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KDE 4.1.1 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.1.1

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • No longer skip every second match with <replace all> over adjacent matches. Fixes bug 164410. See SVN commit 864017.


  • Improved "smart" placement of text labels in KPlotWidget See SVN commit 852217.


  • Major performance improvements (about 7.6x) in ad filtering code, along with better compatibility. See SVN commit 852593.
  • Significantly speed up re-setting of some CSS properties by bypassing the normal removeProperty call's serialization. About 17% speedup on skeleton animation test 1. See SVN commit 851943.
  • Speed up writes to global variables (the Window object). About a 5% improvement on hosted SunSpider. See SVN commit 846622.
  • Fix multiple problems with link type subcursor (black icon, wrong icon, wrong mask). Fixes bug 167512. See SVN commit 838505.
  • Don't lose clipboard selection on clicks. See SVN commit 829901.
  • Fix a severe memory leak on Google maps and some other websites; one of the causes of assertion failures on exit. Fixes bug 167354. See SVN commits 843323 and 848078.
  • Fix regression in recovery from some invalid HTML which could cause some style elements to be lost. Fixes bugs 166450 and 167717. See SVN commit 839700.
  • Build system fix to properly grant permission to the Java applet runtime when distributions use a custom data directory. Fixes bug 161825. See SVN commit 843224.
  • Advertise DOM2 CSS support in hasFeature to make the rico framework work properly (i.e. not treat us as IE). See SVN commit 851845.
  • Make sure we return completely up-to-date width for images. Fixes freezes with some forum software. Fixes bugs 129307, 169844, 166781 and 165668. See SVN commit 853394.
  • Fix size attribute interpretation for FontSize editing command. See SVN commit 852590.
  • Fix designMode property to be case-insensitive. See SVN commit 852716.
  • Fix key codes in Ctrl+Letter combinations. See SVN commit 852600.
  • Fix crash when caret mode triggering happens when child object creation started but hasn't finished. See SVN commit 853405.
  • Fix Unicode handling in javascript: URIs. See SVN commit 841625.
  • Fix zoom-in shortcut on some keyboard layouts. Fixes bug 154082. See SVN commit 833483.
  • Fix JavaScript debugger preventing Konqueror from exiting properly. Fixes bug 169881. See SVN commit 852920.
  • Fix an infinite loop with textareas. See SVN commit 831072.
  • Fix color serialization in the CSS DOM. Fixes bug 130225. See SVN commit 851859.
  • Make more properties of Window writeable (nasaimages.org) Fixes bugs 168127 and 166099. See SVN commit 851496.
  • Fix events getting dispatched on disabled form elements. See SVN commit 846733.
  • Fix palette of disabled buttons. See SVN commit 846733.
  • Don't let disabled/read only form elements be focused. Fixes bug 159682. See SVN commit 851099.
  • Fix crash in DOMParser when given invalid XML. Fixes bug 169727. See SVN commit 851964.
  • Cancel any pending redirections on form submit. Fixes bug 159932. See SVN commit 851523.
  • Fix trailing - in parsed comments. See SVN commits 846699 and 851443.
  • Don't drop <head> elements in some cases of HTML parsing recovery. See SVN commit 852471.
  • Improve compatibility of parsing of invalid mimetypes. (monosit.ro) Fixes bug 169523. See SVN commit 850949.
  • Fix handling of auto in clip:rect(...). Fixes bug 166830. See SVN commit 846526.
  • Properly detect invalid keyword use for background-position: Fixes bug 169612. See SVN commit 851859.
  • Add infrastructure for normalization of attributes on parsing, and use it to fix handling of border="00" on tables. Fixes bug 167567. See SVN commit 843791.
  • Make window.frames an alias of window for compatibility. Fixes bugs 168017 and 164348. See SVN commit 851476.
  • Properly handle text-overflow and box-sizing in getComputedStyle. Fixes bugs 168094 and 169617. See SVN commits 841089, 841092 and 853417.
  • Fix crash leaving a page with a blocked popup in a subframe. Fixes bug 167514. See SVN commit 838712.
  • Fix crash on accessing some body properties via Document in early scripts (affects metanet.ucm.es) Fixes bug 166944. See SVN commit 834328.
  • Fix sourceIndex. See SVN commit 852517.
  • Don't create browser-specific actions (e.g. Ctrl+V view source) when used as a widget in applications. See SVN commit 833343.
  • Make sure the DOM constructors have proper prototypes set. Fix valueOf/toString on window to be DontEnum. See SVN commit 851489.
  • Don't let the fact that collections are calleable for compatibility influence their typeof. Fixes bug 139981. See SVN commit 846672.


  • Respect the work path when running applications specified by desktop files in Konsole. Fixes bug 162183. See SVN commit 845369.


  • Add support for making typeof() of calleable things not be "function" but "object" in KJS, so KHTML can implement IE compatibility quirks without affecting what typeof returns. See SVN commit 846672.
  • Add support for more efficient puts into objects that already have a given property map entry. See SVN commit 846622.
  • Fix iteration context stack mismanagement when break jumps out of for ... in. Fixes explosive memory consumption on www.chron.com stories. Fixes bug 165847. See SVN commit 852579.
  • Various memory leak fixes. See SVN commits 831153, 831160 and 831231.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Prevent that Konqueror crashs if pressing F2 (= Rename) although no items are selected. Fixes bug 168183. See SVN commit 841420.


  • Respect the option (set in Dolphin) to show the Delete command in the folderview context menu. Fixes bug 163701. See SVN commit 844041.
  • Do not refuse to change the background if there is only one file in the slideshow, since it may be changed by an external program. Fixes bug 163209. See SVN commit 843236.
  • Do not change the aspect ratio of the user's image on the Kickoff menu. Fixes bug 164552. See SVN commit 843717.
  • Restore Kickoff size correctly when logging in. Fixes bug 164800. See SVN commit 840757.
  • Fix a Kickoff crash. Fixes bug 167312. See SVN commit 839848.
  • Handle hover events more responsibly in containment and applethandle. Fixes bug 167551. See SVN commit 838890.
  • Respond to desktop file changes in $XDG_DATA_DIRS Fixes bug 167620. See SVN commit 840866.
  • Fix another Kickoff crash. Fixes bug 167688. See SVN commit 840866.
  • Make system tray work with Qt 4.1.1. Fixes bug 168007. See SVN commit 843908.
  • Desktop settings: reset the combobox to the current theme when we reload it upon fetching a new theme. Fixes bug 168312. See SVN commit 842241.
  • Fix rendering issues when scrolling and searching in the Add Widget dialog. Fixes bug 163648. See SVN commit 844945.
  • Improve the random number seeding for the desktop slideshow, so that we don't generate the same sequence on different desktops on fast computers. Fixes bug 166378. See SVN commit 845905.
  • Fix system tray display on the desktop. Fixes bug 166445. See SVN commit 845941.
  • Fix pager display when dragging windows between desktops using KWin's Active Borders feature. Fixes bug 166619. See SVN commit 845986.
  • Prevent the taskbar from taking over the panel when lots of windows are open. Fixes bug 164857. See SVN commit 848942.
  • Better resize handling by following location of drag start in Kickoff Fixes bug 167833. See SVN commit 849032.
  • Show charge percentage on first hover in battery applet. Fixes bug 167556. See SVN commit 849034.
  • Respond to batteries being added and removed in the battery applet. Fixes bug 164660. See SVN commit 850685.
  • Fix problem where the last entry in the system tab of Kickoff was only partially displayed. Fixes bug 163930. See SVN commit 851505.
  • Fix a crash when locking the desktop. Fixes bug 166801. See SVN commit 853477.
  • Fix placement of submenus in the classic application launcher when it is on the right of the screen. Fixes bug 166847. See SVN commit 853529.
  • Fix repainting on the WebContent widget. See SVN commit 849059.
  • Fix translation of the Folder View. See SVN commit 847282.
  • Don't call constraintsUpdated() before init() on an applet, even if an applet creates an event loop in its constructor. See SVN commit 849657.
  • Fix a rare bug when a new applet handle is created before the previous one is destroyed, causing the applet not to follow the handle when moved or fail to appear. See SVN commit 849835.


  • Display System Settings in Kickoff. Fixes bug 168043. See SVN commit 853141.


  • Fix possible crash when using alt+tab again while coverswitch is closing Fixes bug 170860. See SVN commit 864228.


  • Fix crash when opening a lot of columns and going back very fast by clicking on each breadcrumb of the URL navigator. Fixes bug 164304. See SVN commit 837487.
  • Fixed issue that tooltips are shown on wrong position in combination with a dual screen setup. Fixes bug 167205. See SVN commit 838042.
  • Assure that when closing a tab the correct content is shown. See SVN commit 839878.
  • Respect the "[ ] Show 'Delete' command" setting. Fixes bug 167773. See SVN commit 841475.


  • Add KControl and KInfoCenter modules to the documentation tree. See SVN commit 848396.
  • Search CMake's HTML_INSTALL_DIR for documentation. See SVN commit 830423.
  • Use Oxygen icons, fixed templates. See SVN commit 847675.

kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fixing the order of the glossary. Fixes bug 167785. See SVN commit 841890.
  • In the plotter the atomic number was labled "Atomic mass [u]" which was obviously wrong. See SVN commit 842662.
  • In some languages the glossaries links didn't work. Fixes bug 142047. See SVN commit 842626.
  • Fixing the maximum temperature in the state of matter feature. Until this commit it was lower the the boilingpoint of six elements. Fixes bug 163000. See SVN commit 842612.
  • The State of Matter temperature could not be set correctly when the temperature is not given in Kelvin. Fixes bug 165757. See SVN commit 841965.
  • The range of the temperature was not set correctly when the user switched the unit. For example it was not possible to enter negative values for degrees celsius. See SVN commit 841965.
  • Improve the layout of the timeline widget. See SVN commit 841971.


  • Fix Honduras not working on World map. Fixes bug 167916. See SVN commit 840740.


  • Do not crash when opening a coordinate input dialog. Fixes bug 168438. See SVN commit 842633.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix drawing of placed marks. Fixes bug 160419. See SVN commit 853591.


  • Hide information messages when starting a new game. Fixes bug 168759. See SVN commit 848848.
  • Make kmines playable with independent right and left mouse buttons. Fixes bug 168009. See SVN commit 848848.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • When internally saving the text of form fields, be sure to not implicitely use different encodings. See SVN commit 839567.
  • PDF backend: fix crash when asking for the print preview. Fixes bug 167734. See SVN commit 839617.
  • PDF backend: correctly update the paper color setting in all the cases. See SVN commit 841348.
  • Do not activate the "speak" actions when no document is open. Fixes bug 168310. See SVN commit 841925.
  • Save the internal information of compressed documents with the correct filename. Fixes bug 168068. See SVN commit 842325.
  • DjVu backend: workaround a rare crash in DjVuLibre (fixed there already). Fixes bug 168030. See SVN commit 842847.
  • Be sure to always seek to the right page. Fixes bug 165809. See SVN commit 844887.
  • PDF backend: close the PostScript file before sending it to print, so nothing of it is lost. Fixes bug 160860. See SVN commit 849951.
  • CHM backend: correctly handle relative URLs in hyperlinks. Fixes bug 169001. See SVN commit 850146.


  • Reload was broken. See SVN commit 829983.
  • Do not show multiple entries for metadata key which are not unique. Fixes bug 164921. See SVN commit 832696.
  • Make sure the text of the thumbnail tooltip appears exactly over the thumbnail text. See SVN commit 832701.
  • Fix handling of images coming from web servers which do not supply the correct mimetype. Fixes bug 165068. See SVN commit 832985.
  • Make sure "save" actions are enabled correctly when viewing images from remote locations. Fixes bug 164121. See SVN commit 833896.
  • Show a maximum zoom value of 1600%, not 1599%. See SVN commit 833898.
  • Fix case where zoom slider was not set to the minimum value when zoom-to-fit was enabled. See SVN commit 835630.
  • Make sure the image background is updated even when there is no valid document to display. Fixes bug 161846. See SVN commit 835621.
  • Fix crash when reloading. Fixes bug 167096. See SVN commit 835634.
  • Fix cropping of images shown at less than 50%. See SVN commit 837135.
  • Fix association with JPEG2000 images. See SVN commit 839381.
  • Fix crash which could occur when enabling the thumbnail bar. Fixes bug 168838. See SVN commit 845348.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add video/ogg mimetype, making Dragon Player properly associated with .ogv files. See SVN commit 843708.


  • Don't search for covers in files just because they are shown in the listview. See SVN commit 851611.
  • Fix crash on JuK shutdown caused by removing playlists with observers still attached. See SVN commit 846740.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Improve sorting of menu actions. Fixes bug 167115. See SVN commit 836157.
  • Fix crash in some cases when download got deleted with open details. See SVN commit 837850.


  • Fix sending '=' char in some environments (VNC). Fixes bug 166542. See SVN commit 834032.
  • Fix URLs in bookmark widget. Fixes bug 166842. See SVN commit 834047.
  • Fix 'Open (bookmark) folder in tabs' action. Fixes bug 167117. See SVN commit 836205.
  • Show tooltips in remote desktop dock widget (useful when there is to few place to display full text). Fixes bug 167638. See SVN commit 839325.
  • Correctely respect key modifiers in VNC. Fixes bug 162865. See SVN commit 841061.
  • Fixes situations were the Alt key is not released (VNC). Fixes bug 168015. See SVN commit 843075.
  • Fix handling of shift+tab (VNC). See SVN commit 847819.
  • Fix some fullscreen toolbar issues. Fixes bug 168932. See SVN commit 847821.
  • Improve artificats issue in scaled mode a lot (VNC). Fixes bug 168880. See SVN commit 847958.
  • Send correct mouse wheel events when scaling is enabled (VNC). See SVN commit 847963.

kdepimlibs [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Don't confuse NTML with GSSAPI. Fixes bug 169308. See SVN commit 851239.
  • Fix the "Continue Sending" button not working in KMail when there are muliple mails in the outbox and the first one can not be sent. See SVN commit 851238.
  • Speed up rendering of messages in the KMail's reader window a bit. See SVN commit 841029.
  • Don't crash when parsing a v-card with bad geo coordinates. See SVN commit 836068.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make sending article from article menu to work. Fixes bug 130949. See SVN commit 850555.
  • Handle javascript self.close() calls to close the tab (used in KDE-look.org's screenshot pages for example). Fixes bug 110308. See SVN commit 850556.
  • Various memory leaks fixed at least partially. Fixes bug 164334. See SVN commit 850557.
  • Allow disabling the introduction page. See SVN commit 850564.
  • Set Ok button as a default for feed's properties dialog. Fixes bug 164267. See SVN commit 850567.
  • Follow Konqueror's close tab button style. See SVN commit 850663.
  • Fetch the favicons at startup when "Fetch feeds on startup" is not used. See SVN commit 850676.
  • Avoid opening multiple tabs when cliking on a link which opens a tab. See SVN commit 851002.


  • Quit the Kontact process when closing the mainwindow. Fixes bug 166367. See SVN commit 831851.
  • Give the tip of the day window focus when starting. Fixes bug 169317. See SVN commit 851211.


  • The setting "Exchange compatible invitation naming" was not loaded correctly into the configuration dialog. Fixes bug 169921. See SVN commit 853314.
  • Don't crash when viewing IMAP attachments through the message structure viewer Fixes bug 136145. See SVN commit 851216.
  • Display a progress bar when checking the server capabilites. See SVN commit 846413.
  • Center the current message when selecting multiple messages with Shift+Left/Right. See SVN commit 847622.
  • Fix some messages being blank when displayed, and being undeletable. Fixes bug 149715. See SVN commit 842189.
  • Pasting formatted text in the composer would be pasted with formatting in plain-text mode. Fixes bug 163392. See SVN commit 841028.
  • The cancel button when showing a warning after leaving the identity dialog would not work. Fixes bug 168016. See SVN commit 841027.
  • It was not possible to change the default path for a maildir account. Fixes bug 167845. See SVN commit 841024.
  • Fix spellcheck language not being correctly set for some languages. Fixes bug 166141. See SVN commit 841023.
  • When using signatures that are appended, put the cursor initally in front of the signature. Fixes bug 167961. See SVN commit 840695.
  • Don't show an incorrect error message when trying to delete a folder hierachy. See SVN commit 840283.
  • Don't crash when running the anti-spam wizard and spam filter rules exist already. Fixes bug 166477. See SVN commit 840343.
  • What's this help for IMAP accounts would appear in the wrong place. Fixes bug 167715. See SVN commit 839579.
  • Leaving the configure dialog would sometimes crash KMail. Fixes bug 163228. See SVN commit 837902.
  • Using precommands would sometimes crash KMail. Fixes bug 165453. See SVN commit 837905.
  • Don't hide the message structure viewer when leaving the configure dialog. See SVN commit 837904.
  • Fix new message template not being used when running inside Kontact. See SVN commit 837908.
  • Make IMAP resources work again. Fixes bug 165841. See SVN commit 837368.
  • Don't ignore a change in the header style when printing. Fixes bug 153669. See SVN commit 830993.
  • Fix "leave on server only the last x messages" and "leave on server only the last x MB" not working when "leave on server for x days" is not checked for POP3 accounts. Fixes bug 151308. See SVN commit 834291.
  • Avoid crashing on shutdown on IMAP. See SVN commit 835461.
  • Don't crash when checking mail and the POP filter dialog is not shown because all POP filters already match. Fixes bug 167008. See SVN commit 835319.
  • Handle drops of mailto Urls into the composer correctly. Fixes bug 164328. See SVN commit 836075.
  • Filtering with a Google Mail account would sometimes stop. Fixes bug 166150. See SVN commit 836580.
  • Fix crash when pressing Delete while viewing a single message part. See SVN commit 851222.
  • The composer would quit when cancelling the "really close" dialog. Fixes bug 166242. See SVN commit 830534.


  • In the alarm edit dialog, show the current alarm message colors in the alarm text entry fields instead of a sample text. See SVN commit 845900.
  • Set the KDE sound files directory as the default for picking sound files. See SVN commit 842198.
  • In the alarm edit dialog, show a background color selector for file display alarms. See SVN commit 852545.
  • Fix the formatting of file display alarms for non-HTML text files. See SVN commit 853545.
  • Fix a crash when the birthday dialog is opened more than once. See SVN commit 847577.
  • Prevent quitting when the main window is closed but the system tray icon is visible. See SVN commit 853510.


  • Start as gui application if called with the parameters -caption whatever. This affects the default ktimetracker icon. Fixes bug 168202. See SVN commit 864322.

kdeutils [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix logging of file encryption errors. See SVN commit 842166.
  • Fix some object livetime issues that might cause crashes. See SVN commits 842191, 842744, 844409 and 844528.
  • Show key generation window after wizard if there is no secret key and not if there is one. Fixes bug 167959. See SVN commit 842701.
  • Reorder key trust values so newly imported keys are not hidden by default. Fixes bugs 167651, 167652, 168279, 168374 and 168389. See SVN commit 844104.
  • Hide key groups if "show only secret keys" is selected. See SVN commit 844371.
  • If setting the default keyserver as default do not duplicate the default marker. See SVN commit 845454.


  • Reverting a replace operation sometimes placed the end of the removed data at the begin of it. See SVN commit 835986.
  • All inserts, like from clipboard or tools, in overwrite mode did not place the cursor at the end of the inserted data. See SVN commit 839627.
  • When undoing and then discarding operations by continuing with other operations, the memory used for them was not freed. See SVN commit 840118.
  • Removing data which was internally at the end of a piece has filled garbage in the undo data. See SVN commit 840175.
  • Overwriting in value column starts with wrong shadow number of inserted digits. See SVN commit 840212.
  • Undo of some operations did not work correctly. See SVN commit 840269.


  • Adding files for rar plugin See SVN commit 844294.
  • Trying to attempt mimetype by looking at file contents See SVN commit 847739.
  • Ark will open archives dropped upon it See SVN commit 847692.
  • Zip files handle international filenames correctly Fixes bug 162362. See SVN commit 847723.
  • Correctly preserving dates for tar.gz/tar.bz2 formats Fixes bug 168020. See SVN commit 848127.
  • Selecting "all files" when files were selected had no effect. Fixes bug 155220. See SVN commit 849401.
  • Selecting of files now works with single click Fixes bug 168042. See SVN commit 841303.
  • Zip files extract properly when selecting files Fixes bug 166986. See SVN commit 842549.
  • Ark starts with collapser directory tree Fixes bug 168414. See SVN commit 842856.
  • Zip archives show the wrong file size Fixes bug 167018. See SVN commit 842913.

kdeaccessibility [ all SVN changes ]


  • Use icon for kttsmgr. See SVN commit 833697.

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