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KDE 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 releases.

Please see the 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 changelog for further information.


  • GCC 3.4 compile fixes, compiler warning fixes
  • #59184: Allow the application to query if the server is suspended.
  • #59183: arts_suspend() returns 0 if arts doesn't have device open.
  • #60636: add -V command line switch to set initial volume.
  • #53905: Compilation fix
  • Build system update


  • build system updates, gcc 3.4+ compilation fixes (Dirk Mueller)
  • ensure that each installed header file can be compiled on its own (has all necessary includes/forward declarations)
  • SECURITY: kio/khtml: Improve referer handling, always strip out username and password.
  • Roaming user support (Helge Deller)
  • artskde: apply patch from #54318
  • kabc: add quotes around names from LDAP which contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • kabc: unterminated string handling fixes
  • kbugreport: only refer to http://bugs.kde.org if the bug-address is submit@bugs.kde.org
  • kcookiejar: don't deliver cookies when the url is "strange"
  • kcookiejar: unbreak cookies for https sites once again
  • kcookiejar: make kcookiejar --remove <domain> work
  • kdecore: never unload dante socks library, it crashes when doing so
  • kdecore: Adding KMacroExpander, class for shell-safe expansion of filenames in shellcode
  • kdeinit: Handle X errors instead of just crashing when they occur.
  • kdeprint: improvements to handling of cups network printers
  • kdeprint/smbview: use nmblookup -M -- to make it work with samba 3.0
  • kdeui: dragging from the "konqueror wheel" button no longer duplicates the window
  • kdeui: rewritten mouse cursor-autohide code (hopefully much more stable now)
  • kdeui/kfontdialog: Try very hard to match the font name that was passed with one that actually exists
  • kdeui/kmainwindow: fix for saving statusbar state when autosave is enabled
  • kdewidgets: Add some new widgets
  • keramik: Major fixes to toolbar gradient alignment, as well as some miscellaneous fixes.
  • khtml: Fix crash reported in #61396
  • khtml: avoid endless-relayout-loop (#54673)
  • khtml: several backports of fixes from 3.2 development branch
  • khtml: several fixes to bugs exposed by DOM2 testsuite
  • khtml: Fix bug #26196
  • khtml jpeg loader: use memmove in places where memory regions overlap (valgrind we love you)
  • kio: crash/memory leak fixes
  • kio: Fix bug #54196
  • kio: added ability to add host:port to the no-proxy list
  • kio: speedup handling local files
  • kio: improvements to the layout of the HTTP Authentication password dialog
  • kio: allow rtsp:// protocol redirecting to mms://
  • kio: KIOSK restriction fixes
  • kio: signal handling fixes (SIGPIPE etc)
  • kio_http: text/html mimetype in Accept: gets preference over other text/* types
  • kio_http: improvements in HTTP referer handling
  • kiconloader: memory leak fix
  • kjava: thread handling fixes
  • kjava: don't send text to the console window if its not visible (saves huge amount of memory on some pages)
  • kjava: catch exceptions thrown inside Applet.destroy
  • klocale: Support Macedonian plural forms


  • kimgalleryplugin: Performance improvements.
  • dirfilterplugin: Much better performance on large directories with few file types.


  • kuser: UID connected to changed() and Solaris compile fixes (Aaron J. Seigo)
  • kuser: Fix mem leak (Laurent Montel)
  • kpackage: fix FreeBSD package display so duplicate categories are not shown. (Andy Fawcett)
  • kpackage: Fix crash (Laurent Montel)
  • compiler warning fixes (Dirk Mueller)


  • kwin-styles/cde: fixed bugs #40125, 45621 and #46215 (Fredrik Höglund)
  • remove krayon files to prevent possible trademark conflicts (Adrian Schroeter)


  • kate: Make saving of remote files during shutdown work. (#55244)
  • kcontrol/colors: Don't reset widget selection dropdown when selecting a different theme (#58773)
  • kcontrol/filetypes: Fixed removing of mimetypes specified by a .kdelnk file
  • kcontrol/input: fix application of large & white cursors
  • kcontrol/services: don't show kxmlrpcd, kalarmd and kwrited if they're not installed
  • kdesud: support empty passwords
  • kdm: Fix i18n support for the GuiStyle and ColorScheme combos
  • kdm: fix #58918: don't reset local Xserver if termination is requsted
  • keditbookmarks: Various bugfixes
  • kio_sftp: Support OpenSSH 3.6+
  • kio_sftp: Support older sftp protocol revisions
  • kio_smb: Huge update for samba 3.0.
  • kicker: Improve icon scaling in service menus
  • kicker: "Terminal Sessions" special button supports sessions with dots in filename
  • kicker: "Terminal Sessions" special button with same sort order as the one in Konsole.
  • kicker: Fix mimetype resolution in the quickbrowser
  • kicker: Fixes for stuck tooltips
  • kicker: Do not create local directories for .desktop files used in service buttons if no needed
  • kicker: Fix apply button not working for quickstart menu entries settings (#49113)
  • kicker: Fix hide button preference effects reversed(#60648)
  • kicker:Various fixes for recent apps history
  • kicker/minipager: Fix bug #52592: don't show redundant tooltips when the page already shows names
  • konsole: Added Ctrl+Shift+N as alternate default shortcut for "New Session".
  • konsole: Fixed fixed-width with proportional-font drawing routine.
  • konsole: Fixed problems with mouse and paste support and detached windows.
  • konsole: Let new color schemes take effect once kcmkonsole tells to do so.
  • konsole: Wheel mouse fixes for Mode_Mouse1000.
  • konqueror: Flicker fixes inside the iconview
  • konqueror: Fix for inter-process copy-past with the listview
  • konqueror: Make sure the tab close button is properly enabled when a 2nd tab is first open through context menu entries
  • konqueror: Made Ctrl+Enter for new tab in URL combo working again.
  • konqueror: Various sidebar fixes
  • konqueror: make sure that the location label truly disappears when disabled
  • konqueror: Fix bug #55163: konqueror warning for repeated POSTs
  • konqueror: Fix bug #57699: Konqueror crash when dragging image from about:konqueror
  • konqueror: Improve tracking of listviewitems so that we don't crash when they get deleted somewhat unexpectedly (#59062)
  • konqueror: Don't crash when updating toolbars without a part load (#56832)
  • konqueror: Properly handle 'stop' when still listing the directory in the info list view (#54550)
  • konqueror: Efficiency fix: make sure only one konqueror instance saves the history when it changes
  • konqueror: Don't use deleted KFileItems. (#59250)
  • Don't crash when doing a copy w/o a currentItem (#58836)
  • konqueror: Stop activity when the user tries hard to enter a URL
  • konqueror: Properly calculate column indices for the meta info listview
  • konqueror: Hide the find part on a second click on its toolbar button (#35841)
  • konqueror: Handle _top/_blank, and so on, case-insensitively
  • konqueror: massively improve the speed of bookmark adding when a large number of tabs are open (only appears if kdenetwork is installed)
  • libkonq: make sure KFileTip does not hold on to stale file items
  • libkonq: precaution: make sure that no preview jobs hold on to icon view's items when it's cleared
  • libkonq: fixes to cut-and-paste
  • libkonq: network-friendlier paste button state polling
  • kwin: Fix deactivation of window when loosing focus
  • kwin: Fix bug #54668: New windows are drawn above open menus
  • kwin: Fix bug #54495: Some non-resizable windows can still be resized
  • kwin: Fixes for click raise
  • kwin: If a window is hover-unshaded, then it's not shaded for the outside world(#53659)
  • kwin: Keramik decoration: Properly detect XShape on Solaris
  • nsplugins: Fix relative URLs. (#59700)


  • Package / build updates.


  • kstars: always precess focus coordinates when date changes by a lot and tracking an object (Jason Harris)
  • kstars: the URL for requesting a DSS image must contain the J2000 coordinates (Jason Harris)
  • flashkard: #58932 fix (Scott Wheeler)
  • Build fixes, cleanups, compiler warning fixes (Dirk Mueller)


  • kbattleship: Improve IA, fix winner checking order
  • kbattleship: Fix #35319
  • atlantik: core management fixes (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: do not just delete players, also remove portfolios when resetting core (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: don't show money in portfolio when not in game (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: Fix #61118: Multiple close button problem (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: Fix #61152: Fix user sorting (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: Fix #61130: Don't tell client that the game has started when it has not (Rob Kaper)
  • atlantik: Fix bug #54517
  • atlantik: Fix bug #54942
  • kolf: fixing the two most long-standing bugs (Jason Katz-Brown)
  • kmahjongg: Fix bug #51124: Selected tiel not highlighted when hit is being displayed
  • kmahjongg: Correct alignment of column headings in highscore dialog.
  • kpat: Fix bug #59136: "is game lost?" check
  • kpat: Fix bug #58566: move cards toger for 40 & 8
  • kpat: Fix bug #58101
  • kmahjongg: Fix bug #59189: i18n names aren't displayed correctly in highscores
  • konquest: bug #32255: Allow 10 players, not just 5.
  • konquest: bug #57516: Fix prompting prolem when first player is eliminated during run


  • gcc 3.4+ compile fixes (Dirk Mueller)
  • kiconedit: Answering Yes to save the modified file acted as No (Adrian Page)
  • kiconedit: Fix off-by-one error in "Select All"
  • kamera: fix status output message (Marcus Meissner)
  • kruler: do not use hardcoded font names
  • kghostview: the mimetype is application/x-gzpostscript actually for .ps.gz
  • kghostview: Fix bug #58904
  • kfax: Fix format string problem (Dirk Mueller)
  • kghostview: Fix bug #59041
  • kmrml: null-terminate clipboard data (Dirk Mueller)
  • kuickshow: Add license declarations (Carsten Pfeiffer)


  • kscd: add method to determine if KsCD is playing
  • noatun: memory leak and memory corruption fixes
  • noatun: Add volume slider for "simple" module
  • artsbuilder: fix several corruptsions and other crashes


  • Desktop Sharing server (krfb): Fix various problem (crashes, hanging server) caused by port scans while the server is accepting connections
  • Desktop Sharing server (krfb): Compile fix for older Solaris systems
  • KMail: Fix bug 58555 (wrong filter rules in filter configuration or POP filter configuration dialogs)
  • KMail: Fix bug 58679 (KMail crashes with a folder called "new")
  • KMail: Fix bug 58814 (Subject shown as "Unknown" until selected (big5 charset))
  • KMail: Display the correct folder name in the window title bar when changing folders with the keyboard.
  • KMail: Fix bug 59195 (Selecting 'Reply-All' in KMail results in a new message with no recipients under certain circumstances)
  • KMail: Fix bug 53009 (kmail --attach <url> does not preserve mime type in attachment)
  • KMail: Fix bug 60304 (Deleted address still reported as email address already in addressbook)
  • KMail: Fix bug 60508 (When receiving from maildir, cancelling the receive nukes the entire source maildir)
  • KMail: Remove the Delete icon from the default toolbar.
  • KMail: Use better background colors for signed/encrypted messages in case of a dark background color
  • KMail: Don't add detached signature as attachment when forwarding a PGP/MIME signed message inline
  • KMail: Fix bug 46185 (detached signature of PGP/MIME signed message is shown as attachment in composer when editting a signed message)
  • KMail: Fix bug 59048 (remove of crypto plugin does not work)
  • KMail: Fix bug 59978 (Entry in Crypto Plugin is stored even when its entry is empty)
  • KMail: Fix bug 48686 by clearing the preview pane after all messages have been sent.


  • korganizer: fix french and czech holidays (Dirk Mueller)
  • kaddressbook: Fix bug #60518
  • kdateedit: Fix bug #57465
  • kpilot: crash fixes
  • kalarmd: crash fix.
  • knotes: Fix bug #58658
  • build fixes


  • cervisia: Immediately save changed settings in the settings dialog (BR #45962).
  • cervisia: Fixed the size of the diff overview widget (BR #59275).
  • cervisia: Fixed crash when hidden files changed (BR #57797).
  • cervisia: Re-added the "clear" command to the context menu of the protocol view (BR #59276)
  • kbabel: Fix TP robot interaction ( BR #57642)
  • kbabel: Allow upgrade translation database from Berkeley Database II to Berkeley Database IV
  • kbabel: DocBook entities can contain dots
  • kapptemplate: Fix UIC detection for KDE 2.x projects.
  • kapptemplate: tail -n / head -n POSIX compliance fix.



  • kcalc: ignore keypresses combined with alt, Meta or Control
  • kjots: Fix DnD issues
  • kedit: correct overwrite/insert handling
  • kedit: fix session management
  • ark: fix .rar archive handling.
  • klaptopdaemon: icon updates.
  • kdf: fix handling of mountpoints with whitespaces
  • build system fixes


  • Bugfixes:
    • use the project base directory as the working directory for script actions [#36415]
    • warn about existing files on rename [#60187]
    • encode the subject in a mailto url [#60275]
    • fix conflicting shortcut for Misc. Tag [#60616]
    • fix possible crashes when using plugins
    • quote also the numbers in the attribute values
    • show the directory on the remote PC when using Save As for remote files, instead trying to switch to the file on the local disc
    • don't break the doctype line when changing the DTD
    • insert valid doctype line when using the Quick Start button
    • don't crash when trying to edit tags without proper .tag file (like <b>)
    • enable copying from documentation/preview even if the user uses separate clipboard and selection
  • Enhancements:
    • don't insert spaces before CSS values (it disturbs some browsers) [#41227]
    • default to the project dir when saving a new document [#57654]
    • replace %pid with Quanta's pid and %input with the selected input source in the script action line

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