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KDE 4.1.0 in the Press

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The release of KDE 4.1 has prompted many excellent reviews online.


Blogs and Forums worldwide are full of positive comments and many are testing the different packages and livecd's gracefully provided by the distributions. The reviewers clearly recognize what we have archieved already but also see the future potential in KDE 4. We are very happy with this encouraging response from communities worldwide! Of course, we also urge everybody to report bugs and help us fix them by sending in patches and improvements.


Consider the KDE 4.x foundation for your applications - by using our technology they can advance to a higher level. Our platform will help you not only in bringing a first-grade experience to your users, be it on any of the free operating systems as well as on Windows, Mac OS X and various mobile platforms, but allow you to spend more time on innovating and trying new ways of servicing the users. This wil bring the ultimate goal of creating a compelling user experience, both in terms of intuitive usability and unique features, closer than ever.

Read on for an overview of the reviews. If we missed one, please drop us an email at kde-promo [at] kde [dot] org