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Donating is the easiest and fastest way to efficiently support KDE and its projects, and everyone regardless of any degree of involvement can do so.

There are different ways and forms for donations:


KDE projects themselves may be totally free, but there are some things that they need that require money, like hardware upgrades to servers as well as financing regular contributor meetings. These things are coordinated by our legal entity, KDE e.V.. Find out more about KDE e.V.'s activities in the quarterly reports. You can help KDE e.V. with its activities in a number of ways.

Join the Game and support KDE

Supporting Membership

The principal way of supporting KDE aside from active involvement is through becoming a Supporting Member. For individuals, this is done best through the Join the Game initiative. For corporations, read here about our Supporting Membership Program.

Donate through PayPal

The preferred way to donate to KDE is by using our PayPal account. We suggest a donation of 100, 50 or 30 Euro, but you may donate any amount you please after clicking the button below.

If you never used PayPal before, then the site will ask you about your credit card details, your country, address and your home phone number. This information is required by PayPal to do the money transaction and is not required by or visible to KDE.

By default we will respect your privacy and not list you by name as a contributor on our previous PayPal donations page. If you would prefer to be listed, however, please be sure to fill in your name and a donation message on the confirmation page at PayPal.

Donate through Personal Check

You can send regular US checks to the following address:

K Desktop Environment e.V.
Celeste Lyn Paul
10015 Renfrew Rd
Silver Spring MD 20901
United States

Use "KDE e.V. - Celeste Lyn Paul" in the "Pay to the order of..." line.

Donate through Money Transfer

From Europe, you may remit your donation to the account below. Be aware of applicable fees. Since July 2003 new EU regulations apply for cross-border transfers in euros and the fees charged by banks for such transactions may no longer exceed the fees that apply to domestic transfers. Please read the FAQ on cross-border money transfers within the EU to make sure that you do not incur unnecessary fees. Contact your bank for details and the fees that apply to you.

K Desktop Environment e.V.
Account-Nr. 0 66 64 46
BLZ 200 700 24
Deutsche Bank Privat und Geschäftskunden
Hamburg, Germany

IBAN     : DE82 2007 0024 0066 6446 00

Please contact Cornelius Schumacher for assistance or for any questions that you might have. Your contribution is very much appreciated!


The KDE project could not work as well as it does today without the large network infrastructure of servers and regular support for KDE booths at exhibitions sponsored by many companies and individuals. You can therefore sponsor KDE at one of the upcoming events.


The KDE project, just like any other project, lives mostly through attention of many active and passive fans. You can help increasing the attention of our audience by linking to KDE and its subprojects, and using the following resources:

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