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The Developer's Perspective: Developing With KDE

Once you've decided to start developing with KDE, you may be looking for a starting point. A good first step is going through the tutorials included with Qt as well as the documentation and articles at the KDE Developer's Corner.

Don't forget to subscribe to the various KDE development email lists where you can interact with KDE developers of all skill levels, from core developers to those brand new to the platform. Learning to take full advantage of the development tools is also worth your time as that will help ensure your time spent developing with KDE is enjoyable and effective.

If you wish to contribute to the KDE project itself, the KDE Bug Tracking System and the KDE Jobs page are good places to start to find ideas. Of course, the tried-and-true method of scratching an itch always works too. There's also an excellent tutorial available at the KDE Developer's Corner that is geared toward new developers, occasional developers, and anyone considering contributing to KDE.

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