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KDE Applications 15.04.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Applications 15.04.1 from the git repositories.

bomber [Show]

bovo [Show]

cantor [Show]

filelight [Show]

granatier [Show]

kaccounts-integration [Show]

kajongg [Show]

kapman [Show]

kapptemplate [Show]

kate [Show]

katomic [Show]

kblackbox [Show]

kblocks [Show]

kbounce [Show]

kbreakout [Show]

kbruch [Show]

kcalc [Show]

kcharselect [Show]

kde-baseapps [Show]

kdelibs [Show]

kdenlive [Show]

kdepim [Show]

kdepim-runtime [Show]

kdepimlibs [Show]

kdiamond [Show]

kfourinline [Show]

kgeography [Show]

khangman [Show]

killbots [Show]

kiten [Show]

kjumpingcube [Show]

klettres [Show]

knetwalk [Show]

kollision [Show]

kompare [Show]

kpat [Show]

krdc [Show]

kshisen [Show]

ksquares [Show]

ktp-accounts-kcm [Show]

ktp-approver [Show]

ktp-auth-handler [Show]

ktp-common-internals [Show]

ktp-contact-list [Show]

ktp-contact-runner [Show]

ktp-desktop-applets [Show]

ktp-filetransfer-handler [Show]

ktp-kded-module [Show]

ktp-send-file [Show]

ktp-text-ui [Show]

lokalize [Show]

marble [Show]

okteta [Show]

okular [Show]

signon-kwallet-extension [Show]

step [Show]

umbrello [Show]