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KDE 3.2.2 to 3.2.3 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 releases. Nevertheless it should be considered as incomplete.














  • kppp: Fix flow control for non-English users
  • kppp: Added /dev/ttyS4 device. Custom devices still cannot be set unfortunately.
  • kget: Fix filesize display for files > 2GB
  • kopete: Fix bug 79468: Don't add temporary Yahoo! contacts to the serverside list.
  • kopete: Fix bug 81143: Kopete doesn't save settings when exiting KDE
  • kopete: Fix bug 81809: Close button doesn't close application when the system tray is disabled
  • kopete: Fix bug 81823: Ignoring incoming IRC conversations crashes Kopete
  • kopete: Fix bug 77100: Avoid using libpng if no image is present
  • kopete: Fix bug 80158: When I type more than one space in a row, Kopete sends the characters "&nbsp"
  • kopete: Fix bug 79981: Yahoo won't connect with correct password on AMD64


  • KMail:
    • More icons on buttons
    • Make sure that child processes don't inherit kmail's file descriptors
    • Fix wrong initialization of View->Unread Count
    • Warn the user if they try to send a message without a sender address. This fixes several related bugs, e.g. #53448, #78895, #80817, #81611.
  • KNotes:
    • Shortcuts work again
    • Fixed being able to uncheck all text format buttons in RT mode
    • Fixed possibility of some global settings not being saved
  • KNode: Fix coloring of quoted text (#75333)
  • KNode: Prevent multiple configure shortcuts actions when running in Kontact (#79000)





  • VPL: (once again) don't lose the comment text from inside a comment [#81162]
  • don't crash when source/VPL buttons are pressed while a plugin is visible [#76616]
  • don't crash when canceling a failed upload
  • don't crash when saving files while the structure tree is visible [#79803]
  • don't crash when inserting a dot in an empty CSS file [#82143]
  • fix a major memory leak, cause of many crashes and instability
  • don't be confused by quotation marks inside a script area which is inside a tag value (like <a href="<? echo "foo" ?>">) [#80683]
  • fix search problems when Preview is set to appear in the bottom area [#76832]
  • fix restoration of the toolbar visibility setting [#79082]
  • hide/show the plugin toolbar as well when Show Toolbar is unchecked/checked [#79082]
  • fix the layout of the Document Properties Dialog
  • don't ask for copying a file to the project if it is under the project directory (happened with symlinked files and projects)
  • color with bold in the Files Tree the opened files, even if they are under a symlinked directory
  • don't save the shortcuts as localized strings [#80115]
  • remove the backup files in every case when the document was saved and don't warn about their presence on the next startup
  • <fieldset> is not a single tag [#79926]
  • unconditionally hide the splash screen after 10 seconds [#80086, #82013]
  • make uploading of empty folders possible [#82127]
  • don't show the file changed dialog when previewing after Save All or Project Upload was called
  • fix removal of action containing &
  • fix toolbar configuration and removal for non-English versions
  • improvement: allow two plugins named differently, but using of the same part
  • performance improvement: faster parsing and tree building


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