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KDE 3.5.4 Changelog

Changes in KDE 3.5.4

kdelibs [ all SVN changes ]



    • Now KKeyChooser does not steal focus when created. Fixes bug 127037.
    • Fixed the terrible flickering in KDateTable like for example when resizing Kicker. See SVN commit 565029.


    • Make move not do a copy and delete in some cases. Fixes bug 112826. See SVN commit 551895.
    • Fix problem with inotify causing crashes... Fixes bug 123315. See SVN commit 555364.


    • Fixed referrer not sent back to client when using https. See SVN commit 545032.


    • Implement CSS3 properties -khtml-background-clip, -khtml-background-origin and -khtml-background-size. See SVN commits 551681 and 551797.
    • Implement the ability to set CSS content on any element (CSS3), and allow any display value on generated content as per updated CSS 2.1 . See SVN commit 551516.
    • Support Mozilla extensions like Element.prototype used in some JavaScript frameworks. Fixes bugs 129386, 127237 and 52555. See SVN commit 557310.
    • Fix crash on browsing away from cnn.com. Fixes bug 129187. See SVN commit 556326.
    • Set position when generating a new layer. Fixes overlaid sidebar in new slashdot design. Fixes bug 128738. See SVN commit 551202.
    • Fix 3.5.3 regressions on www.spiegel.de and www.linux.com. Fixes bugs 128944 and 128566. See SVN commits 552743 and 553547.
    • Let stylesheets inherit the charset of their parent document or stylesheet. Introduces a charset property for all stylesheets. Fixes bug 106554. See SVN commit 547892.
    • Match doctype detection of Gecko better. Fixes bug 128616. See SVN commit 548236.
    • Fix KDE 3.5.3 regression with :hover CSS selector. Fixes bug 128710. See SVN commit 548707.
    • Fix ancient bug where elements didn't adjust to new body height when only expanding the window vertically. Fixes bug 16017. See SVN commit 549130.
    • Fix <a><label><img> not in a form, as seen on aircanada.com among other places. See SVN commit 549321.
    • Various improvements to quirky parsing. Fixes bugs 65546, 81806 and 122884. See SVN commits 549401, 552025 and 551858.
    • Fix /. for Turkish users: use locale-independent toupper and tolower replacements. Fixes bug 128842. See SVN commit 549506.
    • Fix crashes related to toLengthArray() and location.reload(). Fixes bugs 128792 and 128902. See SVN commits 549744 and 549888.
    • Allows treat :lang(x) selector case-insensitive. Since language codes are always case insensitive (RFC 3066). See SVN commit 551689.
    • Implement MSIE extension document.scripts(). See SVN commit 552331.
    • Fix crashes and misbehavior when mixing illegal <TABLE><FORM> with CSS styling. Fixes bugs 109304 and 128420. See SVN commit 552442.
    • Fix repainting issue in DHTML central's coolmenu. Fixes bug 109612. See SVN commit 552596.
    • Improve layout speed on some pages. Fixes bug 112231. See SVN commits 552677 and 553287.
    • Fix issue with floats on www.xinia.com. Fixes bug 121216. See SVN commit 553276.
    • Fix small memory-leak in adblock that caused crash-on-exit in development versions. Fixes bug 119512. See SVN commit 553393.
    • Improvements for the calculation of table-column width. Fixes bug 67849. See SVN commits 552382 and 552365.
    • Implemented auto-width quirk for floating tables. Fixes bug 123830. See SVN commit 553805.
    • Improvements to row-height and border-bottom/top calculations, and various other table improvement. Fixes bugs 121932, 106211 and 110721. See SVN commits 557184, 557800 and 559131.
    • Honour relative positioning on table cells as MSIE. Fixes bug 130955. See SVN commit 564852.
    • Fix form completion not working when name of form element contains []. Fixes bug 112379. See SVN commit 556653.
    • Fix CSS borders for iframes not showing up. Fixes bugs 56109 and 118277. See SVN commit 555345.
    • Properly recompute CSS information after manipulation with functions like addRule/removeRule/insertRule. Fixes bug 57159. See SVN commit 555957.
    • Fix "text-transform: capitalize" bug where multiple words got capital letters. See SVN commit 555985.
    • Make serializeToString work on arbitrary DOM nodes, and not just the document. Fixes bug 126869. See SVN commit 556110.
    • Speed up reading of innerHTML by a couple of times. Fixes bug 128397. See SVN commit 556347.
    • Make textareas interact better with DOM events. Fixes bug 129947. See SVN commit 557096.
    • Support width and height JavaScript properties on frame elements. See SVN commit 557100.
    • Prevent illegal insertion of extra "root" elements into the document. See SVN commit 557094.
    • Output 'transparent' for cssText when appropriate. Fixes bug 130225. See SVN commit 559918.
    • Do not crash if the parser can not fit a frameset element into a (malformed) document, and it has listeners attached. Fixes bug 106795. See SVN commit 559960.
    • Improve the compatibility of scrollTop/Left/Height/Width, offsetWidth/offsetHeight,clientWidth/clientHeight properties on the body and the root element. Fixes bugs 117163 and 130577. See SVN commit 561392.
    • Add keyboard shortcuts to the JavaScript debugger. See SVN commit 556939.
    • Fix JavaScript debugger sometimes showing empty sources for files. See SVN commit 544697.
    • Prevent rare infinite recursion on form labels. Fixes bug 116092. See SVN commit 563767.
    • Other improvements to layout rendering. Fixes bugs 128024 and 128760. See SVN commits 552597, 557104 and 552949.


    • Enumerate array properties in order of addition, matching other browsers. Fixes bug 28474. See SVN commit 556121.
    • Support the "debugger" keyword. See SVN commit 557310.


    • Increase usability of KIO KSSL dialog. See SVN commit 552134.
    • Update netlock QA class certificate. Fixes bug 115135. See SVN commit 549334.
    • Add startcom CA. See SVN commit 561393.


    • Add *.tor pattern for bittorrent mimetype. See SVN commit 548717.
    • Add x-mplayer2 (Microsoft media) mimetype. See SVN commit 548956.

kdeaccessibility [ all SVN changes ]

    kdeaddons [ all SVN changes ]

      Konqueror Searchbar Plugin

      • Hint the selected search provider. See SVN commit 552855.

    kdeadmin [ all SVN changes ]


      • Add support for Fedora Core 5. See SVN commit 550478.
      • Fix WEP key handling. Fixes Kubuntu bug 24516. See SVN commit 546416.
      • Fix wrong warning about missing alias in DNS server add dialog. Fixes Kubuntu bug 35507. See SVN commit 546417.
      • Fix problem with unamanaged interface partially written to config file. Fixes Kubuntu bug 18069. See SVN commit 546425.
      • Fix the address validator. Fixes bug 121991. See SVN commit 550121.

    kdepim[ homepage ] [ all SVN changes ]


      • Add support for the next gnokii version (>= 0.6.13). See SVN commit 550406.


      • Fix a crash on shutdown. Fixes bug 130377. See SVN commit 559595.
      • remove tray icon when disabling aKregator component in Kontact. Fixes bug 130127. See SVN commit 559615.


      • New facility to import alarms from other calendar files. See SVN commit 553344.
      • Fix Defer dialog time interval maximum to match maximum date/time value. See SVN commit 547138.
      • Fix crash when a deferred expired recurring alarm is edited from message window Edit button. See SVN commit 549799.
      • Fix crash when message is redisplayed at login. Fixes bug 129024. See SVN commit 552218.
      • Prevent inapplicable 'Unable to speak' error when alarm is redisplayed after login. See SVN commit 552758.
      • Save main window column order changes to use on restart (except message column). Fixes bug 130298. See SVN commit 561356.


      • Add DCOP accessors and setters for the note colors. See SVN commit 550490.
      • Fix Defer dialog time interval maximum to match maximum date/time value. Fixes bugs 110838 and 110915. See SVN commit 550047.


      • Don't crash if msg is 0. Bug found by Akonadi. See SVN commit 545471.
      • Fix bug 127538 by writing config changes to disk when the composer window is closed. Fixes bug 127538. See SVN commit 547653.
      • Fix bug 128513 by properly initializing the creation time of a signature. In case of clear signed messages we can't parse the date, so don't show it. Fixes bug 128513. See SVN commit 547690.
      • Don't remove commas when cleaning whitespace. Fixes bug 128528. See SVN commit 547861.
      • Fix progress item related crashes during POP3 fetches. Fixes bugs 110487, 118112, 119112, 121384, 127210 and 130303. See SVN commit 558673.
      • Fix Crash when creating a mail folder with a / in its name. Fixes bug 120448. See SVN commit 550851.
      • Fix IMAP Message view showing empty list when selected email is deleted or moved outside of KMail. Fixes bug 129028. See SVN commit 552126.
      • Fix untranslated message and improve text of some messages. See SVN commit 552460.
      • Fix some issues with keyboard shortcuts. Fixes bugs 124501 and 128984. See SVN commit 553370.
      • Display all headers in left to right direction. Fixes bug 129554. See SVN commit 553736.
      • Fix moving messages from an imap to a local folder. See SVN commit 553786.
      • Fix crash on logout when only a message pane is shown. Fixes bug 123997. See SVN commit 564166.


      • Dialog box for editing or deleting appointment does not catch "Yes"/"No". Fixes bug 127859. See SVN commit 548388.


      • Fix multiple messages removal from one server. Fixes bug 128361. See SVN commit 553500.


      • Add support for multiple holidays on the same date and for holidays that shift when occur on saturday or monday. Fixes bugs 64673 and 92474. See SVN commit 549721.

    kdebase [ all SVN changes ]


      • Bookmarks: Look up konsole-bookmarks in the correct directory. See SVN commit 527108.
      • Fix arrow location on vertical panels. Fixes bugs 128622 and 128561. See SVN commit 548428.
      • Allow manually turning on of previews in the pager at low screen resolutions. Fixes bug 119560. See SVN commit 565544.


      • There exist space characters other than ' ' (character code 32). Fixes bug 128327. See SVN commit 547903.
      • Fixed slow repaints of dynamically wrapped lines. Fixes bug 128690. See SVN commits 549739, 549908 and 550220.
      • Fix crashes when deleting text. Fixes bugs 127928, 89042 and 103648. See SVN commits 554150 and 554198.
      • Fix crash if there are folded regions and then highlighting is changed. Fixes bug 124102. See SVN commit 554261.
      • Fix highlighting # at the beginning of a line as comment. Fixes bug 92628. See SVN commits 555659, 556472 and 556104.
      • Fix horizontal scrollbar and view not synced, if dynamic and static word wrap are off. Fixes bug 129853. See SVN commit 555177.
      • Make it possible to reset the background and selected background color. Fixes bug 117479. See SVN commit 555481.
      • Fix broken selection repaints when resizing. Fixes bug 130015. See SVN commit 556297.
      • Fix strange behaviour with pentuple clicks. Fixes bug 106402. See SVN commit 556448.
      • "Find previous" should reverse the original direction, and nothing else... Fixes bug 130252. See SVN commit 558717.
      • Improve Ada support. See SVN commit 557828.
      • Jump to last non-whitespace character when "End" key is pressed twice. Fixes bug 78258. See SVN commit 556889.
      • Check textLine() return values in KateViewInternal's home() and end() functions. Fixes bug 125321. See SVN commit 557058.
      • Make the current document's highlighting mode selected when the highlighting config page opens. Fixes bug 123505. See SVN commit 557593.
      • backward text selection doesn't trigger horizontal scroll. Fixes bug 106571. See SVN commit 558895.
      • Improving backward search. Fixes bugs 123307 and 130252. See SVN commit 559493.
      • Fix missing repaints when dynamic word wrap is disabled. Fixes bug 130367. See SVN commit 559511.
      • Fixed highlighting of "case'-':". Fixes bug 121293. See SVN commit 562193.
      • Synchronize the "cached" selection when exposing a search match. Fixes bug 122101. See SVN commit 560302.
      • Fix crash on entering doxygen comment on editing cpp files. Fixes bug 130619. See SVN commit 561299.
      • Also autoindent Q_SLOTS and Q_SIGNALS. See SVN commit 564325.


      • Make CDROM info available in Control Centre. Fixes bug 47242. See SVN commit 551707.
      • Properly disable antialiasing by also setting the xrdb resource. See SVN commit 551202.
      • Fix nic information on AMD64 and others. Fixes bug 125263. See SVN commit 545108.
      • Add sysfs parsing support. Needed for distros that don't have /proc/bus/usb anymore. See SVN commit 553414.
      • Fix long-standing crash in KControls wallpaper-code. Fixes bug 124633. See SVN commit 564948.


      • Miscellaneous speedups. See SVN commit 546271.
      • Upon Prev/Next session, only activate new session when session.count > 1. Fixes bug 107197. See SVN commit 550095.
      • Add 256 color support. Fixes bug 107487. See SVN commit 557629.
      • Add DCOP calls setFont() and font(). Fixes bug 123325. See SVN commit 549730.
      • Fix extra character (^L) in konsolepart when using bash vi mode. Fixes bug 127540. See SVN commit 557931.
      • Fix the accelerator key for the Config->Schema tab. Fixes bug 128006. See SVN commit 545528.
      • Fix taking 100% cpu on printing tab-completion list in bash. Fixes bug 128488. See SVN commit 547516.
      • RMB->Close Session and tabbar menu->Close Session now uses the Close Confirmation Dialog. Fixes bug 129514. See SVN commit 553664.
      • Reduce flickering when resizing. Fixes bug 54230. See SVN commit 560010.


      • Fix searching for files greater than 2GB. Fixes bug 123838. See SVN commit 539481.



      • Fix crash when moving windows. Fixes bug 128663. See SVN commit 548508.


      • Fix text in RTL languages. Fixes bug 128909. See SVN commit 549732.

      media manager

    kdeedu [ all SVN changes ]


      • Fix Liechtenstein in World map. See SVN commit 550017.


      • Fix languages from i18n modules were not detected by KHangMan GHNS dialog. See SVN commit 610423.


      • New feature: possibility to edit a Python script once constructed. See SVN commit 554370.


      • Make insert special character insert it instead of resetting text and inserting it. Fixes bug 130629. See SVN commit 561644.


      • Fix AltvsTime bug (it would temporarily reset an object's Alt/Az coordinates in the map). See SVN commit 553460.
      • Improve rendering speed by reducing the density of points making up the coordinate grid. See SVN commit 555351.
      • Do not fade the transient label if the object acquires a label by being centered in the map. See SVN commit 555352.


      • Don't crash when closing a file during a quiz. Fixes bug 129697. See SVN commit 554362.


      • Always show the correct WhatThis-help in the information dialog. Fixes bug 130753. See SVN commit 562385.
      • Fix wrong spectrum range when selecting another element. Fixes bug 134086. See SVN commit 588062.

    kdegames [ all SVN changes ]


      • Fix garbage when opening the editor the first time. Fixes bug 129280. See SVN commit 552293.
      • Don't say only saving to local medium is supported when clicking cancel on the save dialog. Fixes bug 129284. See SVN commit 552305.


      • Fix wrong player (=color) names in moves window. Fixes bug 129488. See SVN commit 557254.
      • Fix kreversi does not update score on undo. Fixes bug 129531. See SVN commit 557535.
      • Fix the hourglass cursor is kept too long. Fixes bug 110942. See SVN commit 557558.


      • Do not display hints when starting a new game. Fixes bug 127474. See SVN commit 550426.


      • Reenable hint after game was lost and undoed. See SVN commit 555873.

    kdegraphics [ all SVN changes ]


      • Fix crash on multipage TIFF when doing zoom out and hitting "PgDown". Fixes bug 128235. See SVN commit 546368.


      • Update the thumbnail selection when toggling a search. Fixes bug 122788.
      • Fix the rendering of incorrect glyphs on some documents with Type 3 fonts.
      • Do not crash while printing some documents with jpeg images. Fixes bug 129971. See SVN commit 555943.
      • Make watching of ps files work. Fixes bug 130000. See SVN commit 556704.
      • Make space scroll by viewport-page, not by document-page. Fixes bug 105211. See SVN commit 557211.
      • Fix PDF files sometimes opening as ASCII. Fixes bug 122845. See SVN commit 560199.
      • Fix find next is quickly disabled when the "search as you type" feature is used. Fixes bug 109078. See SVN commit 561026.
      • Make the find dialog remember searched texts. Fixes bug 127382. See SVN commit 561026.
      • Do not crash on files that have GfxImageColorMap we can not parse. Fixes bug 130846. See SVN commit 563106.


      • Install photobookui.rc to the correct place. Fixes bug 106747. See SVN commit 424927.

    kdenetwork [ all SVN changes ]


      • Fix ICQ server thinks the client you are using is too old. Fixes bug 130630. See SVN commit 561016.


      • Fix advanced button not working after Scaling. Fixes bug 116913. See SVN commit 562938.
      • Make "always show local cursor" and "view only" permanently configurable via krdcrc. Fixes bugs 96174 and 108620. See SVN commit 563036.
      • Handle "smb:/" as well as "smb://" URLs. Fixes bug 103932. See SVN commit 563039.

    kdesdk [ all SVN changes ]


      • Do not show duplicate branch tags when pressing 'Fetch list' multiple times. Fixes bug 125075.


      • Fixes to some issues changing interface into class and vice versa. Fixes bug 79433. See SVN commit 557369.
      • Add Free Pascal code import and generator. Fixes bug 114547.
      • Enable selection of multiple classes in Select Classes dialog. Fixes bug 126485.
      • Fix crash when importing classes from a java file. Fixes bugs 129107 and 130093.
      • Fix crash after single click on the "UML Model" tree window. Fixes bug 129252.
      • Cannot insert transition/association TO fork/join node in activity diagram. Fixes bug 129914.
      • Importing java files that reference their own class name crashes. Fixes bug 130735.
      • Importing java class (enum pattern) cause umbrello to hang. Fixes bug 130792.
      • Importing java subinterface before superinterface results in superinterface not being treated as an interface. Fixes bug 130793.
      • Java import: method and class visibility ignored. Fixes bug 130794.
      • Java import - static not handled correctly. Fixes bug 130926.
      • Java import - package visibility incorrectly represented. Fixes bug 130932.
      • Java import - random import order can result in interface being teated as class. Fixes bug 131006.
      • Java import - associations not setup correctly, duplicate classes created. Fixes bug 131270.

    kdeutils [ all SVN changes ]


      • KCalc could crash when computing sin, cos, log etc. of infinite or nan. Fixes bug 130880.


      • Improve UTF-8 compliance.


      • Don't show the manager on session restore if there are no wallets open and auto-close is enabled. Fixes bug 128022.


      • Disabling setWidgetOnTop on widgets does not work. Fixes bug 127217.

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