit 946587.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not allow starting a game with 0 players. Fixes bug 190413. See SVN commit 958292.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • XPS backend: more stability when concurrently rendering and extracting text. Fixes bug 190336. See SVN commit 957821.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix JuK crash resulting in several bugs. Patch provided by Jiri Palecek. Fixes bug 179776. See SVN commit 960744.
  • Disable useless JuK service menu. See SVN commit 947969.

kdepim [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix deferred recurring alarms being missed when they are deferred to a time earlier than the next due alarm. Fixes bug 183202. See SVN commit 946164.
  • Fix crash at startup if a non-recurring cancel-if-late alarm has been missed. Fixes bug 190952. See SVN commit 961247.
  • Fix speech mode not working when alarm messages are displayed. See SVN commit 955833.
  • Fix KAlarm hanging sometimes while trying to play an audio file. Fixes bug 189682. See SVN commit 959546.
  • Fix crash when KAlarm quits. See SVN commit 935344.


  • Attempt to fix the problem that online IMAP filters would not work at all. Fixes bugs 171061, 174430, 182208 and 186264. See SVN commit 960606.
  • Don't let the KOrganizer reminder daemon restart KMail when KMail quit. Fixes bug 189824. See SVN commit 960718.
  • Fix drag and drop of text in the composer. See SVN commit 945300.
  • In the composer, automatically remove empty recipient lines. Fixes bug 177543. See SVN commit 945861.
  • Fix a randomly occuring crash in the storage layer. See SVN commit 945593.
  • Small improvements in the sieve script editor. See SVN commits 946965, 946977, 947259 and 947403.
  • In the folder selector, also allow jumping to read-only folders. See SVN commit 948764.
  • Show the correct size of messages of an IMAP server, instead of the cached size. Fixes bugs 180945 and 154454. See SVN commits 949286 and 949282.
  • Fix a crash when activating groupware folders. See SVN commit 951803.
  • Remember the docked state when doing session management. Fixes bug 75673. See SVN commits 953503 and 953504.
  • Attempt to fix the bug that templates would randomly become blank. Fixes bug 184307. See SVN commit 953507.
  • Fix a bug that would make it impossible to resize the config dialog to smaller sizes. See SVN commit 953509.
  • Show the unread count of subfolders correctly if the unread column is active. Fixes bug 188643. See SVN commits 957721 and 957723.
  • Make the system tray react on changes to the folder properties like the "act on unread or new mails" setting. See SVN commit 957742.
  • Don't put "file:///" on top of printouts of mails. Fixes bug 137352. See SVN commit 960632.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix setting expiration interval on new keys. Fixes bug 190102. See SVN commit 956301.
  • Fix crash when deleting keys. Fixes bug 189605. See SVN commit 958856.


  • Make Ark faster opening files. See SVN commit 952772.

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