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KDE 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 releases.

Please see the 3.1 to 3.1.1 changelog for further information.



  • https authentication through proxy fixed.
  • KZip failed for some .zip archives.
  • Fixed a bug in socket code that made KDEPrint crash.
  • kspell: Support for Hebrew spell checking using hspell (requires hspell 0.5).




  • Fixed a potential printf() format string attack in the slideshow screensaver


  • kwin: Alt+Tab works while drag'n'drop (unless the application also grabs keyboard).
  • kio_smtp: Doesn't eat 100% CPU when connection breaks and fixed a confusing error message when AUTH failed ("Unknown Command" vs. "Authorization failed")
  • kscreensaver: Fixed issue where kdesktop_lock would stay running indefinitely in the background if it could not grab the keyboard/mouse, preventing the screen from being locked manually.
  • kscreensaver: Screensavers are now stopped when asking for the password [#56803]
  • kio_smb: Several bugfixes for the smbro-ioslave.
  • kdesktop: fixed minicli layout problem with Qt 3.1.2
  • kdm: fixed incorrect user window width with Qt 3.1.2
  • Konqueror: Create DCOP interface for mainwindow when object begins to exist.
  • Konqueror: Fixed tab open delays when it can't reach website.
  • Konsole: Don't flicker when selecting entire lines.
  • Konsole: Crash, selection and sort fixes in schema and session editors.
  • Konsole: Fixed mouse-wheel in mouse mode.
  • Konsole: Allow programs to resize windows if enabled.
  • Konsole: Keep output steady when triple-click selecting.
  • Konsole: Added "Print" menu command.
  • kicker: Fixed kasbar only drawing last icon from a group.





  • kghostview: Better handling of half-broken Postscript and PDF files [#44855]
  • kghostview: Fix the opening of files on the command line, which was not working if the paths contained non-alphanumeric characters or were absolute paths [#56169 and #51533]
  • kghostview: Work around -dMaxBitmap bug in gs version 6.5x [#37287]
  • kghostview: Reset orientation and paper size selectors after opening a new document [#51014]
  • kghostview: Security fix for #56808. The security patch which was present in version 3.1.1a caused problems for some users and has been corrected [#57441]
  • kghostview: ghostscript version 8 is now supported [#53343]


  • Ogg Vorbis Info List view column titles were incorrect.
  • kmix: Vertical label widget to sliders in replacement of large horizontal labels
  • kmix: Fixed alsa 0.9x to restore current volumes
  • kmix: Fixed multiple alsa 0.9x cards detection


  • KMail: Don't select multiple folders during keyboard navigation
  • KMail: Never display vCards inline
  • KMail: Make new mail notification work for people who run KMail without KDE
  • KMail: Improved URL highlighting
  • KMail: Properly determine SSL/TLS state for non-transport sending (bug 49902)
  • KMail: Draw a frame around text attachments which are displayed inline
  • KMail: Fix bug 55377 (Hiding attachments causes HTML messages to be renderend as HTML code)
  • KMail: Fix bug 56049 (wrong encoding of command line arguments)
  • KMail: Fix bug 53665 (Error when reply to a HTML message)
  • KMail: Use the correct charset for replies to PGP/MIME encrypted messages
  • KMail: Fix the bug which broke the signature of all PGP/MIME signed messages with attachments
  • KMail: Fix bug 56393 (kmail crashes when I try change the name of an imap account)
  • KMail: Fix bug 56570 (kmail doesn't show non-mime Japanese message)
  • KMail: Fix bug 56592 (Displaying folded Content-Description in MIME tree viewer is broken)
  • KMail: Disable external editor when no external editor is specified
  • KMail: Fix bug 53889 (IMAP: Kmail crashes after authorization-dialog)
  • KMail: Fix bug 56930 (BCC, No EMail-List expansion)
  • KMail: Fix bug 42646 (multipart/digest forwarding is broken - uses empty boundary)
  • KMail: Always make sure that the text body of the message ends with a linefeed. This fixes interoperatibility problems with other OpenPGP compliant mail clients.
  • KMail: Prevent the user from trying to move local folders to IMAP servers as the user might lose the folders if he tries it.
  • KMail: Fix bug 57660 ('send again' does not copy the BCC address)
  • KMail: Fix bug 56321 (More whitespace in read/unread mails column)
  • KMail: Tell gpg explicitely not to use gpg-agent if it's apparently not available. Prevents weird "Wrong passphrase" error message.
  • KMail: Fix bug 57016 (pgp signature is wrong displayed)
  • KMail: Fix bug 57809 (kmail segfaults when checking for new mail if fcntl locking is used)
  • Desktop Sharing server (krfb): Compile fixes for systems without IPv6
  • Desktop Sharing client (krdc): fix: client crashed sometimes while connecting on XFree 4.3
  • Desktop Sharing client (krdc): fix: resize the right screen resolution in multi-screen setups


  • korganizer: Exchange plugin supports secure WebDAV.
  • korganizer: Fix timezone handling when timezone names are Unicode strings.


  • kbabel: Splash screen can be clicked and does not cover error messages anymore.



  • kedit: Save immediately when Settings/Save Settings is called.
  • khexedit: Fixed insertion of local files.


  • Bugfixes:
    • more accurate selection of modified files in the upload dialog [#55988]
    • fix execution of script actions which does not have any argument [#56211]
    • closing the files (and closing Quanta) isn't slow anymore [#56233]
    • fix shortcut for Color dialog [#56235]
    • store the upload options in the project file [#56237]
    • fix the Insert/Overwrite mode handling [#56382]
    • store and use the spell checking settings [#56561]
    • show files with ":" in the name correctly in the Project Tree [#56639]
    • show the directory selection dialogs in the project options [#56698]
    • don't deny opening of empty local files [#57718]
    • allow selection of empty directories in Rescan/Upload/New project dialogs [#56778]
    • don't close a modified document if saving has failed [#58013]
    • don't truncate the file after a preview [#58080]
    • fix ocassional crash when pressing Ctrl-H while viewing the documentation
    • fix user toolbar handling
    • fix the height of the toolbar tab
    • fix failure of re-opening a file from File->Open Recent
    • do not crash when accessing the Plugins menu after a plugin was removed, but the Edit dialog was closed with Cancel
    • don't use the preview prefix after the project is closed
    • fix Quanta tagxml DTD
    • fix the DTD tag files, add warning if they contain syntax errors
    • use the Attribute Quotation setting
  • Enhancements:
    • bring up the message output window, when an action/plugin wants to printed some message [#55645]
    • show files with relative path to the current document in "url" autocompletion [#55989]
    • switch to the first editable widget when the tag editing dialog appears
    • insert <em> and <strong> instead of <i> and <b> in HTML documents
    • new DCOP methods added to the WindowManagerIf
      • QString projectURL()
      • QStringList openedURLs()
    • DocBook 4.2 DTD added
  • Kommander:
    • do not add the .kmdr extension to files ending with .kmdr
    • remove some warning/error messages polluting the output
    • flush the stdout buffer after writing to it

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