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KDE 4.1.4 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.1.4

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix corruption of URLs with Chinese characters. See SVN commit 906060.
  • Allow desktop files that define both an application and a library, like cervisia.desktop, for compatibility. Better separate them for the future though. Fixes bug 178603. See SVN commit 906293.


  • Fix item not disappearing from the filemanager when renaming to a name that starts with a dot (hidden file). Fixes bug 164974. See SVN commit 889593.
  • Fix infinite recursion and crash when the slot connected to newItems calls openUrl, like ktorrent's scanfolder plugin does. Fixes bug 174920. See SVN commit 889717.
  • Fix crash in the "rename dialog" when resuming an aborted download. Fixes bug 135395. See SVN commit 889786.
  • Fix toggling of hidden files on and off. Fixes bug 174788.
  • Fix drag-n-drop from desktop icons into KDE3 applications. Fixes bugs 175910 and 179921. See SVN commit 890187.
  • Fix crash when typing '*' in a file manager's treeview. Fixes bug 176555. See SVN commit 891650.


  • Don't reload the current directory when selecting a file in the file dialog (which could even crash if the file got deleted externally). Fixes bug 173454. See SVN commit 890379.


  • Backport API additions so that the webarchiver plugin from extragear can compile against kdelibs-4.1.4. See SVN commit 906618.
  • Many other bugfixes, too many to be listed here.


  • Fix changes in filetype-application associations (adding or removing applications) not working (it would appear like it wasn't saved). Fixes bugs 164584 and 178560. See SVN commit 901205.
  • Fix for user-created desktop files (for instance by typing a command in the "open with" dialog) not being usable on some distributions (depending on the vfolder setup). Fixes bug 178561. See SVN commit 901693.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Amarok support in the Now Playing data engine. Fixes bug 174044. See SVN commit 879159.


  • Fix kioexec not asking to upload anymore, after making changes to a remote file with a non-kio-enabled application. See SVN commit 882355.


  • Many improvements in the automatic cleaning up of backtraces, to remove "(no debugging symbols found)" lines for instance. See SVN commit 889778.

libkonq (used by dolphin and konqueror)

  • Fix duplicate entries in the recent folder list of the Copy To / Move To submenus. Fixes bug 177858. See SVN commit 897799.


  • Fix error message from kfind when doing "Find" on remote directories. Fixes bug 169473. See SVN commit 899045.


  • Fix crash when adding an application and the list shows "None" translated. Fixes bug 168934. See SVN commit 900427.
  • Prevent nspluginscan from generating mimetypes with a leading newline character. The actual bug is in mplayerplug-in.so though, which doesn't implement NP_GetMIMEDescription properly. Fixes bug 178562. See SVN commit 901203.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • VIM-like HJKL navigation in the content view. Fixes bug 174647. See SVN commit 890790.
  • Printing improvements, including duplex printing and margins. See SVN commit 896270.
  • Print to File for PDF, DVI, and DjVu documents. See SVN commit 897005.
  • Comicbook backend: corrently identify CBR documents with .cbz extension, and the other way round. Fixes bug 174701. See SVN commits 882007 and 898355.
  • PDF backend: make sure to print with the correct paper size. See SVN commit 885277.
  • TIFF backend: scale down an image if it does fit into its page. Fixes bug 174447. See SVN commit 890789.
  • Fix text search not find occurrences in 1-page documents. See SVN commit 890801.
  • Hopefully fix the endless scrollbar resizing loop. Fixes bug 160628. See SVN commit 894428.
  • Correctly toggle the "Show Menubar" menu action at startup. See SVN commits 894124 and 898743.
  • Postscript backend: support gz- and bz2- compressed .eps documents. Fixes bug 177516. See SVN commit 896221.
  • Fix annotations moving for documents with a non-zero orientation. Fixes bug 177598. See SVN commit 898293.
  • Comicbook backend: recursively scan for images in CBZ archives. Fixes bug 178029. See SVN commit 899137.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Distinguish disabled from enabled alarm colour when highlighted in alarm list. Fixes bug 177798. See SVN commit 897759.
  • Fix toolbar settings being lost. See SVN commit 892193.
  • Ensure alarm windows show on top of full-screen windows. Fixes bug 168962. See SVN commit 902298.
  • Fix failure to update alarms in KOrganizer when Kontact is running but Kontact's calendar component is not loaded. Fixes bug 176759. See SVN commits 893626 and 895458.
  • Fix invalid alarm remaining in calendar when pre-alarm action failure message is acknowledged before the alarm is deferred. See SVN commit 906260.
  • Fix click on system tray icon not showing main window if 'Show in system tray' configuration setting deselected. See SVN commit 897380.


  • Correctly recoginze the mimetype of attachments sent with KDE3. See SVN commit 880534.
  • Fix potential mail loss when rebuilding the disconnected IMAP cache. See SVN commit 883016.
  • Probably fix the problem with duplicated mails when using online IMAP with spam filtering. Fixes bug 95064. See SVN commit 883868.
  • Don't show shortcuts for filters and folders in the shortcut dialog, since editing the shortcuts there doesn't work. See SVN commit 883869.
  • Make adding subfolders in the folder selector dialog work again. See SVN commit 883871.
  • Unify the look between receiving and sending accounts a bit. See SVN commits 883874 and 883876.
  • Fix mail loss when using POP3 with spam filtering and the /tmp partition gets full. See SVN commit 884326.
  • Don't show the add to addressbook button when a contact is already in the addressbook. Fixes bug 174332. See SVN commit 890865.
  • Fix crash when the template quote indicator does not end with an underscore. Fixes bug 174268. See SVN commit 890868.
  • Don't use deprecated spamassassin flags anymore. Fixes bug 140032. See SVN commit 890872.
  • Fix possible crash when parsing the procmail file. Fixes bug 173964. See SVN commit 890876.
  • Fix several encoding issues when inserting or attaching a file. Fixes bugs 88781 and 64815. See SVN commits 890879, 890882 and 890890.
  • Make the questionbox that appears when not all characters in the composer are supported by the current encoding work correctly. Fixes bugs 149309 and 145163. See SVN commit 890881.
  • Fix a crash when calling a D-Bus method with an incorrect parameter. See SVN commit 890891.
  • Make the open in addressbook button work again. See SVN commit 893933.
  • Fix a crash when using filters with online IMAP. See SVN commit 895059.
  • Fix the GPG key selector dialog not finishing the search for the keys. Fixes bug 169563. See SVN commit 895194.
  • Fix crash when finishing the account wizard. Fixes bug 174992. See SVN commit 890863.
  • Fix crashing in templates when using the DNL code in certain conditions. Fixes bug 178038. See SVN commit 899969.
  • Correctly apply the forward template when inline-forwarding messages with attachments. Fixes bugs 178128 and 146921. See SVN commits 899972 and 900344.
  • Don't allow attachment deletion/editing in read-only folders. See SVN commit 899974.
  • Fix crash when clicking on one of the invitation action links. See SVN commit 899975.
  • Fix a crash with disconnected IMAP when syncing flags from a server while we have a search folder that has a search rule which needs the complete body. Fixes bug 106030. See SVN commit 904948.
  • Also detect messages with X-Priority == 1 as urgent. See SVN commit 904951.
  • Don't freeze when editing an outgoing account in certain situations. Fixes bug 170728. See SVN commit 905542.


  • Fix the display of the number of unread mails in the summary. Fixes bug 174304. See SVN commit 883877.
  • Fix crash when opening the settings dialog. Fixes bug 174707. See SVN commit 890871.
  • Don't create duplicate calendar resources in certain circumstances. Fixes bug 140041. See SVN commit 904955.

kdeutils [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not delete text in editor if passphrase dialog is canceled. See SVN commit 884986.
  • Don't ask to save an empty text in editor. Fixes bug 173405. See SVN commit 891312.
  • Save sort column and order of keymanager window. See SVN commit 892292.
  • Make search the default action in keyserver dialog instead of close. Fixes bug 179322. See SVN commit 906027.

kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make tab order in Location Dialog more intuitive See SVN commit 906243.
  • Fix localization issues with FOV size in the FOV Editor See SVN commits 906161 and 906170.
  • Localize Information link / Image link titles in the Detail dialog See SVN commit 906173.

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