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KDE 3.0 to 3.0.1 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.0 and 3.0.1 releases.


  • Build fixes.


  • dcop: dcopfind can launch the app if not already there.
  • kabc: Fix import of kde2 addressbooks, in case the libkab addressbook doesn't exist.
  • kabc: Use KSaveFile for saving vcards, to avoid trashed files when the disk becomes full.
  • kate: fixed several segfaults.
  • khtml: Allow to search for regexps independent of kregexpeditor installed.
  • khtml: Various crashes and rendering problems fixed.
  • khtml: Support for literal parsing of html tags in <title> tags
  • khtml: Java embedding race situation fixed.
  • kio: Improve cache-handling of pages and its embedded objects.
  • kfile: Better keyboard handling support.
  • kfile: Added direct access to the floppy in the Filedialog.
  • kfile: Fixed lan browsing / smb file selection
  • http ioslave: the Accept-Charset request header has been fixed.
  • http ioslave: the default User-Agent string has been simplified.
  • http ioslave: fix http authentication over proxied ssl connections.
  • http ioslave: only do persistent connections for GET requests.
  • http ioslave: Properly detect premature loss of connection.
  • http ioslave: Don't send referrer for anything but http/https/webdav/webdavs
  • kthemestyle: Use the proper font for menubar entries.
  • kthemestyle: Improve handling of patterned backgrounds.
  • kio: improved support for case-insensitive filesystems (FAT).
  • kdirwatch: various bugs in the FAM support have been fixed.
  • kab: has been deprecated and its documentation removed.
  • kssl: various ssl related fixes.
  • kjs: another fix for a rare crash in the garbage collector.
  • kjs: improved regexp support.
  • kjs: fixes in Date object and some global properties and functions
  • KConfig: make it react properly to language changes.
  • K*Socket: various bugs have been fixed.
  • KUniqueApplication: Use proper pid for not-so-unique processes.
  • KDatePicker: various fixes.
  • KPrinter: fix crash in wizard when testing a printer.
  • kdesu: getpeereid() support added.
  • kaction: fix accidental event duplication.
  • kaction: make action->setShortcut( KShortcut() ); work.
  • klistview: improved "full-width column" support.



  • lilo-config: fixed crash.
  • kcmlinuz: Fixed internationalisation.


  • i18n fix for kcontrol module.


  • KFind: Allow to search for 0 byte files, fixed general size search.
  • KFind: Don't show directories when searching for executable files.
  • Kicker: Don't lose system tray entries sometimes when Kicker restarts.
  • Kicker: Hide/show all detailed menu entries when configuration changes.
  • Kicker: Grave memory leak in Quick Browser fixed.
  • Konqueror: Don't crash in some cases when a kpart exits.
  • Konsole: Fixed support for "screen".
  • Konsole: Drag and Drop: shellQuote single remote file.
  • Konsole: Scrolllock only reacts to Key_ScrollLock, not Ctrl-S.
  • Konsole: Shift-MMB now pastes for mouse-aware applications.
  • Konsole: Doesn't show terminal size hint at startup.
  • Konsole: Selection fixes, xterm-like behavior.
  • Konsole: Session editor makes "Apply" active.
  • kcontrol: Fixes for RTL layouts.
  • khelpcenter: RTL fixes.
  • audiocd ioslave: Improved *BSD support
  • man ioslave: Improved *BSD support
  • smtp ioslave: Fixing SMTP AUTH with TLS for various SMTP server configurations.
  • smtp ioslave: Fixing sending of SMTP AUTH PLAIN for servers that expect non-dialog form authentication.
  • klipper: Disabled synchronizing contents of the clipboard and the selection.
  • kbookmarkeditor: Fixes for running multiple instances.


  • Many compile and binding fixes.



  • KuickShow: Printing fixes.
  • KuickShow: Allow switching between different directory views.
  • KuickShow: Fixed wrong sorting of files in one rare case.




  • Fix save and restore of address book dialog.
  • kmail: Disable editing of header field combobox for IMAP folders in the search dialog.
  • kmail: Fix the problem where selecting another folder would reset the header field values when not one of the predefined ones.
  • kmail: Search case-insensitively for headers.
  • kmail: Remove newlines from pasted text in header fields.
  • kmail: Recode also the headers, when the charset of an already existing mail is changed manually.
  • kmail: Restore unencrypted/unsigned message text also for msgs withattachments which are opened in the composer for editting and fix #41102.
  • kmail: Don't ask if the message should be encrypted if the user didn't specify.
  • kmail: Improved behaviour of sign/encrypt actions if identity is changed because this prevents users from trying to encrypt a message without having set a OpenPGP identity which will fail if the user set 'encrypt to self'.
  • kmail: Correctly handle errors during decryption, i.e. don't use GnuPG's output.
  • kmail: Fix for Bug #40075.
  • kmail: Don't show the 'PGP message' color bar message if the message doesn't contain a valid OpenPGP block.
  • kmail: Don't switch the current mail back to the top when a new mail arrives in the current folder.
  • kmail: Bug #39796: Copying address to clipboard fails to set selection.
  • kmail: Don't rfc2047-encode the @ in addr-specs.
  • kmail: Partial fix for "KMail puts rfc2231 encoded parameter values into DQUOTES".
  • kmail: Fix Bug #39328: Moving IMAP mail between different IMAP-accounts.
  • kmail: Handle spaces at line breaks between encoded and unencoded words correctely in RFC2047 encoding.
  • kmail: Fix an address parsing bug.
  • kmail: Use User-Agent, not X-Mailer as header field.
  • kmail: Don't eat in some cases the whole folder, when moving messages between IMAP folders.
  • kmail: Bug #38809: Attachments lost using filters for forwarding.
  • kmail: Fix "no stdin at execute filter".
  • kmail: Don't crash when KRegExpEditor isn't installed.
  • kmail: Make sure that the (regexp) "Edit" button is [dis|en]abled properly.
  • kmail: Raise the progressbar in the status bar only when it's visible.
  • kmail: Enhanced lock file handling (global KMail lock).
  • kmail: Save and restore size of the address book dialog.
  • kmail: Don't fail to save attachments > 14MB completely.
  • kmail: Fix a bug when creating a new identity as copy of the default.
  • kmail: Harmonize range and default value of "wrap column". Fixes #39665.


  • kpilot: fixed vcal (KOrganizer) conduit crashes.
  • kpilot: subtle bugfixes in other conduits.
  • KOrganizer: Fixed time shift problem with timezones different than UTC.
  • KOrganizer: Fixed memory leaks of calendar loading and saving code.
  • KOrganizer: A lot of other bugfixes.


  • cvscheck: Fixed output for branched checkouts.
  • cvslastchange: Fix diff output for first commit to a branch.
  • kbabel: Many Bugfixes.


  • kweather: i18n fixes.


  • ark: Fixes for various crashes.
  • ark: Many bugfixes.
  • kcalc: Bugfixes.


  • removed flickering in output view, highlight error messages.
  • avoid that corrupted .kdevses files confuse KDevelop.
  • fixed crash in class viewer.
  • fixed view focus problem and appropriate crashes, does also concern to copy & paste problems of the previous version
  • fixed translation of compiler messages in output view
  • fixed names of project types in the project wizard list
  • fixed missing newlines in Output toolview


No changes.

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