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KDE 3.5 to KDE 3.5.1 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible the additions and corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.5 and 3.5.1 releases. Nevertheless it should be considered as incomplete.

arts [all SVN changes]

kdelibs [all SVN changes]

  • Improved performance under some conditions on the networking classes.
  • (KIO-slave http): Work around Apache2 DAV module's insistence on trailing slashes at the end of requests on directories.(Bug #119066)
  • (KIO-slave kfile): enabling of the normal permission dialog takes effect only after closing after doing changes on acl (Bug #119841)
  • (KIO-slave kfile): problems with changing permissions in the mask entry (Bug #119366)
  • KDirWatch: KDirWatch stopDirScan affects outside KDirWatch instances also. (Bug #119341)
  • KCrash: Make KCrash more rebust (eg. in malloc()) (See this thread)
  • Mimetype detection: add more "magic" patterns to recognise shell scripts
  • KJS: avoid buffer overflow on decoding utf8 uri sequences. See here
  • Kate
    • Wrong syntax highlighting chosen for filetype (Bug #118705)
    • Clear selection when closing a document. (Bug #118588)
    • Text-files displayed in konqueror are saved with 0 bytes. (Bug #118743)
    • Backspace key does not work when shift key is held (Bug #117662)
    • PicAsm highlighting is missing IORWF, RLF, RRF (Bug #118120)
    • Performance improvements:
      • Add caching for getElementById
      • Much faster appending of options to selects, and clearing of selects
      • Simplify dirty region computation, to speed up cases of lots of small updates
      • Small improvements in efficiency of URL handling in image loader
    • Match other browsers and not the DOM on behavior of getAttribute with non-existent attributes. Fixes reply buttons on Yahoo mail (bug #116413)
    • Hidden field is not sent (Fixing OSNews.com) (bug #116790)
    • Konqueror consumes all memory when printing specific web page (bug #116861)
    • Do not lose server-specified encodings when going back in history (bug #116320)
    • Make behavior of named objects access under document more consistent with other browsers (Part of bug #118890)
    • Various crash fixes (Bug #91004, bug #88306, bug #110036, bug #119734, bug #115680 others)
    • JavaScript debugger more reliable
    • Support window.scrollX, window.scrollY (Bug #117787), .click on anchors (Part of bug #120272)
    • behave sanely for Roman counters > 4000 (bug #119352)
    • Optimize appends and clears to/of selects via explicit APIs. (bug #62785)
    • Set default parameter in KRandomSequence to 0 instead of 1 for randomness if no seed is provided

kdeaccessibility [all SVN changes]

  • Kttsd
    • kttsd freezes when removing a speaking text job on alsa plugin (bug #119753)
    • appendText method ignored and not working (bug #116031)
    • Not loading plugins when desktop language is not ISO-8859-1 (bug #118016)

kdeaddons [all SVN changes]

kdeadmin [all SVN changes]

  • KCron

kdeartwork [all SVN changes]

  • various KWin decorations: Support for titlebar wheel event actions (Bug #117769)

kdebase [all SVN changes]

  • man KIO slave
    • fix processing of URLs in man documents (Bug #117971, fix for wget(1))
    • allow comment lines after a .TP request (Bug #119223, fix for proc(5))
  • Kicker
    • Turning off tooltip doesn't work (bug #117277)
    • Don't crash on logout. (bug #113242)
    • app started by kmail does not show in kicker (bug #119850)
    • Fix incorrect handling of background leading to using significant amount of X resources
  • Konqueror
    • 2 Tools menus when embedding KPDF in Konqueror (bug #118271)
  • KDesktop
    • Fix initializations for desktops >4 when using DCOP calls. (bug #98734)
    • Desktop icons move down at each login due to child panel at top of screen (bug #117868)
  • Konsole
    • Update blue/red icons to be more distinguishable. (#117065)
    • The history options (line #/enabled) are now used in the profiles. (#120046)
  • KWin
    • Incorrectly restored window geometry upon leaving fullscreen mode under certain circumstances (#119509)
    • Fixed infinite loop with CDE-style Alt+Tab (#112737)
    • Keep-above windows are kept even above dock windows (panels) (#118416)
    • Fix kwallet dialog sometimes not getting focus when it should (#75175)

kdebindings [all SVN changes]

kdeedu [all SVN changes]

  • Kalzium
    • (Calculator) Visible userfeedback for invalid input
    • (Calculator) Don't calculate invalid molecules (bug #117774)
    • (Plotting) Fix drawing of single points
    • (Data) Fix the discovery date of Iodine (was 1804, correct is 1811, bug #119430)
    • (Data) About 40 new radii (atomic and covalent) have been added
    • (Data) Some elements densities (only elements > 70) where displayed wrong (g/L instead of g/cm^3)
  • Kig
    • forcing undo/redo actions disabled while constructing (#98106)
    • fix redefining of text labels
  • KStars: NGC 1300 KPNO image link is to an image of NGC 1232 and not NGC 1300 (#118917)
  • KTouch: Missing i18n calls. (#117577)
  • KVoctrain: Make keyboard layout switching work again. (#117391)
  • KWordQuiz: Don't crash when downloading vocabularies. (#119899)
  • libkdeedu: (Plotting) Fix drawing of grid

kdegames [all SVN changes]

  • Atlantik: Fix can not quit Atlantik (bug 112041)
  • KMahjongg: Make rendering less CPU intensive (bug 118711)
  • KSnake: Change in number of enemy balls need a restart to take effect (bug 111916)

kdegraphics [all SVN changes]

  • KPDF
    • Fix constant disk I/O when resizing Navigation panel (bug 117658)
    • Fix Wrong page size and layout in some documents (bug 118110)
    • Fix DCT decoding for broken files (bug 119569)
    • Fix crash in some strange documents (bug 120310)
    • Fix slowlyness on documents with broken TOC definition
    • Make non existant ps file loading fail gracefully (bug 120343)
  • KIconEdit
    • Needs configuration dialog help, proper markup for toolbars (bug 96387)

kdemultimedia [all SVN changes]

  • JuK
    • Fix memory corruption bug causing crashes with recent glibc libraries. (bug 117541)
    • Fix incorrect initial volume setting when using aKode as output. (bug 118265)
    • Corrected list of file types that JuK supports.
    • Fix command line handling of music files. Now files given on the command line are automatically added to the Collection List.
    • Fix "Album Random Play" feature to also use Artist information when choosing the next track to play. (bug 120363)
    • Added musicbrainz 0.4-support (bug 116575)

kdenetwork [all SVN changes]

  • Kopete
    • Fix disconnects/crashes after connecting to a Yahoo webcam (Bug #113439)
    • Don't send picture information packets to Yahoo buddies when connecting into invisible state, as one might use these packets to reveal your real connection state
    • Don't crash when deleting several contacts that are in severeral groups
    • Fix escaping of HTML in Yahoo messages (Bug #120469)
  • KPPP
    • fix initialization problem with some modems (Qualcomm 3G CDMA)
    • support higher connection speeds (921600 bps)

kdepim [all SVN changes]

  • KAlarm
    • Fix email attachments being forgotten when saving alarms (bug 118286)
    • Make autoclose of message windows work (bug 118429)
    • Display alarm message windows within current screen in multi-head systems
    • Fix toolbar configuration being lost after quitting KAlarm (bug 117313)
    • Fix New From Template not creating alarm if template contents are not changed (bug 119735)
    • Fix configuration dialog not fitting in 1024x768 screen in some translations (bug 119346)
  • KMail
    • KMail crashes while inserting files (bug 111383)
    • KMail composer crashes when inserting file (bug 108063)
    • KMail crashes when inserting files into email messages (bug 111713)
    • autocomplete in composer completes section title instead of email-address (bug 117217)
    • The item "network state" in the KMail file menu is very confusing (bug 116054)
    • Crash when applying pipe through filters (bug 113730)
    • subfolders and included mails lost when moving folder to cachedimap account (bug 114985)
    • Cannot create new folders with IMAP using Dovecot-imapd, regression from 3.4.X (bug 115254)
    • Retrieving folder contents screen is irritating (bug 116773)
    • Interpret old-fashioned time zone in email Date header (bug 117848)
    • HTML formatting is lost when saving in drafts folder (bug 106968)
    • composer kaddressbook no adresses at first launch (bug 117118)
  • KOrganizer
    • libkholidays bug in Belgian version (bug 119456)
    • HTML export does not include location field (bug 117676)
  • Kontact
    • Mistake in reporting upcoming German Holidays on Overview page (bug 118381)
    • Summary for "special dates" shows wrong time spans (bug 117545)
  • KAddressBook
    • Allow the selection/copy of the formatted address (bug 118634)
    • URL images not working in KAddressBook (bug 104526)
    • Photo image location field is nonfunctional (bug 117153)
    • Contact's photos are not cleared in "Contact Editor" extension bar (bug 117758)
    • Need an easy way to copy and paste an address from the editor window (bug 118634)
    • Exporting contacts to vcard generates _.vcf for EVERY contact without a real name (bug 116006)
    • kaddressbook hangs on loading vcard (bug 117749)
    • Use JPEG rather than PNG when storing pictures in vCards to reduce their size and to improve interoperability
  • KNotes
    • Possibility to sort knotes list of notes titles (bug 54293)
    • separate "Clear" action visually from Cut/Copy/Paste since it's not doing anything with the clipboard (bug 103780)
    • added a "Do not show again" box to the delete note dialog (bug 110672)
    • actually set the "Keep Above/Below" bit when creating a note on startup (bug 113223)
    • race condition when using NETRootInfo::moveResizeRequest (bug 101468)
    • line breaks not rendered properly in edit view (bug 117437)
    • KNotes via network does not work properly (bug 110838)
    • Confusing error requester while sending to self (bug 110915)
    • Renaming a note opening it and editing its title does not rename it in the kontact notes view (bug 119889)
  • Akregator
    • Do not open binary files in the HTML viewer but externally. Fix "Save Link As" for binary files (bug 120087)
    • Fix article order in Combined View: sort by date (bug 118055)
    • Fix parsing of Atom 1.0 feeds with escaped HTML in it: Don't show tags as text (bug 117938)
    • Select next item in article list when deleting the selected article (bug 119724)
    • Avoid crashes as happening when moving a folder and deleting a subitem afterwards (bug 118659)
    • Fix problems with keyboard navigation getting stuck on duplicated articles and prevent creation of new items when selecting an unread dupe (bug 114997)
    • Don't try to reload broken feeds every minute (bug 113358)
    • CDATA in feed is not handled correctly (bug 112491)
  • KNode
    • Respect background color settings when article viewer is empty (bug #118521)
    • Fix crash on startup if auto mark-as-read is disabled (bug #116514)
    • Reset busy cursor when folder loading fails. (bug #118879)

kdesdk [all SVN changes]

  • Cervisia
    • Do not use absolute pathnames when committing the top level folder of a working copy (bug #117220)
  • KBabel
    • avoid user-visible strings that need to be translated in two ways (bug #114151)
    • KBabel editor: Fix and improve source references
    • KBabel editor: add a new variable @POFILEDIR@ for source references. This is for allowing search paths starting at the directory of the PO file, like what is needed for GNU projects: starting at the parent directory (bug #114041)
    • KBabel editor: allow backslashes in source references in the PO file (bug #116393)
    • KBabelDict: clicking the help button of KBabelDict calls the corresponding section in the KBabel documentation
    • Improved KBabel documentation (including bug #85885)
  • Umbrello
    • Code import for Java and Python (#79648)
    • fix loading of associationwidget with non-default color
    • fix moving of initial and end activity
    • fix operation parameter and return types including template expressions
    • Support C++ const methods (aka queries, see #60452)
    • Change associations, aggregations, etc. on-the-fly (#109963)
    • Collaboration Diagram: labels are reset to default position after moving them (#117791)
    • Imported C++ classes not saved correctly in the XMI file (#117875)
    • In ER models adding associations will add blank space in the entity attributes (#117990)
    • ER diagrams need to underline the attribute name of primary keys (#118570)
    • Cannot anchor notes to activity elements in Activity Diagram (#118719)

kdetoys [all SVN changes]

kdeutils [all SVN changes]

  • SuperKaramba
    • Allow to remove a local theme (bug #112011)
    • Enhanced itemDropped-func with x,y-value (bug #120262)
    • some major strategic feature enhancements to superkaramba, which make it possible to write kicker-replacement themes (bug #116618)
    • locale in python themes (bug #115486)
    • Applets appear on top after switch desktop (bug #116227)
    • Get new Superkaramba theme from internet (with KHotNewStuff) doesn't work (bug #116789)
    • SuperKaramba does not use the result for its test for KNewStuff (bug #118611)
    • Don't popup dialog at startup when there are no themes on desktop (bug #118920)
    • Non-intuitive theme removing in Theme Dialog (bug #119762)
  • KCalc
    • KCalc returns wrong value (bug #118909)
    • KCalc truncates decimals sporadically (bug #118300)
    • Cannot increase the precision to 10 digits (bug #116835)
    • Cut buffer is filled with wrong value when you click on results (bug #118279)
  • KLaptopDaemon
    • KLaptopDaemon improperly links against libstdc++ (bug #111497)

kdevelop [all SVN changes]

  • adding externally created source files to project (bug #115421)
  • cannot use the right click "add 'filename' to project" function (bug #111355)
  • Adding files from subdirectory to project fails (bug #108268)
  • Cannot add files to/remove files from project correctly if the project is opened by a symbolic-linked path (bug #102706)
  • custom c++ project: add/remove files broken (bug #98852)

kdewebdev [all SVN changes]

Quanta Plus

  • better handling of quotation marks when editing tags inside a script area (bug #118693)
  • don't show the file changed dialog after using save as and save again
  • crash fixes in VPL (bug #118686)
  • don't loose the comment closing character when formatting the XML code (bug #118453)
  • insert valid img tag for XHTML documents (bug #118805)
  • don't show the Pages tab in DTEP editing dialog more than once (bug #118840)
  • set the DTEP of the document to the one selected in the Quick Start dialog (bug #118814)
  • don't have two Close actions (bug #118448)
  • don't show CSS pseudo-classes in autocompletion for the class attribute (bug #119373)
  • avoid deadlock when loading the DTEPs
  • add XHTML 1.1 and XHTML 1.0 Basic to the quickstart dialog (bug #118813)
  • new DCOP interfaces/methods: WindowManagerIf::setDtep
  • Doesn't parse PHP class methods which returns references (those with ampersand) (bug #118914)


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