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The User's Perspective: Deploying KDE

The easiest way to install KDE is to download or purchase a Linux, BSD or other UNIX operating system that includes KDE (which includes most of them) and install the Operating System from CD or DVD media onto a computer. Many of these systems default to KDE for the user interface, though you may have to explicitly select KDE as an option during installation.

Alternatively, KDE can be downloaded over the Internet by visiting Source code along with vendor supplied and supported binary packages are available. KDE can also be purchased separately on CD-ROM.

Once KDE is installed, there are many online resources to be tapped. There is a quickstart guide to KDE, an online users guide, a Frequently Asked Questions list and a guide for system administrators who suport KDE installations. There are email lists for users to ask questions and get timely answers on, web forums and community wiki sites that contain vast stores of information for users.

There is also commercial support available for KDE in addition to the support provided by the many operating system vendors that ship KDE.

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