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KDE 3.3.1 to KDE 3.3.2 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible the additions and corrections that occured in KDE between the 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 releases. Nevertheless it should be considered as incomplete.


kdelibs [all CVS changes]

  • kdecore: recognize known names for the MacRoman charset (useful for KHTML)
  • khtml: only disallow fixed positioning on body, not relative/absolute (#77048, #76982)
  • khtml: added Javascript-support for HTMLDocument.compatMode
  • khtml: fixed textarea manipulation by DOM
  • khtml: paged media support (page-break-before and -after) (#68930)
  • khtml: correctly handle text-transform on first-letter (#76078)
  • khtml: fixed display: block on pseudo-elements (#90917)
  • khtml: return Undefined instead of Null for out-of-range indices
  • khtml: fixed stopPropagation when called from the target node itself (#90750)
  • khtml: fixed htmlCompat mode for documents served as text/html (#86446)
  • khtml: fixed display: compact (#75806)
  • khtml: support z-order for text areas and list boxes
  • khtml: don't set assume <select> got items when we calculate a height for items (#87466)
  • khtml: changed default horizontal margins for H1-H6 from auto to 0 (#91327)
  • khtml: escape otherwise unencodable characters in form submits (#82018)
  • khtml: merged min,max-height fixes (#59502, #59503)
  • khtml: merged handling of event handlers (#91408)
  • khtml: implemented CSS 2.1 compliant parsing of background-position (#91572)
  • khtml: fixed m_value vs ATTR_VALUE problem which didn't allow sending mail on gmail
  • khtml: make use of the suggested filename for images (#57590)
  • khtml: tons of bidi fixes (#54916, #59476, #62904, #64506, #69806, #74800, #79365, #86157, #91955)
  • khtml: enable strict CSS parsing also for transitional doctypes (#83129, #79970)
  • khtml: ignore height element for input elements that are not image (#79269)
  • khtml: form widget fixes for plastik (and others)
  • khtml: make sure we are layouted before scrolling if we are still loading (#51473)
  • khtml: add compensated font scale from Todd Fahrner's "Toward a standard font size interval system" (#91228)
  • khtml: avoid triggering full repaints of the view before the first layout is done
  • khtml: implement CSS3 property box-sizing to match MacIE, Opera and Mozilla
  • khtml: fix globeandmail.com famlily of crashes (#65715)
  • khtml: floats and flowing around floats improvements (#92979, #93511, #89527)
  • khtml: fix textarea scrolling positions (#93193)
  • khtml: tons of fixes for tables (#70418, #22657)
  • khtml: remove hidden widgets from the painting (#73984)
  • khtml: avoid crashes on XML documents (#87495)
  • khtml: ignore relative positioning on table sections (#90437)
  • khtml: fix static position calculation for positioned elements (#78449, #83748, #88193, #65940, #68303, #73000)
  • khtml: support insertAdjacentHTML (#33968)
  • khtml: fix crash in sites manipulating frames (#67624)
  • khtml: async kwallet support (#70789, #90915, #75549)
  • khtml: fix selectorText() when no namespace is specified (#79645)
  • khtml: update the layout before fetching the computed values (#86515)
  • khtml: color 'http://foo' links as visited if 'http://foo/' is in history (#75771)
  • khtml: corrected ref-counting error leading to segfault/invalid memory usage (#87892)
  • khtml: fixed some memory corruptions with garbage HTML
  • khtml: account for scrollbar height when sizing variable overflow:scroll/auto boxes (#89136)
  • khtml: restrict access to java classes from javascript
  • kio: fix a crash that can appear in applications using treeviews to display a folder (#88763)

kdeaccessibility [all CVS changes]

kdeaddons [all CVS changes]

kdeadmin [all CVS changes]

kdeartwork [all CVS changes]

  • plastik: improved performance when hovering over tabs (bug #89712)

kdebase [all CVS changes]

  • kcontrol: fix setting mouse buttons to left-handed for mice with many buttons(#42609)
  • kcontrol: activate mouse cursor moving with keyboard if enabled (#92957)
  • kcontrol-usbview: USB revision number and level was given in decimal instead of hex
  • kdesu: do not cause several seconds delay during logout
  • khotkeys: work around a bug in Qt keyboard compression breaking simulated keyboard input (#84434)
  • klipper: fix mouse selection sometimes not being recorded
  • klipper: work around a problem in OpenOffice.org causing it to stop updating selection (#80302)
  • klipper: do not record partial selections when created using the keyboard (#85198)
  • klipper: reduce heavy load caused by clipboard selected in Acrobat Reader (#68173)
  • klipper: protect against heavy load caused by broken clipboard handling in Lyx (#84595)
  • kwin: avoid window description dialog for special window settings and try to guess the information automatically (#84605)
  • kwin: various small improvements for special window settings
  • kwin: don't keep splashscreens above dialog windows (#93832)
  • kwin: apply window-specific force settings immediatelly (#89849)
  • kwin: keep active desktop borders working after resolution change(#92583)
  • kwin: fix a case when a window was not activated due to incorrect focus stealing prevention(#91766)
  • kwin: show dialogs also when minimized in the window list(#91194)
  • kwin: when moving a window to another virtual desktop, move also its dialogs(#90794)


kdeedu [all CVS changes]

  • kalzium: degrees fahrenheit and celsius were reversed in information dialogs (bug #91287)
  • kbruch: fraction conversion is wrong due to cut digits after colon (bug #93080)
  • kbruch: In factorisation mode input box should look disabled (bug #92482)
  • kiten: clear correctly the internal list in radical selector
  • kiten: get rid of crash of double-clicking delete button in learn (bug #93414)
  • klatin: add Polish data files
  • kmplot: program hangs when plotting arcsin and arccos (bug #92014)
  • kturtle: The default language must be one of the supported kturtle languages. Fixes the broken Open-Examples directory as well as kturtle refusing to run any commands, when the KDE locale is a different dialect of one of the kturtle languages.

kdegames [all CVS changes]

  • atlantik: fix problems with accepting invitations
  • atlantik: put player views in a scrollview (bug #69043)
  • atlantik: show correct amount of players in trade widget

kdegraphics [all CVS changes]

  • kfax: fix kfax does not save printer settings (bug #91659)
  • kfax: fix Truncations occur on dialog (bug #89934)
  • kfax: fix kfax prints all pages in one g3-file to one page (bug #87788)
  • kfax: fix can not print to printer or file (bug #75034)
  • kfax: fix BoundingBox: line in PS file has width and height interchanged (bug #51058)
  • kfax: fix KFax has its own printer dialog (bug #47080)
  • kfax: fix rotation not honored when printing (bug #90604)
  • kfax: fix G3/G4/tiff-files not assigned to kFax (bug #89972)
  • kfax: fix zoom error (bug #20028)
  • kfax: fix Problem with format of fax-files (bug #19765)
  • kfax: fix CTRL-R shortcut for rotate does not work in kfax (bug #84147)
  • kfax: fix Can't print only part of a document (bug #50286)
  • kolourpaint: Fix crash due to text box when scaling image behind it
  • kolourpaint: Don't get stuck on a wait cursor after attempting to paste empty text into a text box
  • kolourpaint: Smaller selection and text box resize handles - covers up fewer selected pixels, doesn't cover up text
  • kolourpaint: Restore mouse cursor after deselecting selection/text tools

kdemultimedia [all CVS changes]

  • akodelib: Play even more broken and weird MP3s well. (#90025, etc.)
  • akodelib: Don't crash on when mmap fails (e.g. on NTFS). (#93343)
  • akode-artsplugin: Play dual-mono files as stereo (#89487)
  • akode-artsplugin: Halt playobject if a stream terminates (#88092)

kdenetwork [all CVS changes]

  • kppp: increased maximum length of callback number

kdepim [all CVS changes]

  • kalarm: fix KAlarm button on message windows to make it always display the main window
  • kalarm: show scheduled times, not reminder times, in alarm list and system tray tooltip
  • kmail: remember the size of the separate message window instead of using a fixed window size
  • kmail: gracefully handle broken connections when checking for new mail with IMAP
  • kmail: don't clear the readerwindow when new mail arrives in an imap folder
  • kmail: fix aegypten issue39 by only using the body itself as a text part if there are no body parts and we didn't get any other text so far, such as for smime opaque encrypted mails
  • kmail: fix the "folders not visible" problem after starting KMail when the intro is shown
  • kmail: fix searching when the header field in question is the first one of a message
  • kmail: disable wordwrap in the composer for all inline invitation mails, not just for those sent with autosending enabled
  • kmail: don't translate the "local" folder prefix; this fixes problems with KMail's summary plugin
  • kmail: fix adding attachments to inline-forwarded messages (bug #91132)
  • kmail: remember the selected crypto format when saving a message as draft
  • kmail: hide filter actions from "Configure Toolbars" dialog; fixes crashes
  • kmail: fix missing filter actions after switching to the Mail component in Kontact
  • kmail: remove BCC coming from identity on ical invitations (kolab issue #474)
  • kmail: grab the signature only once (bug #91891)
  • kmail: fix problem with disappearing dimap folders
  • kmail: don't kill running mailchecks when cancelling the subscription dialog
  • kmail: add missing tooltip to the BCC [...] button
  • kmail: make sure that no signature is appended to inline invitation replies, Outlook chokes on them
  • kmail: don't sign or encrypt inline invitations or invitation replies
  • kmail: fix PGP/MIME encrypting messages which are BCC'ed (bug #92412)
  • kmail: make sure that all changes in the folder properties are saved
  • kmail: fix uncontrolled checkboxes in the composer's attachment list (bug #88576)
  • kmail: improved performance when dragging mails over the folder list
  • kmail: provide all reply methods and all forward methods in the separate message window (kolab issue #97)
  • kmail: fix minor bugs in the antispam wizard
  • kmail: correctly end new-mail-check when an IMAP folder reports an error (bug #92416)
  • kmail: fix 'kstart --iconify --windowclass kmail kmail' which allows starting KMail in the system tray (cf. bug #73591)
  • kmail: fix broken order of folders in the folder selection dropdown box (bug #92710)
  • kmail: notice a manual change of the external editor command line
  • kmail: adjust antispam wizard to changes in bogofilter 0.93
  • kmail: don't look up recipient keys during autosave (aegypten issue #278)
  • kmail: fix "Folder Menu not updated after enabling Expiration for a Folder (bug #92918)
  • kmail: add support for additional antispam tools
  • kmail: various speed improvements
  • kontact: don't show empty tip of the day on startup

kdesdk [all CVS changes]

  • cervisia: Use correct encoding for status messages. (#92576)

kdetoys [all CVS changes]

kdeutils [all CVS changes]

  • khexedit: fix files with "?" in the filename can't be opened (bug #91635)
  • khexedit: fix loading and saving of remote files
  • khexedit: fix khexedit statistics columns not sorted correctly (bug #92249)
  • kdf: hide /dev/shm and sysfs filesystems

kdevelop [all CVS changes]

  • fixed many 3.1.x regressions in project templates
  • custommakefiles: don't insert targets twice into the menu, sort the targets alphabetically (this time it works)
  • fixed the bug "the kdevelop3 custom makefile based project files do not work with cmake out-of-source builds"
  • Don't overwrite existing files(#90446)
  • Fix the forkbomb created by KDevAssistant when it was told to use KDevAssistant to remotely open documentation...(#90334)
  • fix mem leak
  • fix amd64 crash
  • Perl parser; Don't require a whitespace between function name and the opening bracket
  • make the incremental qlistview search work in the filelist part

kdewebdev [all CVS changes]

  • Quanta Plus

    • don't crash after editing a cell of a newly inserted row/column in the table editor
    • show the right index of the main cell in case of merged rows in a table
    • don't crash on column removal form a table
    • read the tables correctly also if the doctype definition is wrong(for example HTML tables inside XHTML)
    • fix node tree corruption while parsing scripts inside a tag (bug #91508)
    • don't crash when deleting a file using the context menu (bug #92676)
    • disable Proceed button in the upload dialog once the upload is started. Fixes various problems like non-responding Quanta after upload and possibly the bug described in (bug #88892).
    • don't try to add a newly created action to a non-existent All toolbar
    • don't crash on exit if the user removed an action
    • enable full copy/paste from documentation and preview. Until now it worked only with the mouse through the selection. (bug #92936)
    • improvement: recognize one-line PHP comments starting with #
  • KFileReplace

    • hide columns that are not useful (but confusing) when doing search only

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