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KDE 4.0.2 Changelog

Changes in KDE 4.0.2

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fixed collapsing of blocks in diff files See SVN commit 774630.


  • Make shortcut texts appear correctly translated. See SVN commit 771719.
  • Fix position of gray help text in lineedits for Oxygen style. See SVN commit 777102.


  • Fix a regression in <object><embed> handling. See SVN commit 769142.
  • Fix a crash on ignoring requests on FaceBook. See SVN commit 769142.
  • Fix a crash on some file open/save dialogs. See SVN commit 769717.
  • Properly handle getter properties on window and document object. See SVN commit 770515.
  • Fix repainting problems. Fixes bug 155820. See SVN commit 771204.
  • Fixes wrong scrollbar position on reload, and properly restore previous offset. See SVN commit 773799.
  • Fix crash on querying of language in some incomplete or malformed documents. See SVN commit 774007.
  • Restore NodeIterator state when a NodeFilter throws an exception (Acid3). See SVN commit 775754.
  • Accept more HTML4 non-compliant documents (Acid3). See SVN commit 770410.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


  • Add session switching. See SVN commit 770869.


  • Option to show only task of the current desktop in the taskbar. See SVN commit 775714.
  • Open toolbox when the dashboard view starts (to show the user a way how to "Hide Dashboard" again). See SVN commit 775811.
  • Taskbar: Use severals rows if there is too much items to fit in one row. Fixes bug 155974. See SVN commit 775713.
  • Enable dragging from desktop to panel. See SVN commit 774995.
  • Toolbox improvements. See SVN commit 759670.
  • Remove background from the list when it is deleted on disk. Fixes bug 155302. See SVN commit 771662.
  • Do not crash when previewing very small backgrounds. Fixes bug 157133. See SVN commit 770406.
  • Fix corrupted taskbar icons for some applications. Fixes bug 153637. See SVN commit 778194.
  • Animate background changes. See SVN commit 775845.
  • React to color theme changes. See SVN commit 775796.
  • Add an "Add Widgets" context action. See SVN commit 775793.
  • Let's configure also the panel location (vertical panels are great). See SVN commit 775790.
  • Added option to be able to change the size (aka height) of the panel. See SVN commit 775785.
  • Use taskbar setting for font in the taskbar. Makes resizable panels work even better. See SVN commit 775732.
  • Added option to be able to change the size (aka height) of the panel. See SVN commit 775785.
  • Fix wrong wrapped texts in task list. See SVN commit 775731.
  • Fix crash in taskbar. Fixes bug 156424. See SVN commit 775724.
  • Make Plasma's pager applet use kcolorscheme and the font from the taskbar. Also make Plasma's colorscheme use colors from the Oxygen palette. See SVN commit 775021.
  • Fix colorscheme usage in taskbar. Fixes bug 157074. See SVN commit 775020.
  • Don't translate Url config key . Fixes bug 155241. See SVN commit 774783.
  • Remove background from the list when it is deleted on disk. See SVN commit 771667.
  • Fix crash on closing applets.. Fixes bug 157617. See SVN commit 774993.
  • Fixes for moving applets behind windows, making them disappear properly. See SVN commit 759669.
  • Fix context menus on applets that are also containments. See SVN commit 758530.
  • Backport the fix to rotating applets - the handles now perform as expected on rotated applets. See SVN commit 758499.
  • Backport another fix to prevent jumping applets on resize, this time when the handle disappears. See SVN commit 758490.


  • Set the threadpool according to the number of processors on the system.. See SVN commit 776100.
  • Better sort ordering. See SVN commit 776101.


  • Hitting <Enter> key opens all selected instead of just one of them. See SVN commit 777696.


  • Pass accented characters correctly to the search engines. Fixes bug 157108. See SVN commit 773823.


  • Don't paint in compositing mode windows that have been hidden by KWin itself (utility windows). See SVN commit 778354.
  • Fix taskbar tooltips not updating window preview. Fixes bug 157816. See SVN commit 778721.

kdeedu [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Make Detailed Graphical Overview maintain images' aspect ratio. Fixes bug 157359.


  • Make all the triangles of the Union Jack flag of Manitoba should be blue. Fixes bug 157206. See SVN commit 771745.
  • Make all Canada islands in Hudson belong to Nunavut. Fixes bug 157206. See SVN commit 771753.


  • Wrong shortcuts for Replay Sound and Show Menubar. See SVN commit 774923.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


  • Backend development: add a version.h header, install a FindOkular cmake check.
  • Do not crash when there are pixmap being generated and the document is closed. See SVN commit 769283.
  • Update the bookmark menu after editing an item of the current document. Fixes bug 157189. See SVN commit 771341.
  • Small form field fixes. See SVN commits 773441 and 774014.
  • Show tooltips for the bookmarks. Fixes bug 158219. See SVN commit 779637.
  • DVI backend: do not crash when closing. Fixes bug 155317. See SVN commit 779800.

kdegames [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix game crash on new game when hint is shown. Fixes bug 158111.


  • Added support for themeable border that will be painted around the game field.


  • Fix setting enemy to computer doesn't work instantly. Fixes bug 157528.


  • Fix statusbar handling so that start text fits. See SVN commit 771725.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Duplicate feed entries in configuration dialog. Fixes bug 157948. See SVN commit 776344.


  • Fix position problem of drop-target (for example with fullscreen-applications). Fixes bug 156075. See SVN commit 768380.
  • Optimize transfer list. Fixes painting problem of groups in Oxygen style. See SVN commit 779996.


  • Fix crash when deleting contact with open chat window. Fixes bug 157102. See SVN commit 769942.
  • Correctly update actions in context menu of meta contacts. See SVN commit 773224.
  • New lines are not shown in chat window on outgoing messages. Fixes bug 158147. See SVN commit 773353.
  • Click on system tray with message notification also minimizes contact list. Fixes bug 157663. See SVN commit 773817.
  • Fix crash when adding invalid avatar. Fixes bug 157683. See SVN commit 773836.
  • MSN contact pictures and custom emoticons are not displayed. Fixes bug 154972. See SVN commit 775454.
  • Save settings from account preferences tab. See SVN commit 775294.
  • Fix text wrapping in chat window and history window. Fixes bug 157739. See SVN commit 776364.
  • Fix to make msn reads the real account config See SVN commit 776912.
  • Fix outgoing file transfer with official msn client Fixes bug 155194. See SVN commit 777586.
  • Fix overlay icons in icons that don't have 32px size. See SVN commit 778828.
  • Fix crash when connecting to msn with HTTP method Fixes bug 153630. See SVN commit 778945.
  • Fix message handling See SVN commit 780917.
  • Don't include unneeded <p> tags in messages Fixes bug 155216. See SVN commit 765910.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix kate -u not working correctly when there's no kate running. See SVN commit 772759.
  • The filesystem broswer will always start in detailed view mode, no matter if you saved session with simple view. fixed. See SVN commit 775455.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix Square Root button text is black even in dark themes. Fixes bug 155275. See SVN commit 770545.


  • Make translations appear correctly. See SVN commit 773876.

l10n-kde4 [ all SVN changes ]


  • Farsi has been added to KDE translations.
  • Icelandic has been added to KDE translations.

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