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KDE 1.1.2 Release Announcement


New Release of Award-Winning Linux Desktop GUI Features
Look and Feel Improvements and Bugfixes

Internet - Sep 13, 1999 - The K Desktop Environment (KDE) Team today announced the shipment of KDE 1.1.2, the latest release of the Linux de facto standard desktop.

"The last few KDE releases stressed stability and power", explained Kurt Granroth, a member of the KDE core team. "With the 1.1.2 release, we have also made major improvements to the aesthetic aspects of the user experience".

KDE 1.1.2 includes the KDE Theme Manager, a new tool enabling users to change their desktop theme -- ranging from colors and window decorations to icons and sounds -- with a few simple mouse clicks. This release includes hundreds of new high quality application and tool bar icons, created by the very active KDE Artists Team, which dramatically enhances the appearance of the desktop, the panel, and various applications.

Further changes include:

  • Significant enhancements and bugfixes to the KDE mail client (kmail);
  • New translations -- KDE now supports up to 35 languages;
  • Improved stability and HTML compatability in the KDE web browser and file manager (kfm);
  • Numerous bugfixes in many other packages.

KDE 1.1.2 is available for free download from numerous mirrors and also from KDE's primary ftp server. Practically all Linux and *BSD distributions are expected to incorporate KDE 1.1.2 in future releases.

Technical support for KDE is provided by Linux vendors who include KDE in their distributions. Informal support is also available from an international group of KDE enthusiasts by joining the KDE Usenet discussion group or one of the KDE mailing lists


KDE is a collaborative Open Source project by hundreds of developers worldwide to create a sophisticated, customizable and stable desktop environment employing a network-transparent, intuitive user interface. KDE includes applications for email, web browsing, system administration, dial-up networking, scheduling, Palm Pilot(r) synchronization, and many other tasks. KDE is working proof of the power of the open source software development model.

The elegance and usefulness of the KDE environment has been recognized through multiple awards, including Linux World magazine's "Editor's Choice" award in the Desktop Environment category, and Ziff-Davis' "Innovation of the year 1998/1999" award in the Software category.

For more information about KDE, please visit http://www.kde.org/whatiskde/.

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