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KDE 4.1.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.1.2

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • "Fit to width" is the default zoom level now. See SVN commit 859446.
  • TIFF backend: correctly consider the document orientation. See SVN commit 855847.
  • Comicbook backend: use the right size for the images. Fixes bug 169592. See SVN commit 855908.


  • Make sure thumbnails are generated when we come back from view mode. Fixes bug 169393. See SVN commit 853937.
  • Avoid crash which could occur when trying to generate a thumbnail for an image whose mtime is unix epoch (1970.01.01). See SVN commit 856940.

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Introduce some heavy hacks to avoid QWidget::scroll's performance bug on unpatched Qt. Fixes bug 167739. See SVN commit 864470.
  • CSS parser: improve color parsing. Gives a ~3.5% speedup on the first skeleton benchmark. See SVN commit 855025.
  • Do not inappropriately force creation of debugger core when dispatching events, which could prevent Konqueror from exiting. See SVN commit 854183.
  • Make "stop animations" work again in Konqueror. Fixes bug 157789. See SVN commit 862491.
  • Fix problems in painting of form widget backgrounds w/NVidia drivers. See SVN commit 861089.
  • Fix hover of listviews. See SVN commit 861920.
  • Simplify and guard the smoothscroll algoritm a little, fixing occasional misbehavior. Fixes bug 166870. See SVN commit 861073.
  • Use proper parsing mode for inline CSS. See SVN commit 864157.
  • Fix crash with negative z-index iframes. Fixes bug 169447. See SVN commit 855360.
  • Fix crash in some cases of extending of a selection. Fixes bug 167239. See SVN commit 855359.
  • Use higher quality IDCT mode for JPEG decoding to avoid artifacts. Fixes bug 169820. See SVN commit 854967.
  • Fix offsetTop/Left/Parent properties to be more in conformance with draft CSSOM View module specification. Fixes bugs 170091 and 170055. See SVN commit 864536.
  • Fix background of the popup of a <select> form widget when the widget is transparent. Fixes bug 170398. See SVN commit 861070.
  • Relax strict mode HTML DTD somewhat for better parsing compatibility. Fixes bug 170650. See SVN commit 861054.
  • Change update/repaint machinery to avoid a crash. Fixes bug 171170. See SVN commit 864155.
  • Compute proper getPropertyValue for the 'border' shorthand. See SVN commit 861083.
  • Properly compute width of containing block of inline elements as per CSS 2.1 - Fixes bug 170095. See SVN commit 855365.
  • Consider the real root background box when computing some background properties - not the one that is extended on the whole canvas. Fixes bug 169608. See SVN commit 855524.
  • Most engines now support 'position: fixed' on body even in quirk mode, so match for better compatibility. See SVN commit 864535.
  • Ignore base URL when submitting forms with empty 'action'. See SVN commit 864156.
  • Fix the contains/begins/ends attribute selectors to not match at all when their associated expression is empty. See SVN commit 861068.
  • Add missing compatibility bit: <table border=NaN> translates to <table border=1> See SVN commit 855364.
  • Properly repaint cell borders when the table border setting is changed. Fixes bug 167567. See SVN commit 861066.
  • Fix explicit inheritance of initial border colors. Fixes bug 170089. See SVN commit 861067.
  • Submit button with an empty-but-not-null 'value' attribute must not display the default button text. See SVN commits 861085, 861086 and 861080.
  • Do not expand tabs in script sources. Fixes bug 115325. See SVN commit 860109.
  • Do not crash if onscroll handlers on a marquee detach its renderer. Fixes bug 170880. See SVN commit 860095.
  • Do not bubble the scroll event. See SVN commit 864159.
  • Add ecma binding for de facto standard onscroll event handler for Node's. See SVN commit 861081.
  • Fix reversed logic in the START_TO_END and END_TO_START cased of DOM2 Range compareBoundaryPoints. See SVN commit 864153.
  • CSS parser: Do proper error handling inside @media blocks. Fixes bug 169629. See SVN commit 855361.
  • CSS parser: Properly accept url(). See SVN commit 861069.
  • CSS parser: properly distinguish hex colors and #ident. Fixes bug 170068. See SVN commit 861065.
  • CSS parser: Fix a regression in background: shorthand parsing when only one background-position keyword was specified, and in an non-canonical place. Fixes bug 170755. See SVN commit 859305.
  • CSS parser: Do not attempt to recover incorrectly written hexadecimal colours when the CSS parser is in strict mode. Fixes bug 132581. See SVN commit 864158.


  • Improve header parsing so we don't incorrectly ignore Content-Encoding in some cases (idealista.com). Fixes bug 169556. See SVN commit 860101.


  • Pass the user's locale to HAL when using the ntfs-3g driver. See SVN commit 864120.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Prevent crash if you delete all associations and then add a new one in file association settings. Fixes bug 171395. See SVN commit 863180.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Gadu-Gadu crashes. Fixes bug 166465. See SVN commit 856462.
  • Ignore empty or whitespace-only formulas. Fixes bug 170280. See SVN commit 857035.
  • Update emoticon preview label when current emoticon is changed. Fixes bug 166385. See SVN commit 857736.
  • Fix crash when unavailable ICQ encoding was selected. Fixes bug 169235. See SVN commit 858262.
  • Fix crash when Yahoo account is logged in somewhere else. Fixes bug 162090. See SVN commit 859537.
  • Fix crash on exit if incomplete ICQ account creation was performed. Fixes bug 171231. See SVN commit 862404.
  • Improve text copying from chat window. See SVN commit 863312.
  • Fix crash at the end of file transfers. Fixes bug 162760. See SVN commit 863634.


  • Improve stability of VNC support. See SVN commit 854129.
  • Fix handling of tab key. Fixes bug 167055. See SVN commit 856424.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Replace color combo boxes by standard KDE color picker buttons. See SVN commit 857916.
  • Make text in edit alarm dialog show the correct foreground color when the foreground color is changed. See SVN commit 858152.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Workaround Qt issue to support unbreakable spaces (except for clipboard operations), alt+space inserts them. Fixes bug 162016. See SVN commit 860659.

kdeutils [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix some object livetime issues that might cause crashes. See SVN commit 847997.
  • Fix crash when signing keys. Fixes bug 169111. See SVN commit 848099.
  • Fix decryption of text that is signed and decrypted at the same time. See SVN commit 849630.
  • Make loading of photo ids work on Windows. See SVN commits 856457 and 856596.
  • Do not reset filename after encrypt/decrypt operation in editor. Fixes bug 168703. See SVN commit 861760.
  • Fix crash if gpg process for key generation exits before "generating key" message is shown. See SVN commit 861761.

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