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KDE 3.5.8 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.8

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]

core libs

  • Small performance improvements.
  • Reworked KCmdLineArgs::makeURL to make "kpdf a:b" work when a:b is an existing file in the current directory. Fixes bugs 111760 and 146105. See SVN commit 669594.
  • Be more robust against addressbar spoofing. See SVN commit 700053.
  • A hostname may resolve to multiple addresses. When connection to one timeouts, we should not immediately give up. Instead, we try the other addresses. See SVN commit 715274.

http ioslave

  • Fix crash on broken servers. Fixes bug 130104. See SVN commit 689709.
  • Fix Connection failed Url Frame Redirection. Fixes bug 124593. See SVN commit 707523.
  • Fix session cookies not always accepted. Fixes bug 86208. See SVN commit 708880.
  • Fix persistent cookies are treated like session cookies. Fixes bug 145244. See SVN commit 709516.
  • Fix a cross-site cookie injection vulnerability. See SVN commit 707375.
  • Fix for correctly propagating HTTP response headers > 8K. See SVN commit 717341.
  • Fix http responses containing just a header cause Konqueror to wait indefinitely for a response. Fixes bug 147812. See SVN commit 707413.
  • Fix problem with cookies in konqueror when server specified as IP adress. Fixes bug 134753. See SVN commit 707428.
  • Fix per-site cookie policy does not apply to cookies set for subdomains. Fixes bug 135175. See SVN commit 707873.


  • Fix handling of font-variant:inherit. See SVN commit 681835.
  • Fix GMail/Firefox yet again. See SVN commit 668699.
  • Fix confused cursor shapes if mail and new-window links appear on the same page. See SVN commit 671262.
  • Fix cannot type text into boxes on riteaid.com. Fixes bug 141230. See SVN commit 681861.
  • Optimize descendant selector matching. See SVN commit 710724.
  • Fix invalid placing of image. Fixes bug 149809. See SVN commit 712197.
  • Default to "UTF-8" per section 2 of the draft W3C "The XMLHttpRequest Object" specification. Fixes bug 130234. See SVN commit 718830.


  • Do not convert accented latin1 characters into undrawable char in websites using advanced JavaScript. Fixes bug 150381. See SVN commit 719916.

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]

POP3 ioslave

  • Fix SASL Authentication fails if another client of sasl is loaded. Fixes bug 146582. See SVN commit 674951.

SMTP ioslave

  • Fix SASL Authentication fails if another client of sasl is loaded. Fixes bug 146582. See SVN commit 674951.


  • Add .hh Extension for C++ syntax highlighting. Fixes bug 149801. See SVN commit 711659.
  • Highlight 'read' and 'write', used when declaring properties in Pascal. See SVN commit 666333.
  • Fix code folding breaks highlighting. Fixes bug 139578. See SVN commit 668607.
  • Fix tabs in wrapped line broke cursor navigation. Fixes bug 94693. See SVN commit 668824.
  • Fix save doesn't work after redo. Fixes bug 143754. See SVN commit 676516.
  • Do not disable quit button when no session is selected but the open session button. See SVN commit 715536.
  • Pressing X now triggers the open session button, when it should trigger quit button. See SVN commit 715536.


  • When delete all is pressed, only delete the visible cookies if the view is filtered. Fixes bug 113497. See SVN commit 707822.
  • Do not loose the domain-specific cookie policies when cookie support is disabled and re-enabled again. Fixes bug 117302. See SVN commit 707819.
  • Newly added fonts are not available. Fixes bug 146637. See SVN commit 673664.


  • Do not shutdown at autologout. See SVN commit 666082.


  • Do not attempt to auto-login after a post-session shutdown confirmation. See SVN commit 666082.
  • Fix CVE-2007-4569. See SVN commit 714420.


  • Fix restarting KWin messes up active border order. Fixes bug 146040. See SVN commit 669899.
  • Fix block global shortcuts is broken. Fixes bug 149011. See SVN commit 703895.


  • Real transparency support without side effects, if qt-copy patch #0078 is available. See SVN commit 669488.


  • Fix Konqueror not autodetecting new plugins. Fixes bug 126744. See SVN commit 705205.
  • Avoid preview crashes when view is invalid. See SVN commit 693291.
  • Resolve media: and system: urls to local files in the popup menu. See SVN commit 716991.
  • Fix crash when the window is deleted from onmousedown. Fixes bug 149736. See SVN commit 721013.
  • Fix nspluginviewer crashes on amd64. Fixes bug 150241. See SVN commit 719539.

kdeartwork [ all SVN changes ]

Screen savers

  • Fix slideshow screensaver crash when "Random Position" is selected. Fixes bug 138161. See SVN commit 666124.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix UTF8 bug when user language was UTF8. Fixes bug 82462. See SVN commits 676298 and 676589.
  • Make "else" work. Fixes bug 115555. See SVN commit 676365.


  • If the loading of the document fails, completely cleanup ourselves to be able to open a new document in the same (untouched) window. See SVN commit 701849.


  • Enable word wrap for the labels in multiple choice query. Fixes bug 149921. See SVN commit 713250.
  • Fix handling of hints. Fixes bug 147503. See SVN commit 714140.
  • Fix handling of remote files. Fixes bugs 147535 and 147535. See SVN commits 714209 and 714203.
  • Fix search not searching in all columns. Fixes bug 93449. See SVN commit 717408.


  • Galactic/Equatorial coordinates conversion does not work. Fixes bug 149261. See SVN commit 705228.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]

SVG thumbnailer

  • Fix problem with with "#" in foldername on svg-files. See SVN commit 719657.


  • Add a slotTogglePresentation() DCOP method to toggle the presentation mode. Fixes bug 148026. See SVN commit 704875.
  • Improve handling of page sizes when printing. Fixes bug 144935. See SVN commit 663027.
  • Do not crash when leaving the presentation mode. Fixes bug 143951. See SVN commit 665684.
  • Do no print the boxes around links. Fixes bug 145907. See SVN commit 668258.
  • Reset the title of the KPDF window correctly when reloading a document. Fixes bug 103362. See SVN commit 686888.
  • Take into account the accessibility settings when drawing an empty page waiting for the real page to be rendered. Fixes bug 148188. See SVN commit 692291.
  • Security fix for CVE-2007-3387. See SVN commit 694346.
  • Correctly open documents in paths with special characters (like #). Fixes bug 149102. See SVN commit 703564.
  • Save the case sensitivity setting of the Find dialog during each session. Fixes bug 149164. See SVN commit 704964.
  • Don't crash when we don't have a CTU. Fixes bug 149416. See SVN commit 707656.
  • Correctly take into account the margins when printing. Fixes bug 149560. See SVN commit 708815.
  • Properly pass the standard accelerators to the presentation mode, and make the presentation mode able to handle those. Fixes bug 138451. See SVN commit 712996.
  • Provide horizontal scrollbar in table of contents sidebar instead of cropping the entries. Fixes bug 147233. See SVN commit 680874.
  • Increase time between accessing /proc/memory to check available memory. Fixes bug 150325. See SVN commit 721994.


  • Correctly retrieve the x/y scan resolution and store it into the scanned image. Fixes bug 119110. See SVN commit 689188.


  • Always enable the paste actions to guarantee that pasting from non-Qt applications is always allowed (non-Qt applications do not notify KolourPaint when they place objects into the clipboard).
  • Paste transparent pixels as white instead of uninitialized colors, when the app does not support pasting transparent pixels (such as OpenOffice.org). See SVN commit 722007.
  • Make "Edit / Paste in New Window" always paste white pixels as white (it used to paste them as transparent when the selection transparency mode was set to Transparent).
  • Saving, exporting and printing a document with an active text box, that has opaque text and a transparent background, antialiases the text with the document below.

kdemultimedia [ all SVN changes ]

audiocd ioslave

  • Fix powerpc support. See SVN commit 677986.


  • Fix getting cover from internet doesn't work. Fixes bug 116181. See SVN commit 677818.
  • Fix last item in play queue is played twice. Fixes bug 126032. See SVN commit 679721.
  • Fix right click in History playlist shows wrong column. Fixes bug 131238. See SVN commit 679762.
  • Fix empty flac file crashes JuK. Fixes bug 134312. See SVN commit 683614.


  • Fix crash when removing all jobs. Fixes bug 119600. See SVN commit 701441.
  • Allow creating group writable directories if umask permits it. Fixes bug 144752. See SVN commit 711111.

kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix adding of yahoo contacts. See SVN commit 674906.
  • Fix crash after duplicate login. See SVN commit 674921.
  • Jabber groupchat history is only shown for currently present members. Fixes bug 135211. See SVN commit 667758.
  • Enable Kopete to respond to chats started by others who are blocking you. See SVN commit 668060.
  • Newlines seen when sending richtext to gaim and trillian clients. Fixes bug 146380. See SVN commit 673027.
  • Fix webcam problems. Fixes bugs 140528 and 143376. See SVN commit 673109.
  • Kopete does not keep toolbar settings. Fixes bug 59080. See SVN commit 673118.
  • < and > in contact nicknames aren't well supported. Fixes bug 133186. See SVN commit 673127.
  • "Message handling" unset when setting it to "Open messages instantly" and reopening the configuration dialog. Fixes bug 146882. See SVN commit 678555.
  • Deactivate the Join Chatrooms action when offline. See SVN commit 692802.
  • Fix error in chatroom search so that all chatrooms are listed. See SVN commit 692802.
  • Fix msn live emoticons. See SVN commit 704382.
  • Fix issue with MSN webcam images being garbled. Fixes bug 126996. See SVN commit 717104.
  • Fix crash on Yahoo protocol. Fixes bug 145514. See SVN commit 718647.

kdepim [ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]

core libs

  • Do not drop frecuently used address that are not in the addresbook from recent address list. Fixes bug 85539. See SVN commit 671909.
  • Fix Free/Busy information not regenerated for recurring events with end date after fb-period. Fixes bug 124495. See SVN commit 719675.

Birthdays resource

  • Fix Reminders for imported birthdays from KAdressbook don't work as expected. Fixes bug 143230. See SVN commit 689074.

Groupwise resource

  • Don't crash if hostname or port are wrong. See SVN commit 695171.

IMAP ioslave

  • Fix SASL Authentication fails if another client of sasl is loaded. Fixes bug 146585. See SVN commit 674932.

Sieve ioslave

  • Fix SASL Authentication fails if another client of sasl is loaded. Fixes bug 146585. See SVN commit 674932.
  • Fix cannot login When using TLS. See SVN commit 696980.
  • Fix retrieving scripts from the server always failed with a protocol error report. See SVN commit 696980.


  • Add Argentina holidays file. Fixes bug 150203. See SVN commit 717082.


  • Fix using X-KADDRESSBOOK-X-Department where ORG:organization;department should be used. Fixes bug 115219. See SVN commit 702333.
  • Fix import bug for vCards when running as Kontact part. See SVN commit 708653.


  • Provide a Stop button in sound file dialog, to allow sound file playing to be stopped. See SVN commit 673273.
  • Allow delay times up to 999 hours to be entered. See SVN commit 720288.
  • Fix time value in template alarms not being stored. Fixes bug 145575. See SVN commit 666061.
  • Fix handling of exception dates in recurrences, which not only didn't work but also erroneously suppressed valid recurrence dates. Fixes bug 146953. See SVN commit 696820.
  • Fix deferrals of recurring alarms not triggering correctly. See SVN commit 709812.
  • Fix font selection not being saved for individual alarms. See SVN commit 711534.
  • Fix incorrect email headers being generated, which prevented some emails being sent. See SVN commit 722729.


  • Allow negative times for budgeting time for a task. Fixes bug 146679. See SVN commit 674691.
  • Right click on "task complete" box should not tick/untick box. Fixes bug 149589. See SVN commit 710766.
  • Fix marking task done does not stop the time. Fixes bug 149302. See SVN commit 705813.


  • Added configuration dialogs for Evo2, SynCE, Moto and Jescs. See SVN commit 682311.
  • Added configuration dialog for Sunbird plugin. See SVN commit 690263.


  • Do not show the dragging menu when dragging to ourselves or to our parent. See SVN commit 668801.
  • Do not ask the user to go online each time a job finished if he decided to be offline. See SVN commit 714452.
  • Fix rebuilding index files breaks subject threading for existing messages. Fixes bug 125920. See SVN commit 672014.
  • Fix copying of messages on the same online IMAP server. See SVN commit 686453.
  • Fix crash when moving folders. See SVN commit 687345.
  • Fix crashes during drag&drop of imap folders. See SVN commit 689897.
  • Fix crash after reply to a revoked mail. See SVN commit 698167.
  • Fix event loop handling. Fixes bugs 108312, 148700, 143003, 136365, 90467, 143776, 147016, 137279 and 136413. See SVN commits 699554 and 700023.
  • Fix crash when cancelling GnuPG singing a new empty message. Fixes bug 144303. See SVN commit 700038.
  • Fix crash on retrieving pop mail. See SVN commit 706425.
  • Fix crashing after startup. Fixes bug 140490. See SVN commit 715297.
  • Fix templates for forwarding do not work with inline mails. Fixes bug 140549. See SVN commit 685749.
  • Fix draft messages forget the default GPG action. Fixes bug 103240. See SVN commit 703251.
  • Fix encrypt to self function beign always on. Fixes bug 93436. See SVN commit 705215.
  • Fix mails started from a template have wrong date. Fixes bug 146534. See SVN commit 674569.


  • Fix crash when editing toolbars while a plugin without part is active. See SVN commit 675061.
  • Fix crash if no plugin is active when editing toolbars. See SVN commit 675090.


  • Fix loading the freebusy list for people with a preferred email address. See SVN commit 668801.
  • Fix unability to get freebusy information from an eGroupware server. Fixes bug 85630. See SVN commit 691427.
  • Fix publish free/busy list automatically not working. Fixes bugs 77223 and 111419. See SVN commit 691427.
  • Fix a crash when moving recurring multidays events. See SVN commit 695525.
  • Fix audio notification open file dialog. Fixes bug 146648. See SVN commit 716784.


  • Fix the Subject and Sender parsing. See SVN commit 686216.
  • Fix fetching the password of a kmail account from kmailrc. See SVN commit 686216.
  • Fix using pop3-mailboxes from the kmail configuration. See SVN commit 686216.


  • Fix storage backend waking up CPU every 3 seconds. Fixes bug 150389. See SVN commit 721755.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


  • Fix invalid date warnings when browsing CVS. Fixes bug 148162. See SVN commit 711210.


  • Code generator for D language. Fixes bug 124805.
  • Fix import of Rose MDL files containing ISO-8859 Latin1 characters. See SVN commit 687101.
  • Preprocessor keywords ignored which causes endless loop in code import. Fixes bug 119125.
  • Cannot move text and label correctly after enabling snap to grid. Fixes bug 137041.
  • Unstable saves and loads, class names become dirty. Fixes bug 145709.
  • Crash on deleting class in list view. Fixes bug 145762.
  • Class attribute documentation not generated for python. Fixes bug 145916.
  • Python code generator does not wrap lines properly. Fixes bug 145918.
  • Attribute documentation not generated for 'Export to XHTML'. Fixes bug 145972.
  • Crash when moving a class in a Java UML diagram. Fixes bug 146058.
  • Umbrello gratuitously appends ".xmi" to the saved file name. Fixes bug 146061.
  • Arrowheads are not shown. Fixes bug 146064.
  • Crash when creating a class that refers to more than one other classes/datatypes. Fixes bug 146367.
  • Wrong Pascal code generation. Fixes bug 146676.
  • Crash when linking to undefined xmi.id. Fixes bug 146748.
  • End Activity Symbol gets invalid when line thickness is increased. Fixes bug 146925.
  • The size of a fork/join is not restored. Fixes bug 147069.
  • Crash when changing the association type to containment. Fixes bug 147202.
  • Moving component results in absurd shape of a self-association. Fixes bug 147810.
  • Crash when changing the attribute name. Fixes bug 147919.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


  • Check all available densities instead of a hardcoded list. See SVN commit 670409.


  • Fix lock & hibernate allowing unauthorised access . Fixes bug 143859. See SVN commit 721296.

kdewebdev [ all SVN changes ]


  • Do not limit map elements to be at 2000 as bigger x/y coordinate. See SVN commit 682934.

Quanta Plus

  • Fix recursive symlink handling. Fixes bug 145651. See SVN commit 720608.
  • Fix add to project when saving a new file into a symlinked directory. Fixes bug 148529. See SVN commit 720634.
  • Do not lose CSS selectors after editing inside the dialog if they are repeated. Fixes bug 145413. See SVN commit 720675.
  • Fix help button in the New Project wizard. Fixes bug 145324. See SVN commit 721001.
  • Fix crashing while editing html with php files. Fixes bug 145324. See SVN commit 721001.


  • add DCOP method to get the winID Fixes bug 111161.
  • add DCOP method to change the cursor to the wait cursor and back Fixes bug 109630. See SVN commit 722155.
  • Make multiplying work correctly for floating point values. See SVN commit 722062.
  • Do not remove the whole text after undoing the changes in the editor. Fixes bug 147817. See SVN commit 722069.
  • Do not crash if opening a file the second time when the first try failed. Fixes bug 141110. See SVN commit 722079.
  • Function str_findrev works now. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Fix crash when diving by zero. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Make function names case insensitive. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Fix dcop() function (external DCOP). See SVN commit 718834.
  • Add missing EOLs to array_values(). See SVN commit 718834.
  • Do not open files with no filename given. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Fix crash on incorrect syntax. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Fix input_file() function. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Fix importing tables with empty cells. See SVN commit 718834.
  • Use icon instead of "..." in the file selector. Fixes bug 109985. See SVN commit 722109.
  • Fix ExecButton.setEnabled(). Fixes bug 113624. See SVN commit 722103.
  • Don't close the dialogs with ESC (just like in real applications). Fixes bug 123071. See SVN commit 722089.
  • make @echo really work Fixes bug 138705. See SVN commit 138705.

arts [ all SVN changes ]

kdeaccessibility [ all SVN changes ]

kdeaddons [ all SVN changes ]

kdeadmin [ all SVN changes ]

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]

kdetoys [ all SVN changes ]

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