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KDE 3.5.2 to KDE 3.5.3 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible the additions and corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 releases. Nevertheless it should be considered as incomplete.

arts [all SVN changes]

kdelibs [all SVN changes]

    • Don't crash when triple-clicking on a line that has :after or :before content, or anything that isn't in the DOM (bug #95319)
    • Implement nondeterministic CSS matching (bug #103285 and bug #101115)
    • Do not crash if an old target got destroyed. (bug #124554)
    • Fix static Y position of positioned objects in initial whitespace (3.5 regression). (bug #125185)
    • Fontrendering: A few percent speedup by caching font scalability info
    • Konqueror will crash if a floated link uses :hover:before or :hover:after to create a positioned element. (bug #94997)
    • Text selection misbehaves for devanagari. (bug #101009)
    • Fix crash when hovering a HTML menu item (bug #117240)
    • Don't crash when null pointer passed to removeEventListener (bug #126100)
    • Prevent an infinite loop in parseToken() when dealing with broken HTML. (bug #126268)
    • If we saved creating a renderer at attach. Create it if we later need it. (bug #125715)
    • Don't allow to find text in password fields. (bug #126745)
    • Improve XHTML CSS styling
    • Handle CSS restyling for all types of dynamic DOM changes and user interaction
    • Only repaint the expossed background when scrolling. Optimizes a few slow pages with unoptimized X11 drivers. (bugs #125580 and #118806)
    • Speed-up painting and selections on pages with large tables.
    • Match better the error-handling capabilities of Firefox with respect to DL/DT/DD elements. (bugs #121888, #112069 and #109877)
    • Added missing sanity check which caused crashes in caret mode on pgup/pgdn when there was no valid caret. (bug #120205)
    • Make sure copyBlt doesn't fail because of different depth. (bug #127189)
    • No other property depends on background-image, and applying it before the rest of the background short-hand breaks it under inheritance. (bug #127444)
  • KIO
    • Add media kioslave support to KFileDialog (bug #105771 and bug #106077)
    • KPropertiesDialog first renames the file, then allows all plugins to save their changes. (bug #105771)
    • Make KDirSelectDialog work with media:/ and similar. Fixes JuK.
  • KDEPrint
    • Fix usage of private methods in CUPS which broke KDEPrint with CUPS 1.2 (bug #124157)
    • Allow adding multiple file to the to-be-printed list. (bug #114384)
    • No fax sent when special characters are included in the sender information (bug #106369)
    • Kdeprintfax ignores paper size setting when using Hylafax (bug #108066)
  • KDE-UI
  • KIO-Slaves
    • KIO-HTTP
      • Keep the fragment when doing redirections. (the HTTP requests and redirections don't include fragments; it's a browser thing). (bug #124654)

kdeaccessibility [all SVN changes]

kdeaddons [all SVN changes]

  • domtreeviewer (Konqueror-Plugin)
    • Fix the crash when "reopening the dialog when it's already up" (bug #127405)

kdeadmin [all SVN changes]

kdeartwork [all SVN changes]

kdebase [all SVN changes]

  • General
    • New: KDE startup reordered in order to improve startup time.
    • KDialog: --title does not work in at least one case (bug #115723)
    • Don't show the screensaver when doing presentations (commit)
    • If KDE shuts down while starting up (due to low battery status), saved session is lost (bug #100935)
    • KSysGuard: Typos in the ksysguard PO file (bug #125729)
    • Random wallpapers don't change on every configuration change.
  • Kicker
    • Bookmarks: Look up konsole-bookmarks in the correct directory (commit)
    • Show/hide arrow not shown if all icons are hidden (bug #126374)
  • KControl
  • KFind
    • Don't draw a separator, it causes a couple of ugly pixels. (bug #126742)
  • Konsole
    • Fix a possible crash on session save/logout (commit)
    • Numerous fixes due to the Coverity reports.
    • Fix DCOP call setEncoding. (#120998)
    • kwrited - Add a 'Clear Messages' to the popup menu. (#52524)
    • Fix crash when user deletes all the sessions. (#121640)
    • Fix underline issue when there are ampersands in tab title. (#121782)
    • Remember the text color while moving the tab. (#125373)
    • Fix issue with tab/window titles not refreshing for the non-active session. (#125796)
    • Verify that the command is executable for '-e <command>.' (#125977)
    • Use the "DefaultSession" parameter in konsolerc. (#126557)
  • Kate
    • Fix crash in View Difference (bug #123887)
    • Fix crash in external tools config when clicking the edit button. (cf. bug #121607)
  • Konqueror
    • Fix multi selection and Show/Hide in toolbar. (#124308)
    • Fix QString/KURL confusion which probably caused encoding bugs with local paths on non-latin1 systems.
    • Respect user-selected view mode when browsing removable media. (#108542)
    • Fixed detection of some Netscape plugins when packagers are built with new ld flags.
  • KWin
    • Don't force new windows to be at the beginning of the focus chain (windows with focus stealing prevention shouldn't be there).
    • Don't deactivate the showing desktop state when a new window is shown that belongs to the desktop.(bug #113552)
    • KWin messes up ConfigureRequest:s, causing X crashes. (bug #124087)
    • Move minimized windows to the right place in focus chain. (bug #124807)
    • Separate focus chains are nice, but KDE-style Alt+Tab not limited to the current desktop (bug #124721)
    • Window switching (alt-tab) with focus (strictly) under or follow mouse does not switch all windows and newly focused window doesn't get focus (bug #123890)
    • Obey automatic un-hover option also when switching to a shaded window with alt+tab. (bug #126291)
    • Mouse cursor covers tooltips of KDE applications (bug #124355)
    • Fixed timestamp handling on 64bit systems, fixes focus problems when running KDE for a long time

kdebindings [all SVN changes]

kdeedu [all SVN changes]

  • KTouch
    • Changed default lecture font from Courier to Monospace in KTouch and all lecture files (bug #108690)
    • Statistics are also stored for the mini-default level
    • Statistics dialog has been rearranged
    • Fixed freeze of appliation on click on "clear statistics" button (bug #119568)
    • Fixing several wrong keyboard-layouts (bug #119189)
    • Default keyboard is selected based on KDE locale (fixes bug #54379 and bug #99947)
    • Color scheme entries in the main menu will be shown without interpreting & as automatic accelerator
    • Slideline algorithm reworked and enhanced, cleared bugs related to improper cursor movement/size, wrong sliding etc. (fixes bug #54329 and bug #116838)
    • Trailing spaces are removed from lines when lecture is read (bug #107080)
    • KTouch has also seen some minor feature-improvements.
      • Configuration settings allow change of sliding widget height limit, useful for large screen resolutions (feature request: #76666)
      • Line length limit removed, teacher text can now be as long as desired, wrong student line text is limited to size of teacher lengths + some offset
      • New default mini level with a few more lines
      • Default keyboard is selected based on KDE locale (requests: #54379, #99947)
      • Quick select lists of training lectures/keyboard layouts are now sorted alphabetically
      • Added keyboard hiding feature in configuration (request: #104238)
      • Show language names for keyboards in addition to file names in quick selection menu
      • Manual level change buttons can be disabled in automatic-level change mode (request: #121598)
  • Kalzium
    • Don't stop moving the KalziumTip if the mouse hovers it.
  • KmPlot
    • Make the initial function color wrap around after 10 functions had been created.
    • Use [-π,π] as the default interval for parametric equations instead of the current x-range.
    • Fixed storage of small numbers (was using e.g. "1.22e-6", but as "e" is a constant, this was parsed as "(1.22*e)-6").
    • Make sure range to numerically integrate over is tiled perfectly (bug #121051).

kdegames [all SVN changes]

  • KAsteroids
    • Missile goes through closer asteroids (#13388)

kdegraphics [all SVN changes]

kdemultimedia [all SVN changes]

  • Changing the slider should enable the apply/reset buttons (bug #119962)
  • Fixed audiocd:/ to Ogg extraction when packagers are built with new ld flags.
  • JuK
    • Fix "JuK trying to add unknown category in File Renamer" (bug #124976)
  • KAudioCreator
    • Fix regression causing renamed tracks to be disregarded when ripping/encoding

kdenetwork [all SVN changes]

  • Kopete
    • Fix automatic spellchecking when turning off rich text
    • Prevent contacts from being added to a server side group called Top Level
    • Message notification in contactlist (bug #126016)
    • Fix crash for AIM (report)
    • Kopete is closing down all connections and reconnects after about each 1 minute (bug #101669)
    • Fix Kopete crash after change ICQ status to online. (bug #115772)
    • Fix crash in ICQ on disconnect due to connect elsewhere. (bug #122827)

kdepim [all SVN changes]

  • KAlarm
    • New: Add DCOP calls and command line options to display the edit alarm dialog
    • New: Add Select All and Deselect actions & shortcuts for import birthdays list
    • Make system tray icon appear in non-KDE window managers (bug 123651)
    • Fix corruption of alarms displayed at logout and then deferred after login (bug 124508)
    • Fix erroneous adjustment of recurrence start date when saving alarm
    • Fix crash when --play command line option is used, if compiled without aRts (bug 124835)
    • Don't show disabled alarms in system tray tooltip alarm list (bug 125675)
    • Fix reminder time not being saved in alarm templates (bug 127760)
  • KArm
    • Make context menu work in the karm kontact plugin. (cf. bug #124190)
  • CertManager
    • S/MIME support in QGPGME backend (bug #127389)
  • KMail
    • New:: Implementing folder quick filing #113759)
    • Fix crash in disconnected IMAP (commit)
    • Fixing the frequent loss of folder-settings (commit)
    • Fixes of several memory-leaks
    • Message list view containing empty rows and causing crash when double clicking (#89549)
    • Cannot create new folders with IMAP using Dovecot-imapd (#121843)
    • Don't insert the separator after "Delete Folders" for system folders. (#125180)
    • Drag and drop of messages to composer fails on x64 systems (#125477)
    • Fix crash when trying to view source while the Message Preview Pane is hidden. (#85175)
    • Don't crash when IMAP mailbox modified externally (#126060)
    • Fix a syntax error in kmail_clamav.sh (#126529)
    • Don't crash when trying to "send again" a message that is not there. (#126571)
    • Properly initialize font buttons when the composer is started in HTML mode (commit)
    • Fix mixed language phrases when a non-English language is used for reply/forward phrases (bug 109533)
    • Improve detection of external references (bug 123520 )
    • 'Fallback character encoding' and 'detect missing attachments' settings now work properly (see bug 122571 and bug 124703 resp)
    • Fix IMAP-crash after fresh startup and selecting mail (bug 126715)
    • Fix IMAP-crash while selecting mail in mail header view (bug 125723)
  • IMAP
    • Only remove the / when it is not quoted - fixes wrong searches. (bug #123605)
  • KOrganizer
    • Fixed: "normal" events aren't displayed if they're covered/overlaped by floating, multiday events
    • Show categories in list view (bug #123728)
  • KAddressBook
    • Make it possible to delete an URL again (bug #124063)
  • Akregator
    • New: add author information to article header (in the article pane only)
    • Prevent "Akregator is running" messages on startup (reset PID to -1 when closing akregator)
    • Do not crash on startup when Combined View mode is activated (Happened only when experimental tagging is activated)
    • Do not reset status of modified articles to "New". It's just too much noise for a tiny bit of signal. (bug #101907)
    • When iterating over articles using previous [unread] article, jump to the oldest article instead of newest when entering a new feed (bug #126316)
    • Disable apply button in config dialog when nothing was changed (bug #103820)
  • Message subject unnecessarily HTML-encoded in download status popup (bug #127677)

kdesdk [all SVN changes]

  • Umbrello
    • Export all views (extension of #58809)
    • Static variables in java code are not marked static (#59190)
    • New alignment type "distribute horizontally/vertically" (extension of #67058)
    • Save autosave file to a more obvious place (#72019)
    • Usability and responsiveness improvements to code import (#93296)
    • Auto-complete in parameter properties dialog in class diagram (#104477)
    • Don't crash on application exit (#112092)
    • Memory problem when importing classes from C++ sources (#122668)
    • Nestable components and subsystems in Component diagram (#124326)
    • Switch back to arrow tool after association creation (debian/353344)
    • Code generation wizard fails at generating C++ implementation code (#126489)
    • Fix crash loading xmi file (#125331, #126968)
    • User interaction with UMLWidget improvements (#126391)
    • Comments are cut short when generating PHP code (#126480)
    • Freeze on C++ class import (#126994)
    • Fix crash on importing Java 1.5 classes containing annotations (#127160)
  • KCacheGrind
    • "Fix slow handling (loading, cycle detection, drawing the call graph) of profiles where functions have number of callers/callees in the thousands. These unusual profiles are typically produced by running callgrind on Valgrind itself (so called Valgrind self-hosting)."

kdetoys [all SVN changes]

  • KTeaTime
    • Formatting of minutes and seconds is incorrect, has the space between seconds and "s" (bug #117932)

kdeutils [all SVN changes]

  • Ark
    • Fixed opening of 7-zip archives with recent versions of p7zip
    • Prevent crashes caused by trying to compress files which were deleted (bug #113585)
    • Fix opening archives with strange characters in the filename (bug #125788)
    • Enable again opening of .deb files (bug #126051)
    • Ark is not complaining when directories already exist (bug #108316)
    • The error window is now resizable (bug #105982)
  • KCalc

kdevelop [all SVN changes]

kdewebdev [all SVN changes]

  • Quanta Plus
    • another round of VPL fixes. Requires KDE 3.5.3 to work properly (bug #125434)
    • don't crash when viewing remote files in VPL (bug #126314)
    • silently ignore files from a project view that do not exist anymore (bug #126588)
    • show a correct error message if a file does not exist (bug #126588)
    • make the img and script tags standard compliant (bug #125596)
    • don't loose important spaces when applying source indentation (bug #125213)
    • add input button to the Forms toolbar (bug #125202)

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