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KDE 4.2 Visual Guide

Creating software in the open provides a challenge, even for a community with over 12 years of experience. KDE 4.0 was meant to start the process of participative development for the KDE 4 series. It was a starting point that held in embryonic forms all the ambitions of the developer vision, much as a first draft of a wikipedia page shows the ambition of the writer.

The Desktop in KDE 4.2

With KDE 4.2 we are seeing the positive results of that beginning. Only one year has passed since 4.0.0 was released and the embryonic concepts have been blossoming. Everywhere we look, we see substantial results. 62,460 commits were made by over 627 contributors to the KDE project during the six month KDE 4.2 development cycle.

KDE 4.2.0 is not the end, but another milestone along the road of KDE 4 development. This platform is designed and intended to keep on growing far into the future, and the KDE Team would like to invite you to join us in this fantastic journey. This visual guide highlights many of the improvements in KDE 4.2, and we hope that you will enjoy using this release.

The desktop workspace: Plasma, KWin, KRunner and new System Settings
Applications: Dolphin, Kate, KMail and Gwenview
Educational Applications and Games: KStars, KBrunch and Parley and Killbots, Bomber, KDiamond, Ksirk
Development Platform: Oxygen, File dialogs, Python bindings, Falcon

Credits for this Visual Guide go to Jos Poortvliet, Carl Symons, Luca Beltrame, Sebastian Kügler, the KDE Promo Team and several KDE developers who have all helped making this overview of new and "old" features in KDE 4.2 possible.