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KDE Applications 17.04.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 17.04.3 from the git repositories.

akonadi [Show]

akonadi-calendar [Show]

akonadi-contacts [Show]

akonadi-search [Show]

akregator [Show]

ark [Show]

artikulate [Show]

audiocd-kio [Show]

calendarsupport [Show]

dolphin [Show]

dragon [Show]

eventviews [Show]

kaccounts-integration [Show]

kalarm [Show]

kcalc [Show]

kcalcore [Show]

kcalutils [Show]

kdav [Show]

kdenlive [Show]

kdepim-apps-libs [Show]

kdepim-runtime [Show]

kdialog [Show]

keditbookmarks [Show]

kgpg [Show]

khelpcenter [Show]

kholidays [Show]

kio-extras [Show]

kleopatra [Show]

kmail [Show]

kontact [Show]

kontactinterface [Show]

korganizer [Show]

kpimtextedit [Show]

ksudoku [Show]

kturtle [Show]

kwalletmanager [Show]

libkdegames [Show]

libksieve [Show]

lokalize [Show]

marble [Show]

messagelib [Show]

okteta [Show]

okular [Show]

picmi [Show]

print-manager [Show]

rocs [Show]

umbrello [Show]