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KDE 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.1 and 3.1.1 releases.

Please see the 3.0.5 to 3.1 changelog for further information.


  • Several memory corruption fixes.


  • kdialog: Fix screen numbering problem for centerOnScreen() static method
  • kprogress: Fix math problem in displaying correct percentage for large numbers
  • kio_http: Fix data processing for webdav(s) listing of directories and files
  • kate: Many small bugfixes, including:
    • Fixed code completion drop-down box position
    • Fixed "wrap cursor disabled" bugs
    • Fixed vertical scrollbar middle mouse behaviour
    • Fixed remove whitespace feature
    • Now clears the redo history when it is irrelevant
    • Fixed crash after starting up with a non-existant directory in the file selector history
  • kparts: Fix extension of transparently downloaded files, this fixes ark (used to display temp file instead of archive content)
  • klauncher: Fixed support for "Path=" entry in .desktop files. This entry can be used to specify a working directory.
  • kio: Don't let ChModJob's -X emulation interfere with mandatory file locking.
  • kdeui: Fix for alternate background coloring in Konqueror list views.
  • kdeui: Fix to prevent an event loop in conjunction with Qt 3.1.2.
  • kio/bookmarks: Properly handle multiple shown bookmarks with the same URL; fixes crash on exit in Konqueror when bookmarkbar is on and some bookmarks points to the same place
  • kstyles: Handle focus indicators on label-less checkboxes better
  • kdeprint: Don't freeze when there is no route to the selected CUPS server
  • SSL: add support for OpenSSL 0.9.7
  • SSL: ADH ciphers are now explicitly disabled in all cases
  • SSL: new CA root certificate added
  • Several Xinerama related fixes
  • QXEmbed fixes for various situations that don't handle XEMBED well
  • Java on IRIX with SGI 1.2 VM is fixed
  • khtml: Several major bugfixes, partially incorporated fixes from Safari as well.



  • Linux Kernel Configurator: Add details about the lightbulb icon's meaning
  • Linux Kernel Configurator: Support for more incorrect kernel configuration files



  • kcmshell: Restored backwards compatibility wrt KDE 3.0 module names
  • klipper: Escape "&" everywhere.
  • konsole:
    • Removed "get prompt back"-hacks, don't assume emacs key shell bindings.
    • Fixed usage of background images with spaces in the filename.
    • Profile support fixes (disabled menubar etc.)
    • Bookmarks invoked from "Terminal Sessions" kicker menu now set correct title.
    • Fixed a problem with the "Linux" font that prevented it from being used with fontconfig.
  • kdesktop: Made desktop menus pop up in unused Kicker space work.
  • kicker: Fixed empty taskbar sometimes showing scroll buttons.
  • konqueror:
    • Various startup performance improvements
    • Fix crash when sidebar tree expands hidden directory
    • Fix crash when config button hidden from config button's menu
    • Extensive fixes to Netscape plugins, fixing crashes and plugin support
    • Changes to default preview settings, making the defaults safer on various platforms
  • Java configuration module: Make it possible to properly configure Java in all cases
  • Previews: Fixed a privacy issue where previews of HTML files could access files or hosts on the network.


  • Removing Qt bindings for private interfaces that were accidentally included and now caused compilation failures with Qt 3.1.2.
  • Several other build related fixes.


  • KStars:
    • Fixed bug #51708: No longer exits if starting position is below horizon (only affected some systems)
    • Fixed bug #52205: Country of Lhasa is China, not Tibet.
    • Fixed too-narrow coordinates field in statusbar.
    • Fixed bug in "length of day" calculator module; it now properly accounts for latitude and longitude


  • Atlantik: Many small bugfixes, including:
    • Better handling of incoming messages
    • Fixed token animation
  • kbackgammon: Common crash fix.


  • KIconEdit: Fix the ellipse/circle tool not to leave any "holes" in the drawings
  • Kooka: Some UI crashes fixed
  • KViewShell: Default paper size is fixed
  • KGhostView: Fixed wheel-mouse scrolling


  • KsCD:
    • Stopped KsCD from pausing after tracks in random mode
    • Correctly associate extra CDDB information with tracks
    • Support non-Latin encodings properly in CDDB entries and elsewhere
    • Proper systemtray behaviour
    • Updated key accel code to avoid depricated calls
  • Movie previews have been removed due to severe unresolved stability problems


  • Desktop Sharing server (krfb):
    • fix problems on X11 servers with 8 bit depth
    • fix problems on X11 servers with big-endian framebuffer
    • allow X11 servers without XShm (thin clients). Warning: requires a lot of bandwidth
    • remove read timeouts. This should solve problems with some clients that got disconnected after a minute of inactivity (but increases the time to detect dead clients)
    • fix problem with clients that support both RichCursor and SoftCursor encodings (like krdc from HEAD)
  • Desktop Sharing client (krdc):
    • fix: when an error occurred in fullscreen krdc did not restore the original resolution
    • fix: krdc stopped to repaint the framebuffer after a disconnect while the error dialog was displayed
    • the quality setting in medium quality mode has been increased because the original setting looked too bad with Keramik


  • KOrganizer bug fixes:
    • Use correct default duration for events crossing a day boundary (#53477).
    • Correctly save category colors (#54913).
    • Don't show todos more than once in what's next view.
    • Include todos in print output of month view (#53291).
    • Don't restrict maximum size of search dialog (#54912).
    • Make cancel button of template selection dialog work (#54852).
    • Don't break sorting when changing todos by context menu (#53680).
    • Update views on changes of todos directly in the todo list (#43162).
    • Save state of statusbar (#55380).
  • knotes: Escape "&" in note titles


  • Cervisia:
    • Fixed line break in protocol view
    • Fixed timestamp for files that are not in cvs (#55053)
    • Fixed handling of Cervisia's options like 'Update Recursively' when run as embedded part in konqueror (#55665)


  • kworldclock: Fixed that all clocks show the same time.
  • kweather: Made it work again with non-english locales. (#52147)
  • kweather: Prevent KWeather from looping and freezing Kicker when not connected to the internet.(#49191)


  • klaptopdaemon: Fix serious stalling problems on GNU/Linux with ACPI
  • kcalc: Now a KMainWindow instead of a KDialog to fix various UI inconsistencies
  • kdf: Support escapes in fstab


  • Bugfixes:
    • Allow resizing of the main window even with large user toolbars [#53230]
    • Insert valid DTD definitions [#53274]
    • Honor the View Default settings from Settings->Configure Editor [#53569]
    • Be less braindead regarding the Show DTD Toolbar setting [#53739]
    • Be able to select also directories in tag dialogs [#54819]
    • Do not complain about text files being binary ones on a system with broken mimetypes [#54924]
    • Bring up the "File Changed" dialog only, when the file content has changed[#55678]
    • Select Tag Area behaviour fixed for optional tags
    • Insert non-translated string in CSS code parts
    • Insert "border-top", "border-right", etc. correctly in CSS
    • Don't quote the script line more than once in the action configuration dialog
    • Memory leak fixed: editor parts were not deleted when a file was closed
    • Fix insertion of "img" tags in HTML documents
    • Upload/rescan project/add to new project tree view behaviour fixed
    • Fix renaming of file in the Project Tree, when a file with the new name was already present in the project
    • Rename only what has to be renamed in the project and enable project saving after a rename
    • Use the correct encoding for newly created files
    • Saving of Author and E-Mail project options was broken in some cases
    • Fix the numbering of new documents
    • Fix the execution of actions
    • Fix crash when deleting an action
    • Insert valid single tags from the toolbar
  • Enhancements:
    • Show the tag attributes (Alt-Down) menu lower than the current line
    • "Insert in cursor position" for script actions replaces the selection if there was some text selected
    • New DCOP interface (WindowManagerIf) added to enable the modification of the opened documents from a script
    • DTD for Quanta tags (DTD definition) added
    • XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD added

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