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KDE 3.5.5 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.5

kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


    • Check the return value from dbus_connection_open_private(). Fixes KDED crashing on startup when D-BUS is unavailable. See SVN commit 566466.
    • Properly disconnect DCOP signals in the medianotifier when unloaded. Avoids to have two notification dialogs when it's reloaded. See SVN commit 570281.
    • If remote says it's a directory, go with that instead of guessing the mimetype based on filename. Fixes bug 106648. See SVN commit 570332.


    • Cancel and reuse single-shot timer for emitActivePartChanged(), instead of queueing them up. This makes tab switching noticeably faster. See SVN commit 568040.
    • Fix kfmclient sometimes returning bogus exit code. See SVN commit 569345.


    • Fix wrong char at end of block for unicode. Fixes bug 131938. See SVN commit 570191.
    • Fix Copyright/Licences missing from source files. Fixes bug 99329.


    • If icons are dragged outside the desktop area, jerk them back in. Fixes the long-hated issue with the desktop becoming scrollable. Fixes bug 40418. See SVN commit 567551.
    • NEW: Improve loading speed of background images, especially SVG ones. See SVN commit 586073.


    • Add sudo support. Fixes bug 20914. See SVN commit 570637.


    • Support for input shape from XShape1.1. Fixes bug 122425. See SVN commit 571711.
    • Draw outlines around the selected window while doing Alt+Tab. Fixes bug 108142. See SVN commit 572782.
    • Fix incorrect reseting of the electric border setting. Fixes bug 123891. See SVN commit 571672.


    • If we get redirected when grabbing a file, tell the plugin about the final URL and not the original one. Fixes playback of youtube videos embedded in other web sites. Fixes bug 121964. See SVN commit 565998.
    • Fix some bugs in sizing of plugins. Fixes Google Video, and makes the acroread plugin behave better. Fixes bugs 117603, 125076 and 118038. See SVN commits 589919 and 590832.


    • Fixed bug #128306 like proposed in the patch, just with a small cleanup ;) Thank you very much! Fixes bug 128306. See SVN commit 568458.


    • Fix argument getting de-quoted. Fixes bug 124116. See SVN commit 572103.


    • Fix stupid typo. Fixes bug 128552. See SVN commit 570840.
    • Fixed a hairy problem with nested event loops deleting objects at inappropriate times. May solve other bugs that I'm not currently aware of. Fixes bug 123869. See SVN commit 571260.
    • Delete all signal connections to a TaskContainer when marking it for deletion. Fixes bug 132208. See SVN commit 571782.
    • attention blinking configurability. how fun. optimize things in some fairly significant ways: don't repaint taskbar buttons on window movements, don't set the taskmanager to track geom changes unless you turn on desktop previews in the pager and don't redraw the pager on window geometry changes unless we are actually showing desktop previews. See SVN commit 572257.
    • optimization: don't redraw for every time windowsChanged is called. in the case of moving a window when desktop previews are on, moving a window across the screen at a reasonable pace used to result in over 100 repaints. now it only does ~15. given that the repaints aren't exactly trivial for these things, this is probably a good thing. See SVN commit 572260.


    • Set KDE_FULL_SESSION also as a root window X property. See SVN commit 579568.
    • Increase timeout during session saving and killing. Fixes bug 133044. See SVN commit 578861.


    • Make it possible to use even keys that have no Qt keycode in input actions. See SVN commit 580188.


    • NEW: Make it possible to explicitly force 96DPI or 120DPI. Fixes bug 111754. See SVN commit 585725.

kdeaddons [ all SVN changes ]


    • Add support for finding the right make command during configure time. Fixes bug 126052. See SVN commit 572366.

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]


    • Add protection against poor Linux OOM-killer heuristic. See SVN commit 579164.


    • Support Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE-macro when coding Qt-code See SVN commit 567242.
    • Don't enter "word selection mode" without an actual selection. Fixes bug 131369. See SVN commit 566355.
    • Fixed another stringAtPos(-1) call. Fixes bug 131933. See SVN commit 570246.


    • Heavy DHTML optimizations for the case where the changes in the style merely moves a layer, which is very common. Fixes bug 118658. See SVN commit 588455.
    • Significant improvements in painting of inline elements, to be more compliant with CSS 2.1 - section 10.8.1 and Appendix E-2; also includes support for CSS 3 outline-offset. See SVN commits 576101 and 576627.
    • Support CSS3's hsv/hsva color values. See SVN commit 576708.
    • Fixes to make the new yahoo photos site basically work: fix a bug in XML parser and emission of scroll event. Fixes bug 104236. See SVN commits 587710 and 588069.
    • Fix a regression in performance of background painting. Fixes bug 133529. See SVN commit 581150.
    • Properly compute length of utf-8 data in XMLHttpRequest. Fixes bug 131242. See SVN commits 576656 and 576640.
    • Support parsing of attribute/>. Fixes bug 87221. See SVN commit 576632.
    • Evaluate scripts in <iframe src="javascript:..."> properly. Fixes some of the product pages on amazon.com and the reader on freemail.hu. Fixes bugs 134791 and 106748. See SVN commit 590600.
    • Permit faster auto-scrolling with the middle mouse button. Fixes bug 125668. See SVN commit 581817.
    • Permit manually scrolling frames with keyboard et al. even if they have scrolling=no. Fixes bug 91113. See SVN commit 581838.
    • Don't miss some of the attribute changes relevant for restyling. Fixes bug 133570. See SVN commit 581101.
    • Properly restyle when when an anchor stop being a link of becomes one. See SVN commit 576638.
    • Properly honor bottom padding on scrolled overflow. Fixes bug 133310. See SVN commit 586756.
    • Honor no-repeat in background when background offset is negative. Fixes bug 133626. See SVN commit 586793.
    • Fixes in application of padding to inline elements. Fixes bug 131366. See SVN commit 576084.
    • Various memory leak fixes, in particular in the element from ID or name lookup caches, and some table and attribute node operations. See SVN commits 582675, 583314 and 584998.
    • Fix handling of <colgroup> elements without span attribute. See SVN commit 576356.
    • Fixes in stacking order of elements with non-visible overflow. See SVN commit 577053.
    • Fixing crash upon deleting cells from rows. Fixes bug 90462. See SVN commit 570648.
    • Do not improperly reset text-align in tables in strict mode. Fixes bug 106812. See SVN commit 576076.
    • Properly re-layout table caption if needed. Fixes bug 133001. See SVN commit 577316.
    • Fixing two crashes in the capitalization code (regression). Fixes bug 132050. See SVN commit 571252.
    • Fix crash on hover due to dangling placeholder box. Fixes bug 134291. See SVN commit 586170.
    • Fix sometimes incorrect positioning of positioned elements having root as containing block. Fixes bug 134518. See SVN commit 587726.
    • Fixed crash when characterSet is accessed on newly-created document. Fixes bug 133071. See SVN commit 590814.
    • Fix regression in <label> support. Fixes bug 59489. See SVN commit 567892.
    • Support the add method on the options collection. Fixes bug 134914. See SVN commit 590758.
    • Properly discard malformed content properties. See SVN commit 586037.
    • Parse 'align' attribute of iframes. Fixes bug 130736. See SVN commit 568025.
    • Make sure to properly escape ampersands in right-click google search. Fixes bug 132678. See SVN commit 579136.
    • Resetting a SELECT with no default selection should not select the first item if it's a multiple selection list. Fixes bug 133326. See SVN commit 579594.
    • Do not let NodeIterators escape out of the root node. See SVN commit 576812.
    • For percentage height calculation purposes, make body appear to have the same height as the viewport (quirk mode). Fixes bug 95489. See SVN commit 580037.
    • Properly account for overflows induced by inline-blocks and text-shadows. See SVN commit 584408.
    • Remove incorrect addition of borders to layers which made some links unclickable (regression). Fixes bug 133132. See SVN commit 587994.
    • Fix mistake which made the viewport width be used instead of the root block width when calculating the document width (regression). Fixes bugs 134304 and 134051. See SVN commit 588278.
    • Make sure that when display:compact blocks are merged into a host block, the height of the resulting block is at least that of the compact block. Fixes bug 123915. See SVN commit 588483.
    • Do not limit single-line input elements to entry of 1024 characters. Fixes bug 116132. See SVN commit 589303.
    • Do not try to run external VBScript; add the newly approved ECMAScript mimetypes. Fixes bugs 98216 and 134763. See SVN commit 589296.
    • Fix bug involving first-letter property where text fragments would 'disappear' (being offset far to the right or left) instead of breaking to next line. Fixes bug 119167. See SVN commit 590440.
    • Allow instanceof to work on most DOM objects (partial fix). Fixes bug 134771. See SVN commit 591021.


    • Parse dates with ',', '-' and ':' where whitespace was expected. Example: ",-:September,03,-:,2006, 13:53:02,-:" Fixes bug 133517. See SVN commit 588460.
    • Do not crash when modifying an invalid date object. Fixes bug 121528. See SVN commit 580498.
    • Fix locale-dependence in the parser, which resulted in floating point numbers getting misparsed in some locales. Fixes bug 126482. See SVN commit 572947.


    • Set m_bDeep in all KServiceGroup constructors, or it may be used uninitialized in load() and entries(). kbuildsycoca did this, and valgrind caught it. See SVN commit 567480.


    • Pick correctly the best icon size. Also make -1,-1 return the largest icon and not the first one (makes more sense and saying the first one is as good as saying a random one). See SVN commit 568222.
    • Be explicit about windowInfo() args. Fixes bug 130934. See SVN commit 568454.
    • NET::Override is old and hated. See SVN commit 568554.
    • Add support for more icon contexts in the icon loader. Fixes bug 120562. See SVN commit 576245.
    • Search for icons also in $XDG_DATA_DIRS. Fixes bug 97776. See SVN commit 576641.
    • Fix KSharedConfig to actually share readonly configs. See SVN commit 579777.


    • - "features" is clobbered by the longjmp, so mark it as volatile to avoid that a clever compiler (gcc 4.2) optimizes reads away. See SVN commit 567223.


    • Add sudo support. See that bug for some remaining issues. Fixes bug 20914. See SVN commit 570635.


    • Don't draw a highlighting line above KPopupMenu title sections. It looks very out-of-place, especially when using styles with rounded PE_HeaderSections. Fixes bug 71452. See SVN commit 566543.


    • Some extra entities required for 100% successful docs compilation. See SVN commit 567588.


    • CUPS 1.2 support
    • Show prettier urls.


    • Unbreak "latest" and "most downloads" views. Fixes bugs 131979 and 133852. See SVN commit 585244.
    • Fix memory leaks. See SVN commit 585299.


    • Fix deadlock with autocompletion popups. Fixes bug 126593. See SVN commit 568553.
    • Associate wallet dialogs properly with main windows. Fixes bug 113057. See SVN commit 578532.


    • Fix short date format for Turkish.

kdebindings [ all SVN changes ]


    • * The Ruby VALUE to 'uchar *' marshaller wasn't working correctly if the Ruby string contained nulls. Also applied for 'char *' types. See SVN commit 571840.

kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


    • Fix possible crash when the document has an incorrectly defined blend mode. See SVN commit 567994.
    • Several memoryleaks fixed. See SVN commits 571992 and 572008.
    • Make "find as you type" work better. See SVN commit 573005.
    • Fix middle-click zoom not working after dragging to the top of the screen. Fixes bug 111255. See SVN commit 580022.
    • Fix crash on some malformed documents. See SVN commit 581596.
    • DCOP currentPage() not updated while in Presentation mode. Fixes bug 133549. See SVN commit 582529.
    • Fix bug that prevented the correct restoring of the document viewport on session restore. Fixes bug 133507. See SVN commit 582561.
    • More friendly for RightToLeft languages: fix the mini-progressbar, the message pane and the previous/next page buttons to look and work correctly for that writing style. See SVN commit 586747.


    • fixes bug #128358. Fixes bug 128358. See SVN commit 571112.

kdepim[ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


    • Use an alarm's previous deferral time interval as default for its next deferral. See SVN commit 575676.


    • Add missing top and bottom buttons for the filter dialog. Fixes bug 132077. See SVN commit 571255.
    • Improve GUI-strings. Fixes bug 131915. See SVN commit 571133.
    • Fixing a crash on start when using IMAP. Fixes bug 132008.

kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


    • Documentation generator for DocBook and XHTML. Fixes bug 54307. See SVN commit 574994.
    • "Role A Properties" should give class name. Fixes bug 69244.
    • External folders - improved implementation. Fixes bug 87252.
    • "Open recent" list doesn't reorder when a file is opened. Fixes bug 111757. See SVN commit 582767.
    • Properties menu: move to top/bottom buttons. Fixes bug 126467.
    • Java import - importing interfaces - absent visibility treated as package instead of public. Fixes bug 131327.
    • Python code generation is not independent of diagram view. Fixes bug 131790.
    • Java import - method parameter types not resolved correctly. Fixes bug 131825.
    • Java import: unable to import AzareusCore. Fixes bug 131961.
    • Java import: error on multidimensional arrays. Fixes bug 132017.
    • Java import - array types not resolved correctly. Fixes bug 132035.
    • Java import - "final" and comments in method declaration not parsed correctly. Fixes bug 132174.
    • All native importers: Spaces in strings cause next member var to be ignored. Fixes bug 132472.
    • Java import - static member vars ignored in interfaces. Fixes bug 132657.
    • Strange behavior with datatypes in French. Fixes bug 133597.
    • Header file names are lowercase in .cpp file but mixed case on disk. Fixes bug 134279.
    • PHP5 code generator adds stub-methods for all interfaces a class implements. See SVN commit 577139.
    • Fix for generation of include statements in PHP5 generator. See SVN commit 577335.
    • Fix loading of associations in collaboration diagram. See SVN commit 579792.
    • Small fix for printing in landscape mode. See SVN commit 580058.
    • Various fixes to mouse behaviour, e.g. multiple selection using shift button not working, mouse tracking disabled when creating associations and messages, inconsistent behaviour in some tools. See SVN commit 590624.
    • Fix for message widget selection behaviour. See SVN commit 590635.
    • Fix for class association not updating the association position when being moved. See SVN commit 590644.

kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


    • capital of Turkey is Ankara, not Istanbul. See SVN commit 569085.


    • Serbia and Montenegro are two separate countries since June 2006. Fixes bug 133499. See SVN commit 580546.


    • Correctly sets the document as modified when editing a script. See SVN commit 582569.


    • Fix large deep sky object outlines not always match ingtheir actual orientation in the sky. Fixes bug 134824. See SVN commit 589956.


    • Fix name of C. W. Scheele. Fixes bug 133297.
    • Reset spectrum width on element change. Fixes bug 134086. See SVN commit 588062.

kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


    • Make the floater not have so big range on level 5 of hard course so it can not put the ball out of the walls. Fixes bug 54097. See SVN commit 582482.


    • New language Low Saxon added. See SVN commit 572499.


    • Fix bug "cannot win this game" message just after start of mod3 game. Fixes bug 131587. See SVN commit 581887.

kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


    • Wrong result with large number in hexa on amd64. Fixes bug 131482.
    • Alt-H selected both Hexadecimal and Help. Fixes bug 132446.
    • CMP function only complemented lower 32-bits. Fixes bug 133420.
    • Wrong DEC to HEX conversion in 64bit math. Fixes bug 133720.
    • Avoid crash on large results, when using "exp" etc. Fixes bug 134070.
    • Negative number raised to zero gives now one. Fixes bug 134192.


    • Fix race condition at exit. Fixes bug 127341.
    • Fix drag'n'drop problems. Fixes bug 91556. See SVN commit 577395.



    • Allow overwriting of files on export. Fixes bug 122946. See SVN commit 566720.


    • Reorder "find previous/next" actions in that order for consistency. Fixes bug 122378. See SVN commit 579021.


    • Improve unicode support. Fixes bug 128925.


    • Make the UI reflect default battery critical behavior. See SVN commit 578797.

kdewebdev [ all SVN changes ]

    Quanta Plus

    • Avoid growing quantarc and causing instability. Fixes bug 111049. See SVN commit 579846.
    • Fixed a crash when navigating PHP documents via "Document Structure"/"Functions" Bug introduced in r415463 See SVN commit 567289.
    • Fix Save As behavior Fixes bug 131728. See SVN commit 579876.
    • dd some more special characters to the list Fixes bugs 130513 and 124628. See SVN commit 579881.
    • Fix crash in CSS editor. Fixes bug 131849. See SVN commit 579883.
    • Don't crash when closing a document in VPL mode Fixes bugs 133082, 126585 and 125153. See SVN commit 579903.
    • Fix crash when copying to clipboard inside VPL. Fixes bug 130212. See SVN commit 579975.
    • Show the correct column number if tabs are used in the document. Fixes bug 133313. See SVN commit 579980.
    • Only one upload dialog can be visible at any time. Fixes bug 132535. See SVN commit 579990.
    • Do not show Find in Files menu if KFileReplace is not installed. Fixes bug 132530. See SVN commit 579993.
    • Fix a crash when using Close All. See SVN commit 580040.
    • Allow logging to files outside of project directory - don't send closing events for untitled, unmodified documents. Fixes bug 131782. See SVN commit 580055.
    • Respect the order of items in the .docrc. Patch from the bugreport. Fixes bug 133704. See SVN commit 581836.
    • Fix crash when creating project through slow links. See SVN commit 581882.
    • Really abort if a remote directory cannot be created. Fixes bug 117032. See SVN commit 581888.
    • Fix automatic updating of closing tags. Fixes bug 132357. See SVN commit 582175.
    • Accept float numbers for length values in the CSS editor Fixes bug 130295. See SVN commit 582192.
    • Make CSS completion work inside style attributes. Fixes bug 80605. See SVN commit 582414.
    • Improve usability of the File Changed dialog. Fixes bug 111049. See SVN commit 582429.
    • Handle correctly the escaped backslashes inside strings. Fixes bug 111049. See SVN commit 582484.
    • Improve mimetype and extension based searching for a DTEP that can handle the currently opened file. Fixes bug 129808. See SVN commit 582528.


    • Add initialization/destroy for Wizard. Use setEnabled() to enable/disable Finish button. See SVN commit 568027.
    • Improve the integrated text editor a lot by using the KTextEditor interface (katepart) for editing Kommnader text. This means syntax highlighting, improved undo/redo, possibility to have line number bar, etc. See SVN commit 581148.
    • Fix crash on exit for the editor. See SVN commit 581829.

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