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KDE 1.1.1 Release Announcement

Monday, 3 May 1999

K Desktop Environment 1.1.1 Ships



New Release of Award-Winning GNU/Linux Desktop GUI Increases Stability and Ease -of-Use

New York - May 3, 1999 - The K Desktop Environment® (KDE) Team ( today announced the shipment of KDE 1.1.1, the latest stable release of GNU/Linux's most advanced open source desktop environment.

By offering an elegant, intuitive and familiar interface marked by ease-of-use comparable to the popular - but proprietary - Windows interfaces, KDE 1.1.1 unleashes the power, freedom and potential of GNU/Linux for the typical home or office user. In recognition of KDE's usability, KDE was recently awarded the Ziff-Davis® "Innovation of the year 1998/1999" award in the Software category.

"Congratulations to the KDE team on a super job with the new release," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and CEO of Corel® Corporation (NASDAQ: COSFF, TSE:COS). "The KDE project is doing a terrific job of bringing GNU/Linux to the desktop which is why we're basing the GUI for our desktop Linux distribution on KDE. We look forward to the improvements in KDE 1.1.1."

"KDE 1.1.1 continues KDE's leadership and widens its lead over other GNU/Linux desktop alternatives by establishing new desktop standards in stability, ease-of-use and customization," said Ransom Love, President of Caldera® Systems, Inc. "We chose KDE for OpenLinux® because it's suitable for business and mainstream use, and the Ziff-Davis innovation award underscores that choice."

Virtually all Linux distributors include KDE in their distributions, making it the de facto desktop standard for GNU/Linux.

KDE 1.1.1 builds on the well-received release of KDE 1.1. providing its users with increased stability and ease-of-use .It incorporates many user suggestions and provides a number of enhancements, including:

KDE 1.1.1 is available for free download from numerous mirrors (see and also from KDE's primary ftp server ( It will also be available in most future GNU/Linux and *BSD distributions.

User support for KDE is provided by Linux vendors who include KDE in their distributions. Users may also receive free support from an international group of KDE aficionados by subscribing to the KDE mailing lists. Please visit for more information.


KDE is a collaborative project by hundreds of developers worldwide to create a sophisticated, customizable and stable desktop environment employing a network-transparent, intuitive user interface. In addition, many KDE users assisted in the preparation of the 1.1.1 release by providing constructive feedback, suggestions and software patches. KDE is working proof of the power of the open source software development model. For more information about KDE, please visit

Editor's note To contact those quoted in the article: Caldera Systems, Inc. Ransom Love (801) 765-4999 ext. 304

Corel Judith O'Brien (613) 728-0826 ext. 5405

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