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KDE 3.4 to KDE 3.4.1 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible the additions and corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.4 and 3.4.1 releases. Nevertheless it should be considered as incomplete.

arts [all SVN changes]

kdelibs [all SVN changes]

  • kdecore: Fix in command-line argument handler for clicking on mailto urls while kontact was started with arguments
  • kdecore: Fix the support for Dante proxies (#98018)
  • kdecore: Fix the "random resolver failure" problem (#94703)
  • kdecore: Fix the support for the IPv6 Blacklist in ioslaves
  • kdeui: Fix "Change Icon" in the toolbar editor
  • khtml: Fix submitted position for scrolled imagemaps (#59701)
  • khtml: Load external CSS style-sheet with correct charset (#79065)
  • khtml: Apply CSS padding to tables(#50235, #90711)
  • khtml: Improve PRE parsing (#82393, #93025)
  • khtml: Fix links with WBR tags (#101678)
  • khtml: Parse CSS3 pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements more strict
  • khtml: Fix document.all.item
  • khtml: Return meaningful HTMLTableCellElement::cellIndex() values (#58799)
  • khtml: Unbreak setting of location.href on windows opened by windows.open() (#101178)
  • khtml: Various crash fixes (#78205, #84173, #86973, #97085, #98973)
  • khtml: Fixed infinite loop due to onChange from textareas (bug #100963)
  • khtml: Fix crash in window.setTimeout when Javascript is disabled
  • khtml: Fix server-side-push handler to accept bugzilla sending "text/html; charset=utf-8" as Content-Type (bug #77333)
  • khtml: Fix for MMB-pasting onto an empty konqueror window (bug #61179)
  • kjs: Allow non-ascii letters in identifiers (#102793)
  • kjs: More flexible date string parsing (#98027)
  • kjs: Fixes in escape() and unescape() functions
  • kjs: Fixes in RegExp constructor
  • kssl: store SSL passwords in the KDE wallet and reuse as needed
  • kio: KZip: Fixed double-deletion bug when trying to write to a non-writable directory.
  • kio: Fix for print:/manager not embedding the right part in Konqueror
  • kio: Use correct window icon in Konqueror when showing trash:/ (bug #100321)
  • kfile: Don't show edit dialog when drop-adding items to sidebar
  • kfile: If Shift is pressed when menu opens show 'Delete' instead of 'Trash' (#100394)
  • kio-http: Prevent endless busy loop (bug #102925)
  • kio-http: Massive speed improvement for deleting Webdav folders
  • kio-ftp: Try non-passive mode if passive mode fails
  • kio-ftp: Fix parsing of Netware FTP servers, so that files don't all appear with a lock (no permissions) (bug #76442)
  • kutils: Fixed support for back ref \0 (entire matched text)(bug #102495)

kdeaccessibility [all SVN changes]

kdeaddons [all SVN changes]

  • Rellinks: Disable the toolbar by default (#83514)

kdeadmin [all SVN changes]

  • kuser: Fix crash when adding user (#100443)

kdeartwork [all SVN changes]

kdebase [all SVN changes]

  • Konsole: Allow xterm resize ESC code to work (#95932)
  • Konsole: Fix incorrect schema in detached sessions. (#98472)
  • Konsole: Fix compile errors on amd64 with gcc4 (#101559)
  • Konsole: Expand ~ in sessions' Exec= (#102941)
  • Konsole: Fix "Monitor for Activity" and "Monitor for Silence" icons are the same. (#103554)
  • kinfocenter: Fix OpenGL graphics card detection (#105963)
  • kicker: Fixed K menu entries sort logic
  • kicker: Hide sort buttons in systemtray configuration
  • kcmbackground: Fix SVG files unavailable in slide show selector (#102244)
  • kcmfonts: Tooltips under font preview text areas with '&' (bug #101563)
  • kcontrol: "Clear History" button crashes KControl's "History Sidebar" module (bug #100348)
  • kdesktop: Fix SVG images don't have 'set as wallpaper' entry in context menu when dragged to desktop (#100597)
  • kdesktop: Don't execute command immediately when selecting a recent command from the "Run Command" dialog (#100733)
  • konqueror: Enable "Move To Trash" inside media:/ (#101839)
  • konqueror: If Shift is pressed when menu opens show 'Delete' instead of 'Trash' (#100394)
  • konqueror: Fix address bar encryption color stays when using back/forward (bug #104227)
  • konqueror: Added hidden option to not show archives as folder in sidebar (bug #98070)
  • konqueror: Make list view obey preview settings in tooltips (bug #100601)
  • konqueror: Allow standard tooltips for truncated items in non-executable columns
  • konqueror: Fix for wrong favicon being shown while typing a URL (bug #100256)
  • konqueror: Fix for losing meta data in Info List View when adding a file (bug #101052)
  • konqueror: Allow sidebar history to be disabled bug #103941)
  • konqueror: Reload plugins after enabling/disabling them so that no restart is necessary, and show plugins for the active part, instead of always khtml.
  • kthememanager: Don't scale up preview (bug #100781)
  • khelpcenter: Added KDE artwork to index pages (bug #100380)
  • kio-fish: Fixed mimetype determination over fish: URLs, so that e.g. KOffice documents can be opened (bug #69333)
  • kio-tar: Fix for extracting large files from tar and zip archives (bug #101486)
  • kio-trash: Fix trashing from USB keys (bug #99847)
  • kio-trash: Don't mount all automounted directories when starting kio_trash to save time (bug #101116)

kdebindings [all SVN changes]

kdeedu [all SVN changes]

  • KLettres: fix Z in English data (#102320)
  • KLettres: Romanized Hindi and Spanish support added
  • KLettres: fix empty line in txt file that generated an empty special char
  • KHangMan: Slovak support added and bug fix in case language is empty in kdeglobals
  • KHangMan: fix empty line in txt file that generated an empty special char
  • KHangMan: fix German first capital letter (#104502)
  • Kig: check if the file name is a temporary one (#98142)
  • Kig: don't crash when loading documents with incorrect object types (#100292)
  • Kig: better size for some menu item icons
  • KmPlot: Print header table correctly when automatic scaling is chosen.
  • Kalzium: Fix drawing of the atom-hulls of elements 87-114 (#104990)
  • Kalzium: Fix a wrong unit (used cm^2 instead of cm^3 for the density) (#103296)
  • Kalzium: Fix translation-problem (#101741)

kdegames [all SVN changes]

kdegraphics [all SVN changes]

  • kpdf: Change atan2f to atan2 so it compiles on Solaris 2.8 #100778
  • kpdf: Show context menu when in FullScreen even if no document is open #100881
  • kpdf: Do not leak memory when reloading a document #101192
  • kpdf: Fix mouse wheel rotation in presentation mode #101519
  • kpdf: Do not assume only there's only a ObjectRect in a given point #101648
  • kpdf: Fix properties dialog when there are very large texts #102117
  • kpdf: Compile when Xft2 headers are in a non-standard path #102119
  • kpdf: Make Page Up and Page Down work on presentation mode #102565
  • kpdf: Ask when overwriting files #102332
  • kpdf: Solaris compile fix #102337
  • kpdf: Do not move to top of the page when reloading the document #102869
  • kpdf: Add another path where to look for ghostscript fonts #103891
  • kpdf: Workaround weakness in gnome handling of desktop files #104471
  • kpdf: Don't assume Encoding array of Type1 fonts end in "foo def" #104786
  • kpdf: Fix text copying on some documents #105630
  • kpdf: Parse Light and Condensed in font name
  • kpdf: Fix the allocation size of libgoo on 64bit architectures
  • kpdf: Fix problems with non-standard styles
  • kpdf: Fix disabled icons
  • ksnapshot: Rescale screenshot preview when resizing window (bug #104895)

kdemultimedia [all SVN changes]

  • akodelib: Avoid endless loops when paused in JuK (#98223)
  • akode_plugins: Fix crash when playing musepack(MPC) files on AMD64 (#102105)
  • akode_plugins: Fix some cases where streaming of Ogg Vorbis failed
  • JuK: Selecting the undo command now undoes only the last change again (#105725)

kdenetwork [all SVN changes]

  • Kopete: Fix crash when KDE logout(#91288)
  • Kopete: Fix crash when drag&drop a temporary contact to the list. (#103248)
  • Kopete: Fix crash when ignoring messages from non-buddies (#100196)
  • Kopete: Resize correctly wide photos (#101665)
  • Kopete: Change the effect applied on offline status icon in order to let see the color (#103278)
  • Kopete: Update the contactlist whan KDE (fonts) settings changes.(#102288)
  • Kopete: Don't send empty messages when holding enter(#100334)
  • Kopete: MSN: Don't dissconnect people using webmessenger.msn.com when sending message with default font(#102371)
  • Kopete: MSN: Make the timeout option for away message works. (#104040)
  • Kopete: MSN: Fix the reverse list button.(#104214)
  • Kopete: MSN: Fix connections problems(#105929)
  • Kopete: MSN: Avatars downloaded correctly by third client like Gaim (#97589)
  • Kopete: MSN: Show font and colors settings(#100577)
  • Kopete: MSN: Scale the display picture (#104445)
  • Kopete: Yahoo: Fix big fonts(#100617)
  • Kopete: Yahoo: fix problems when sending messages(#102274)
  • Kopete: ICQ: Display only one error when we hit an unknown error(#100064)
  • Kopete: ICQ: fix "Online Sice" (#102460)
  • Kopete: ICQ and AIM: Fix typing notifycation (#101037)
  • Kopete: ICQ and AIM: Escape HTML correctly (#)
  • Kopete: Latex: Blacklist some latex command (#103026)
  • Kopete: GroupWise: copy and paste in contact property dialog (#99463)

kdepim [all SVN changes]

  • KMail: Fix compilation on IRIX (#100725)
  • KMail: Send redirected messages to the correct address even if sending failed at first (#101190)
  • KMail: Fix crash when canceling KWallet password prompt (#101847)
  • KMail: Reduce memory consumption when importing folders
  • KMail: Honor the character encoding when loading a message from a file (#100834)
  • KMail: Fix problem with per-identity BCC addresses (#102101)
  • KMail: Fix problem with inline forwarding of CC'ed messages (#100249)
  • KMail: Allow thread-related actions for single messages in threaded message list (#102351)
  • KMail: Show correct attachment status of imported message (#102766)
  • KMail: Fix attachment detection (#102663)
  • KMail: Fix problem with context menu for email addresses (#103493)
  • KMail: Show categories in the recipients picker
  • KMail: Fix problem with Apply button staying disabled (#86269)
  • KMail: Correctly update filters filtering by status(#101001)
  • KMail: Fix for deletion of folders with subfolders using cached imap
  • KMail: Rename temporary file used for compaction so that it doesn't risk appearing when kmail is killed and restarted
  • KNode: Don't create empty reference headers when superseding articles (#58290)
  • KNode: Cleanly terminate network threads (#77381)
  • KNode: Respect custom color settings in the folder tree and source viewer (#100533)
  • KNode: More robust handling of optional headers in XOVER response (#101354)
  • KNode: Don't toggle 'sort by thread change date' when restoring header view layout (#102574)
  • KNode: Show error message on write errors (#103973)
  • KNode: Remove linebreaks from subject (#104788)
  • KNode: Don't break inline GPG signatures when forwarding messages (#104790)
  • KNode: Fix drag&drop crash in folder tree
  • karm: Don't crash when deleting a task. (#100391)
  • Akregator: Don't crash when closing tab before the page is loaded. (#101413)
  • Akregator: Show icons on status filter combobox KMail style
  • Akregator: Make reset filter button to reset status filter
  • Akregator: Show window with size it was closed or with one from command line (#102359)
  • Akregator: Remove block around "Read more" link (#103665)
  • Kalarm: Fix failure to enable "Reminder for first recurrence only" checkbox.
  • Kalarm: Don't ignore Sound setting in Preferences dialog Edit tab.
  • Kalarm: Reset sound volume (if it was set) as soon as audio file playing is complete.
  • KAlarm: Don't start KMix when an alarm is displayed if no sound volume is specified. (#102315)
  • KAlarm: Don't play the audio file if the sound volume is set to zero. (#104218)
  • Kalarm: Add command script and execute-in-terminal options to DCOP interface.

kdesdk [all SVN changes]

  • cervisia: Fix statusbar when embedded in konqueror (#97664)
  • kio_svn (subversion) : Various bugfixes (import, checkout and memleaks fixed)
  • umbrello: Fix crash on deleting attribute or enum literal
  • umbrello: Fix crash in UMLView::createAutoAttributeAssociations()
  • umbrello: Fix failure to import C++ enum type with comment on last literal
  • umbrello: Fix non-Latin1 characters in diagram names
  • umbrello: Generate missing "static" keyword in new C++ code generator
  • umbrello: Make messages refer to operations rather than being dumb text (#53376)
  • umbrello: Make drag-to-folder behave (#57667)
  • umbrello: Fix label placement in sequence diagram (#57875)
  • umbrello: Allow copy/paste of attributes, operations (#70924)
  • umbrello: Stop canvas from centering to moved class (#89691)
  • umbrello: Fix entity relationship association attachments (#95353)
  • umbrello: Add actions in context menu of ERM (#96372)
  • umbrello: Stop uncontrolled scrolling in large class diagram (#97599)
  • umbrello: Fix display of same-type attributes (#100290)
  • umbrello: Recognize classes in packages in add-attribute dialog (#100307)
  • umbrello: Fix performance problem with large models (#101148)
  • umbrello: Add more options to select action in sequence diagram (#101541)
  • umbrello: Fix changing the order of operations in class diagram (#103123)
  • umbrello: Reduce sensitivity to element order when loading xmi files (#103133)
  • umbrello: Fix code generation for interfaces in various programming languages (#103728)
  • umbrello: Fix dimensioning of interfaces in EPS exported class diagrams (#104637)

kdetoys [all SVN changes]

kdeutils [all SVN changes]

  • Ark: Dead lock in "Add to archive" action when providing invalid archive format (#99279)
  • Ark: Mark "Selected Files" as default in the extraction dialog if more than one file is selected (#105787)
  • KFloppy: better error messages during low-level formatting (Linux only) (including bug #87637 and partially bug #103954)
  • KFloppy: disable "Auto-Detect" on BSD, as it is not supported (BSD Only)
  • kcharselect: Removed "Configure Toolbars..." menu item (bug #105430)
  • kgpg: No "Import Missing Signatures From Keyserver" for own key (bug #101245)

kdevelop [all SVN changes]

  • Subversion: many bugfixes (see kio_svn section)

kdewebdev [all SVN changes]

Quanta Plus

  • read/write the correct entry from description.rc in the editor
  • fill only the attributes with source="selection" with the selection in the tag editing dialog
  • fix matching of excluded files from a project
  • don't crash when Selected is pressed and nothing is selected (in the CSS editor) (bug 101919)
  • try to fix the crash caused by incompatible changes between KDE 3.3.x and 3.4.x libcvsservice (bug #102996)
  • show the correct relative paths in URL autocompletion
  • fix crash when unsetting breakpoints
  • nicer processing of CVS output
  • read the image sizes for remote images as well
  • insert an img tag for remote images as well when using Drag and Drop
  • better context sensitiv documentation (needs updated documentation and DTEP packages)


  • fix detection of scripts that are run from a temporary directory

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